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LearnDash is awesome! But you know what’s more awesome? LearnDash plugins!

The fact that you’ve built your online learning business over it just goes to show that you believe in the power of a fully customizable and scalable Learning Management System.

But you’re not the only one who trusts the potential of LearnDash. Online universities like the University of Michigan, Fortune 500 companies, small to large businesses like the Fit Father Project, and online academies such as Yoast rely on LearnDash to deliver professional online courses.

But to ensure the success of your eLearning business, you have to measure its outcome, improve, evolve, and grow your business. And for that, you need more than just a few hands on deck.

See LearnDash alone is great for building and selling quality courses. But being an extensible plugin built on WordPress, the core LearnDash plugins leave a lot of features to be desired.

For example:- what if along with conducting online classes, you also want the functionality to measure learner progress? Or after your students have completed the course, do you want to publish their reviews to boost course credibility?

With the way LearnDash is currently built, this cannot be achieved without the help of a third-party plugin.

And being the Official LearnDash experts, WisdmLabs has developed a wide range of add-ons that help you add the required features and functionalities.

So without any further ado, let’s explore these amazing plugins one by one.

All LearnDash Plugins/Bundles by WisdmLabs

Instructor Role for LearnDash plugin



Instructor Role for LearnDash by WisdmLabs adds a powerful, secure instructor dashboard to create and efficiently manage your multi-instructor LearnDash site.

It helps you easily create and manage courses from the front end. So instructors no longer need to go to the scary-looking WP dashboard at the backend that buzzes with technicalities.

Not only this, but the Instructor Role for LearnDash also enables instructors and students to communicate right from your LearnDash LMS. You and your instructors can easily respond to students’ queries from within the course. Hence, eliminating the need to switch between inboxes. Just like in a course marketplace.

Additionally, using this plugin you can also split the revenue with multiple external instructors by setting percentage commissions and enabling automatic payouts.

Key Features in Instructor Role for LearnDash

  • Instructor Role: Empower your “Instructor” user role on WordPress with restricted permissions, granting access solely to LearnDash-specific features for seamless course creation and management.
  • Backend Dashboard: Empower instructors with a dedicated backend dashboard, providing easy control, smooth communication, and complete access to all LearnDash functionalities.
  • Frontend Dashboard: Frontend Dashboard is a feature designed to provide instructors and administrators with a user-friendly interface on the frontend.
  • Frontend Course Creator: The instructor can create entire course content – lessons, topics, quizzes – from a streamlined intuitive frontend course creator.
  • Admin Approval: Once enabled, the admin will receive email notifications whenever an instructor creates or updates a course or WooCommerce product, which is set to draft.
  • Course sharing: Easily share a course with multiple co-instructors, enabling collaborative teaching and management.
  • Student-Teacher Communication: Benefit from the seamless integration of Buddypress private messages, allowing students to communicate directly with their course instructor from the lesson or topic page.
  • Sell Products: Empower instructors to effortlessly sell their courses through WooCommerce integration.
  • Revenue Sharing: Easily set commission percentages for instructors, allowing them to earn a share from each course sale based on the rate set.

Why choose Instructor Role for LearnDash

Asking us “Why should you buy  Instructor Role for LearnDash?” is like asking a LearnDash business owner “Why should they grow their LearnDash business?

The same reason anyone wants to scale their business —  to reach more people, generate more revenue, and gain more profits.

The instructor Role for LearnDash makes all of that possible.

It’s more than just a multi-instructor plugin that helps you add multiple instructors. Using this add-on you can turn your eLearning site into a full-scale course marketplace like Udemy.

But while creating a course marketplace, admins often have to provide external instructors access to the WP backend. This exposes your instructors to tons of settings at the backend which if modified accidentally can put your website at risk or make changes to courses created by other instructors.

To help cope with this the WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash plugin comes built-in with a brand new frontend course creator. This enables instructors to easily create and manage courses within minutes without needing to navigate to the backend.


Not only this but, with a simple yet powerful course builder at the front end anyone can create a course. They don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of WordPress or LearnDash.

Hence, it’s a wonderful way to bring experts together and collaborate on your eLearning site to create quality courses, professional training programs, and advanced certifications without making any significant investments in course creation tools.

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But that’s not all, the plugin also comes with built-in tools to not only create but manage your multi-instructor site like a pro.

It provides instructors with a dedicated frontend dashboard that helps them manage their courses, get an overview of everything happening with their courses, track course progress, approve assignments, and communicate directly with students, among other things.

