Shipping Hassles? Here Are 5 Quick Solutions For All E-Commerce Sellers

    Nitansha Tanwar
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To combat shipping hassles, you can:- 1. Utilize Shipping Management Software, 2. Offer Multiple Shipping Options, 3. Partner With Reliable and Cost–Effective Shipping Carriers, 4. Invest In Package Insurance, 5. Utilize Tracking And Visibility Features.

The post highlights key issues such as high shipping costs, slow delivery times, and the need for effective international shipping options. Additionally, the blog discusses the significance of technology in automating shipping operations and streamlining the fulfillment process to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Hiccups may come along the way when shipping packages. While they’re not new for online sellers, they can still be a hassle. 

If you’re going through issues in shipping, we got you covered!

Read this article as we show you the quick solutions for all e-commerce sellers to make shipping easy.

Key Takeaways

  • E-commerce sellers face some shipping challenges. They include slow order fulfillment, high shipping costs, delays, and wrong addresses.
  • Giving customers multiple shipping options lets them choose the best one for their needs. This improves the customers’ overall shopping experience, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Online retailers can protect their business’s reputation. They can also ensure a positive customer experience by partnering with trustworthy shipping carriers.

Common Shipping Hassles For Online Retailers

Here are some common shipping hassles business owners face with their online business: 

1. Inefficient Order Fulfillment

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Inefficient order fulfillment can affect shipping orders on time and in good shape. This can be a big deal for any e-commerce platform as it influences customer satisfaction and business reputation.

This can also cause delays in sending packages. It leads to shipping errors and lost items. It happens because it disrupts the flow of operations. As a result, it can hurt online stores’ overall workflow and reputation.

2. High Shipping Costs

High shipping costs may cause e-commerce platforms to charge customers more for shipping. As a result, customers may feel discouraged from shopping online and prefer shopping at a local store instead. Plus, it eats into an e-commerce business’ profits as it adds to the cost of fulfilling orders, thus cutting profit margins. 

Plus, high shipping fees can make products less competitive in the market, as consumers may opt for alternatives with lower shipping costs. Moreover, for small or new e-commerce platforms, high shipping expenses can pose a barrier to entry or growth, limiting their ability to scale effectively.

3. Shipping Delays

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Shipping delays lead to customer dissatisfaction since they must wait longer for their orders to arrive. Sometimes, this delay pushes customers to buy from a different store next time.

Thus, for an e-commerce business, delays can cause problems. They have to deal with angry customers waiting for their packages longer than they should. This can lead to refunds or sending replacements, which can lose them some money. Here are some of the most common reasons why shipments are delayed:

  • High shipment volume
  • Weather-related disruptions
  • Transportation issues (e.g., traffic, vehicle breakdowns)
  • Customs clearance concerns
  • Incorrect or incomplete address information
  • Package mishandling or damage during transit
  • Unexpected events
  • Technical problems with shipping equipment

Note that some of the reasons above may be out of the shipper’s control. But, this can still cause some issues in the business. So, it’s better to watch out for them when sending the customer’s orders. 

4. Lost or Damaged Shipments

While it’s not a common issue, lost or damaged shipments in transit are still possible. When a shipment gets lost, it means it’s gone missing during the delivery process. This can happen for various reasons:

  • Incorrect labelling
  • Mishandling
  • Theft

Although this situation is out of the seller’s hands, they should still consider the customer’s feelings. You should expect that customers will be angry, upset, or disappointed. Of course, you must replace lost or damaged items to ease the situation. This can cause loss of profits and damaged reputation. As we know, getting left without the stuff you were waiting for can be disappointing.

5. Incorrect Address or Missing Information

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Incorrect addresses or missing information make it difficult for the delivery team to find where the package needs to go. If the address is wrong, the package might end up at the wrong place or get lost along the way. 

Missing information, like a recipient’s name or phone number, makes it hard for the delivery person to bring the package to the right address. They need the info to contact the recipient if there’s a problem. These mistakes can delay or even postpone the delivery altogether, causing frustration for both the sender and recipient.  

Quick Solutions For E-Commerce Sellers

Man covering miniature packages with his hands

Now, let’s learn some of the best solutions for the common hassles you may encounter with your e-commerce site.

1. Utilize Shipping Management Software

Utilizing shipping management software for your e-commerce store streamlines the entire shipping process. It helps avoid errors by ensuring all necessary information is complete and accurate before shipping the package. 

Shipping management software features help keep senders and recipients informed about their shipment status. This can result in lower chances of delays or missed deliveries. Also, it often integrates with various carriers, providing users with different shipping methods and rate options, thus optimizing cost efficiency. For e-commerce platforms looking for advanced shipping management solutions, considering the offerings of IT companies, particularly those specialized in e-commerce technologies, can be beneficial.

