Due to several low-quality applications, we’re not accepting guest posts on our site, currently.

Hey! Thank-you for your interest in contributing to WisdmLabs’ Blog.

The WisdmLabs Blog is focused on keeping our readers updated on the latest happenings in the WordPress, WooCommerce or LearnDash space. We’re certain that your expertise in the same, can be a great addition to our Blog. Do ensure that you follow our Guest Blogging Guidelines, before submitting your post.

Who Can Contribute

Authors, editors, bloggers who want to share some content of value with our readers. You should have expertise in an area that’s relevant to our audience. If you’re a marketer looking to promote a client, please do not contact us, we will not entertain such requests.

What Sort of Articles Can You Submit

  1. Listicles
    These should be on popular, trending topics, or should be on something that’s rarely written. Please do not send us listicles on a topic that’s been beaten to death, if it has nothing new to offer.
    Example post:- 6 E-Commerce Trends that Will Impact Buyers in 2017
  2. ‘How to’ Guides or Expert Tips
    These type of posts give advice and guidance to our readers and are quite popular. These could cover business or developer related content. Please do not promote your product or service through the article.
    Example post:- How to Generate more Revenue without Increasing Traffic
  3. Opinion or Analysis
    There’s a lot people have to say about open source concepts, the way business is done or about things that need attention. Such posts are insightful and invoke thought and opinions in the minds of the reader. Your opinion is welcome, but the post should not be mean or completely biased.
  4. Case Studies
    Business stories, learnings, company analysis fall under this category.

What we Expect from You

  1. An original, well-written article, which has something new to offer. Your article should be backed with enough research and should reflect the same.
  2. You should send Images which can be added to the post, along with a feature image (300×300). Make sure the images are properly credited.
  3. We usually accept detailed posts (not less than 600 words), but we can make exceptions only for out-of-this-world-we’ve-got-to-post-this type of content.
  4. Your article should not be promotional. Affiliate links are not allowed. We reserve the right to remove any links we feel are promotional or spammy.
  5. We prefer not rejecting your content, so do make sure, you avoid these few mistakes.

Mistakes you should Avoid

  1. Plagiarized or Duplicate content: Sending us copied or duplicate content is a waste of your time. Do not send a copy or a re-written version of a post that has already been posted on your blog or elsewhere.
  2. Poor formatting: The article you send across should be blog-ready. When we say blog-ready, we mean it should be proofread, well formatted, with headings, subheadings and should be ready to be posted.
  3. Blah content: It’s simple. Content that is not engaging will not be accepted.
  4. Purely Promotional Content: You will receive one link from the “Author Bio” section to your website, not more. If you want to purely promote your agency, services or product, we encourage you to contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page.
  5. Infographics with no Written Content: We appreciate your effort in making a super impressive infographic. And we’d be glad to put it up on our site if you could back it up with few written lines about its content.


What kind of content are you looking for?

We are interested only in content that’s relevant to our readers. This could be related to open source, e-commerce, e-learning platforms or technologies.

A post should not be less than 600 words. There is no upper limit on the length of a post. However, lengthier posts need to be engaging with well structured content and images added to keep readers interested.

No. All guest posts must be your original and not published on any other site.

No. We do not pay guest authors. With high volume of traffic every month your content will have wide reach.

Purely promotional content is not allowed. Please notify us about products or services you would like to promote.

How to Submit

It’s great to know you’ve read the Guest Blogging Guidelines, and now want to submit your article. We recommend using the form below to get in touch with us.

Due to several low-quality applications, we’re not accepting guest posts on our site, currently.