And to ensure that your instructors are always happy,  you can easily share the revenue by giving them a percentage cut. The best part? You don’t even have to remember to process the payments. You can easily enable automatic payouts.

Apart from this the Instructor Role for LearnDash plugin is compatible with all the latest versions of LearnDash and integrates smoothly with all third-party themes and plugins. The instructor Role is now Elementor compatible.

So to sum it up, the Instructor role for LearnDash is an out-of-the-box solution to empower instructors and scale your LearnDash business.

WISDM Reports for LearnDash plugin


WISDM Reports for LearnDash is an advanced reporting and analytics tool that helps LearnDash admins, instructors, and group leaders make business-critical decisions with the help of actionable and data-backed insights.

The plugin provides LearnDash users with a comprehensive reporting dashboard at the front end with graphical reports, tracking everything from course enrolments, course/quiz completion rate, course/quiz completion time, quiz attempts, and learner pass-fail rates to total revenue.

It tracks all learner and course metrics in real-time and records the actual time users spend in your courses as well as helps keep a log of all their latest activities.

What’s more is that the advanced filters like the course, lesson, topic, quiz, and learner filters help you dig deep into learner activity and understand course progress and performance in depth.

To top it all off, the plugin lets you download detailed course reports in a CSV, SVG, and PNG format to easily share them with other stakeholders.  Quiz results and attempt analysis can also be exported in a CSV.

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Why choose WISDM Reports for LearnDash?

No matter the type of LMS you run using LearnDash, I’m sure you use a reporting system to track learner activity, progress, and performance in your courses.

These LMS reports help you get an overview of what’s happening on your LMS and also help you gain an in-depth understanding of how each learner or course is performing.

But these metrics don’t always give you the real picture.

For instance — you may be able to track the time learners spend in your course, but is that data accurate? 

Can you be sure that your learners have spent the required amount of time in a course and have gone through each topic, lesson, and quiz before you grant them certificates?

Well, you no longer have to wonder because WISDM reports for LearnDash is the answer to all these questions.

It tracks data in real-time to ensure accuracy and reliability. And presents the information in the form of graphical reports on the front end. So you no longer have to export that data from the WordPress backend. Saving you loads of time that goes into manually collecting data from multiple places.

But Reports for LearnDash is more than just a reporting LearnDash plugin. 

It gives you visual insights into learning trends that can help you easily identify learners who are performing exceptionally well and learners who are at risk of non-completion.

This data is important when you’re making business-critical decisions and want to share this information with your B2B clients.


Another challenge that a lot of users face is the need to give group leaders access to reports relating to only their courses and quizzes. With WISDM Reports for LearnDash admins and group leaders get a separate reporting dashboard. The group leader has access to fewer reports than the admin.


But to be honest, the usability of Reports for LearnDash is beyond the scope of this article. So to learn more about what course metrics you can track and how the plugin can power up reporting in your LearnDash LMS, you can check out the plugin in action here.

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WISDM Group Registration for LearnDash plugin

WISDM Group Registration for LearnDash helps you simplify group enrollment by enabling bulk license purchases for LearnDash courses.


Using this add-on, you can easily allow bulk buyers like teachers or company managers to purchase multiple seats for a single LearnDash course at once. 

As soon as a group course is purchased, a LearnDash group automatically gets created and the course buyer is set as the group leader.

Group leaders also have the option to manage their groups from the front end. They can easily add new users, re-invite users, or remove users from the group.

Why choose WISDM Group Registration for LearnDash?

Using the Group Registration plugin you can easily register a group of learners in a course. It saves you the time and effort of registering each user individually.


You can use the group registration plugin in multiple scenarios — As a corporate trainer, you can register companies that want to purchase bulk licenses for employee training courses. Or set up a common learning platform where a school principal can purchase a course or courses in bulk and students can enroll themselves in the classes that they desire.

In every setting, a group gets automatically created and a group leader gets assigned.

But sometimes you need one more level of hierarchy. For instance — If a principal buys a group of courses for 2000 students in his school, she can then bifurcate them into groups of 500 and assign a teacher as a sub-group leader.

Hence, it’s the perfect group management plugin for LearnDash.

Pro Tip: To get a complete understanding of the plugin, try out this guided demo to set up your very own course bundle and enable group registration.

WISDM Ratings, Review, and Feedback for LearnDash plugin


Do you want to get genuine feedback from your students? Are you tired of reminding your students about leaving a review every time they finish a course?

Well, we have you covered.

Wisdm Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback take care of everything that you need to boost the credibility of your courses.

It adds a complete rating review and feedback system to your LearnDash site and helps you collect reviews in a more streamlined manner.