This software not only simplifies logistics but also improves customer satisfaction by providing transparent and efficient shipping processes.

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2. Offer Multiple Shipping Options

Man holding wooden cubes with shipping options icons

By offering different shipping options, online retailers allow their customers to choose a shipping method that best aligns with their budget and shipping preferences. This enhances the overall shopping experience as customers can choose cheaper shipping options that meets their needs. 

Additionally, shipping options cater to a diverse market, which ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all. Let’s take a look at some other e-commerce features and services you can use for your online store:

Offer Free-Shipping Thresholds

Offering free shipping thresholds is a smart strategy for e-commerce sites to attract more customers and increase sales. Here’s how it works: sellers set a minimum order amount, and if customers spend that much or more, they get free shipping. 

For example, a seller might say, “Spend $50 or more and get free shipping!” This encourages customers to add more items to their cart to reach the threshold, which boosts the seller’s sales. 

Customers love free shipping because it saves them money, and sellers benefit by selling more products and potentially gaining repeat customers. It’s a win-win situation that can help e-commerce businesses grow and thrive.

Optimize Packaging And Labelling

Optimizing packaging and labelling helps e-commerce platforms save money and make customers happy. First, using the right-sized packaging reduces the need for excess materials and reduce shipping costs, especially for lightweight items

Additionally, efficient labeling ensures accurate delivery, reducing the risk of returns or reshipments due to errors. They can also use standardized and clear labeling with barcode technology to improve efficiency and reduce errors in shipping and tracking.

Plus, labelling packages with the correct information ensures that orders arrive safely and on time. Remember, satisfied customers lead to word-of-mouth marketing, which means more sales for the seller.


3. Partner With Reliable And Cost–Effective Shipping Carriers

Partnering with reliable and affordable shipping companies is important for online sellers. After all, trusted shipping carriers can help in resolving shipping issues that can hurt the seller’s reputation and future sales. 

By teaming up with dependable carriers, sellers ensure that their products reach their customers quickly and in excellent condition. Plus, picking cost-effective carriers helps sellers save on shipping costs, boosting their profits. 

This smart partnership not only helps sellers financially but also keeps customers happy. And happy customers often come back for more, helping sellers grow and succeed in the competitive online market.

Provide Shipping Calculators 

Once you have a shipping partner, you may add a shipping calculator to your e-commerce website. Doing so allows your customers to know exactly how much they need to pay for shipping before completing their purchase. It also helps reduce any surprise or uncertainty at checkout.

4. Invest In Package Insurance

Investing in package insurance can help you cover the cost if a package gets lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit. It’s important for sellers because it protects them from losing money when things go wrong during shipping. This means they don’t have to pay out of their own pocket to replace or refund items that don’t reach the customer in good shape. 

Sellers can use package insurance by choosing the right insurance plan for their needs and adding the cost to their product prices. Or, they may also directly take advantage of a carrier’s package protection service if available. This way, they keep their customers happy and protect their business without losing money.

5. Utilize Tracking And Visibility Features

Man tracking his package on his laptop

Utilizing tracking and visibility features helps sellers see exactly where their orders are in the shipping process and provides updates to customers. 

These shipping features help manage customer expectations and reduce inquiries about order status. Plus, visibility features allow sellers to identify any issues or delays in real-time so they can take action to quickly resolve them . By staying on top of their shipments, sellers can ensure smooth delivery, improve customer satisfaction, and build trust with their buyers.  

Implement Live Chat Support

Live chat helps connect customers with a real person who can provide answers and help in real time. They strengthen the tracking and visibility features of the business. How? For example, if a customer faces issues with tracking their shipments, the first thing they do is contact customer support. Having one helps customers feel supported and valued, increasing satisfaction and trust in the seller. 

This feature also allows sellers to address any concerns or issues. Thus, this reduces the chances of customers abandoning their carts or providing negative feedback. Also enables sellers to engage with customers, gather feedback, and even upsell or cross-sell products.

Final Thoughts

Navigating shipping problems can be challenging for online sellers, but there are ways to make it easier. Following the e-commerce solutions in this post can keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly. 

Also, remember to partner with a good shipping company and protect your packages with insurance. With these steps, you can tackle shipping issues head-on and keep your online store thriving.

If you need assistance in integrating your site with shipping management software, our experts can help you!

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Stallion Express. As a personal trainer turned digital marketer, Diana is obsessed with equipping eCommerce entrepreneurs with everything they need to scale their online businesses. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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