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9th May 2019
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Say Hello to the New Age WooCommerce Inquiry Plugin

Buyers are hard to please and that is if you get a hold of them. On your online store, potential buyers can escape without notice. What can you do about it? You can hire your very own online salesperson – a product inquiry plugin. You see, buyers have questions about your products, could be about the price or the purchase quantity or the color or anything in between. With Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce, not only can you connect with genuine leads, but you can also convert them into sales!

Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro goes one step beyond being an inquiry form plugin by being a quote request plugin as well.

With this ultimate WooCommerce inquiry and quotation plugin, you can:

  • Talk to prospects, create quotations from the comfort of your website
  • Sort and filter inquiries to analyze product demands
  • Negotiate pricing deals effortlessly to cater to wholesale buyers
  • Convert WooCommerce into a catalog only store if needed
  • Customize the inquiry form without the need or expense of a developer
  • Connect with leads across any device, any time

Bridge the Gap Between You and an Unsure Buyer

Make it easy for the laziest of customers to ask questions

Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro makes it simple for customers to ask you questions because it can be placed within the customer’s reach.

The inquiry or ‘request a quote’ button can be added right next to the product or on the shop page. What’s even better— customers can request a quote for multiple WooCommerce products at once using the inquiry cart option too!

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Talk to prospects, create quotes from the comfort of your website

Every inquiry a customer sends is stored in the WordPress backend AND is mailed to you! Making it simple for you to get in touch with a lead from anywhere or anytime.

You can reply or create a price quotation right from WordPress backend and send it to the customer. You can also send quotes back and forth until you reach a price agreement.

Customize the form without the need of a developer

Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro offers endless customization possibilities.

Right from the drag and drop form builder, to styling the button and the enquiry form, to localizing the messages, YOU have complete control. No time or money spent working with a developer. No coding knowledge needed!

Click image to zoom
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Control the visibility of Enquiry Button, Add to Cart Button, and Price

You can selectively hide the enquiry button, add to cart button, and price for a few or all products on your WooCommerce Store.


request a quote

Quick Enquiry Option

Make it easy for customers to inquire or request a quote by adding the button on the Shop or Product Archive Pages.

drag and drop from

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Create the inquiry form for WooCommerce Products using a visual form builder. No coding knowledge needed!

visibility control

Hide/Show Buttons

Control the visibility of the product enquiry button, ‘Add to Cart’ Button, and Price on individual products easily using Bulk Actions.

Enable inquiry

Quote Request for “Out of Stock” Products

Product Enquiry Pro offers an option to enable the inquiry or quote request Button only on ‘Out of Stock’ Products.

Request a quote for multiple products

Request a Quote for Multiple Products

Your customers can send a single enquiry or quote request email for multiple products using the quote cart option.

view inquiries

Dashboard View of Enquiries/Quote Requests

Easily analyze buyer demands with a single view all inquiries and quote requests in your dashboard.

mail reply

Quick Reply Option in Dashboard

No need to leave your store to manage product inquiries. There’s a reply-option in the dashboard itself.

auto inform

Auto-Inform Product Owner

For products by 3rd-party vendors, the enquiry plugin auto-sends the enquiry or quote request to the product owner.

Enable inquiry

Auto-Generate Quote & Email

You can create and generate the price quotation as a PDF and email it to the customer from the WooCommerce admin panel.

send inquiry

“Send a Copy” Option for Customers

While filling an enquiry or quotation request, customers have the option to “Send a Copy” of the email to themselves.

multiple inquiry

Multiple Recipients for Inquiry Emails

You can add Multiple recipient email ids for incoming product enquiries or quotation requests.

css personalised style

Multiple Personalization Options

Easily style and personalize the product inquiry form and button, decide the button location with options in the settings panel.


Analyze Inquiry & Quote Requests

Filter and export enquiry and quotation records from the dashboard to analyze buyers demands and price requests.


Support for Variable Products

Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro allows interested customers to inquire or request quotations for product variations as well.


WPML Compatible & Responsive

The WooCommerce inquiry plugin is completely responsive and can be localized or translated using the WPML plugin.

Let's show you Actual Screenshots

Quick Enquiry Option
Easy Inquiry and Quote Management
Multi-Product Enquiry OR Quote Request
Variable Product Support
Selective Display Enquiry & Purchase Buttons, and Product Price
A simple yet Powerful Button can make a lot of difference
Quote Creation

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Pricing Plans

The price is perfect and so is our product!

Single Site

$ 69 Yearly
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

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$ 79 Yearly
  • Premium Support
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Staging & Production

$ 199 Lifetime - No Recurring Payment
  • Premium Support
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What Our Developers say...​


Adding an inquiry plugin is a no brainer for most store owners. That’s because you can capture lead contact details, which is an advantage over live chat support.”

– Akshay Jain

Developer, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

The plugin has a drag and drop form builder integrated into it which makes adding, removing and changing fields seamless.

The “Recipient Email” is set to the admin email id by default and you can even add multiple recipient email addresses through the plugin email settings.

Yes, several filters have been added to help you add content (or change the entire content) of admin and customer emails. The blog post “How to Customize Email Templates in Product Enquiry Pro“explains you how this can be done.

Yes, the customers can send a single, combined inquiry or quote request for multiple products using the ‘Quote Cart’ option.

Yes, you can hide/show ‘Add to Cart’ button for selected products or all products.

Yes, you can hide/show the Price for the selected product(s) or all products.

Yes, our plugin is WPML compatible and supports multiple languages.

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Jason Lane
(4/5) Posted 10 days ago
Great Plugin with Excellent Support The product installed seamlessly and is very user friendly. The icons in the product view make it very easy to see the status of each product and the bulk editing feature is a real timesaver. This product allows our client to run a ‘catalogue' and ‘live' store concurrently using WooCommerce. It is a great solution for gathering enquires and for commencing dialogue with potential customers that wish to know more about larger or more expensive items before committing to a purchase.
Rick Maggio
(5/5) Posted 29 days ago
Great plugin, more leads for sure, great support We installed the plugin to convert our Woocommerce to a product catalog with ability to accept information requests. Since installing, we're seeing a new stream of leads which was the point! Plugin is easy to use and support was great for the one small issue that we had. We recommend!
  • Saket PaliwalWisdmLabs
    Posted 24 days ago

    We love to make sure that our customers are well taken care of. When our customers are happy, it drives our entire team.
    It was a pleasure working with you and witnessing your satisfaction with the best enquiry and quotation plugin in the WordPress Community.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  • Kris Reynier
    (5/5) Posted 3 months ago
    Great Product Great product and when we needed some additional tools, they quickly created a custom plugin that met our needs with a 1 day turn-around and a reasonable price. They stayed on top of it and followed up, working after hours to meet our needs.
  • Saket PaliwalWisdmLabs
    Posted 2 months ago

    Thank you for your kind words as well as your appreciation Kris.
    We are more than excited to know that you like our plugin and support.

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    Closing a sale is a tough job. Get one step closer with Wisdm Product Enquiry Pro!