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It all begins with a question

Potential customers have questions. 

‘Could this product be shipped on a later date?’
‘Can the product be customized?’
‘Does the product have a bulk pricing option?’

(actual questions sent by customers)

If these questions go unanswered, you will lose out on leads.

An inquiry and quotation plugin can be a simple addition to your WooCommerce store, to help you capture leads without the expense and complexity of a CRM system.

But let's face it, most plugins do not match up to our expectations. They either have a poor interface, time consuming form builders, or buggy functionality. Worse yet, you need two different plugins to handle quotes and inquiries.

The solution?

Enter Product Enquiry Pro— the Inquiry and Quotation plugin for the savvy WooStore Owner!

Product Enquiry Pro is a  complete negotiation platform. It's a single plugin to help manage customer inquiries and create custom quotations.

Product Enquiry Pro is the Perfect Plugin to help you Connect with leads across any device, any time!

Make it easy for the laziest of customers to ask questions

Product Enquiry Pro makes it simple for customers to ask you questions because it can be placed within the customer's reach.

The inquiry or 'request a quote' button can be added right next to the product or on the shop page. And what's even better— customers can request a quote for multiple products at once too!

Talk to prospects, create quotes from the comfort of your website

Every enquiry a customer sends is stored in the WordPress backend AND is mailed to you! Making it simple for you to get in touch with a lead from anywhere or anytime.

You can reply or create a price quotation right from WordPress backend and send it to the customer. You can also send quotes back and forth, till you reach a price agreement.

Customize the form without the need of a developer

The plugin offers endless customization possibilities.

Right from the drag and drop form builder, to styling the button and the enquiry form, to localizing the messages, YOU have complete control. No time or money spent working with a developer.

Success stories from fellow WooCommerce store owners:



Add an Enquiry/Quote Request Button on Shop, Product Archive Pages


Drag and Drop Form Builder with field validation


Control visibility of Enquiry button, Add to Cart Button and Price using Bulk Actions


Option to enable Enquiry/Quote Request Button Only on Out of Stock Products


Allow Customers to Send Single Enquiry for Multiple Products


View Enquiries/Quote Requests in Dashboard


Enquiry Reply Option from Dashboard


Auto Inform about Enquiry/Quote Requests to Product Owner


Auto-Generate & Email Quote PDF from Admin Panel


Option for customers to Send a Copy of Enquiry Email to Themselves


Add Multiple Recipients for incoming Enquiry Emails


Personalize and style Enquiry Dialog, Enquiry Buttons and their location


Filter and Export Enquiry and Quotation Records


Support for Variable Products

WPML Compatible And Responsive Ready

Pricing Plans

The price is perfect and so is our product.

Single Site

$ 49
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 69
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Single Site

$ 179
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates

What Our Developers say...

"Adding an inquiry plugin is a no brainer for most store owners. That’s because you can capture lead contact details, which is an advantage over live chat support."

Akshay Jain, 
Software Developer, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add, remove or change fields on the Enquiry form?

The plugin has a drag and drop form builder integrated into it which makes adding, removing and changing fields seamless.

Can I set multiple email IDs in the Recipients field?

The “Recipient Email” is set to the admin email id by default and you can even add multiple recipient email addresses through the plugin email settings.

Can I add content to admin and customer emails sent?

Yes, several filters have been added to help you add content (or change the entire content) of admin and customer emails. The blog post “How to Customize Email Templates in Product Enquiry Pro“explains you how this can be done.

Closing a sale is a tough job. Get one step closer with Product Enquiry Pro!