Key features in WISDM Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback

  • Easily collect ratings, reviews, and feedback for your online courses
  • Automatically send notification reminders to students to submit a review
  • Easily get feedback in the form of surveys 
  • Display reviews anywhere you like
  • Set prerequisites — allow students to submit a review only when they complete a course
  • Add a survey asking for feedback  after course completion

Check out WISDM Ratings, Review, and Feedback

Why choose WISDM Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback?

Like any other product or service, a good review attracts new users and increases credibility. And constructive feedback only helps you improve the quality of your work. You get to know exactly what you need to change.

But how do you make it easy for your users to leave a review or feedback on your site?

Enter — WISDM Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback.

This plugin helps you get timely reviews from learners you can display anywhere you like on the page/post. 

And to save time and effort in giving reviews, the plugin also enables you to set surveys that are displayed once on course completion.  So you don’t have to manually send out surveys every time a user completes a course. 

Even if a user forgets to fill out the review you can prompt them using automatic notifications via email.

Additionally, to ensure genuine reviews, the plugin allows you to only let eligible users post reviews. That is the users who’ve completed the course.


Pro Tip: Take the plugin tour to get a gist of each feature and understand what Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback can help you accomplish.

WISDM Content Cloner for LearnDash plugin


WISDM content cloner for LearnDash is a free add-on by WisdmLabs that helps speed up the course-creation process by allowing you to instantly clone any course on your site.

Once you’ve duplicated a course, making changes becomes a breeze.

Key features in WISDM Content Cloner

  • Option to duplicate course hierarchy. With just one click you can immediately clone the entire course hierarchy including lessons, topics, and quizzes. All content is copied into “draft” status.
  • Bulk title editor to mass edits the titles of cloned courses, their lessons, topics, and quizzes. Eliminating the need to visit each item individually.

Why choose WISDM Content Cloner for LearnDash?

Frankly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy the content cloner by WisdmLabs.

It’s one small add-on that helps you save a LOT of time and effort that goes into creating a LearnDash course. 

It does half the job for you by duplicating the entire course and course structure including all lessons, topics, and quizzes.


And the best part is that it’s completely FREE.

WISDM LearnDash Essential Add-Ons Pack


The WISDM LEAP is the ultimate LearnDash plugin add-on pack that you need to supercharge course creation & management as well as student management.

The bundle includes 4 powerful LearnDash plugins that can help you easily turn your LearnDash site into an online school, course marketplace, or corporate training website.

Here’s what’s included in LEAP:-

Instructor Role for LearnDash

The most sought-after solution is to easily add multiple external instructors to your LearnDash LMS. Simplify course creation by giving them access to a Frontend Course Creator to create and manage courses without navigating via the WP backend. So there’s no need to share admin rights anymore.

WISDM Group Registration for LearnDash

A one-of-a-kind plugin that lets you sell course licenses in bulk, group students, and assign a group leader automatically for the registered users. It also allows group leaders to manage everything using only the front end.

WISDM Ratings and Reviews for LearnDash

Collect compelling reviews, ratings, and valuable feedback for your courses by asking your learners to leave a review using this add-on. Avoid fake reviews by ensuring that only those who have completed the course can add a review.

WISDM Content Cloner

Save yourself the trouble of creating a new course structure from scratch every time. Clone your courses and course content with the exact course hierarchy including lessons, topics, as well as quizzes. Not only this, but you can even bulk edit the course, lesson, topic, and quiz titles.

Why choose the WISDM LearnDash Essential Add-Ons Pack?

If you’re someone who wants to offer an exceptional learning experience and unlock the full potential of your LearnDash site, then look no further.

With LEAP, you won’t ever have to worry about anything related to the course and student management as it includes all the plugins mentioned above. In a nutshell, you can:-

  • Add Multiple Instructors to Manage Courses Better
  • Create your course marketplace
  • Make the whole enrollment hassle go away
  • Manage groups and sub-groups like a PRO
  • Showcase your Quality with Course Ratings and Reviews
  • Easily keep track of hundreds of students’ progress
  • Set and track commissions for your instructors

It’s the best deal if you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to scale your LearnDash business

Note: You can save up to 60% on the annual license if you buy LEAP now.

Closing In…

WISDM LearnDash plugins are an excellent solution for creating and managing online courses with ease. The plugins offer a wide range of key benefits, including:

With these features and more, WISDM LearnDash plugins can help small as well as large LearnDash businesses to expand their eLearning business and maximize profit. 

So, explore each LearnDash plugin and find the perfect solution for your needs.

Need a more customized solution? Our experts can help you with a unique solution that fits your needs.

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