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With us, you don’t need to worry about messed up enrollments or payments. We use the best migration practices to ensure a smooth migration of your courses and users to LearnDash.

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    1. Discovery

    We get into the crux of your requirements to formulate an optimal migration strategy for your LMS.

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    2. Plugin Installation

    We install and setup LearnDash, all other supporting plugins, and the payment gateway of your choice.

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    3. Data Migration

    We import your courses, quizzes, active subscribers and other meta information onto LearnDash.

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    4. Testing & Delivery

    Our diligent quality assurance team probes and inspects our solution to ensure elite bug-free results.

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    5. Support

    We stick around for an entire month to make sure you have all the help you need with your new LMS.

LMS Migration Services Starting at $1500

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Course Pre-requisites
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Course Content, Lessons, Topics
Associated Assignments
Associated Certificate, Badge
Name, Image, Description
Achievement Criteria
Students, Instructors
Group Name, Associated Course
Course Enrollment Status for Students
Course Completion Status for Students*
Course Author Status
Payment Gateway Settings

Get 1 month of Support, absolutely FREE of charge!

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Irrespective of the platform you’re currently using, we make sure you and your users experience a smooth migration to LearnDash.


Client Testimonials

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  • client - jerry wang photo Jerry Wang, 123 Certify

    What really stood out for me was how many questions the team asked to get down every detail of what I wanted and even things I never thought of. It shows the team of WisdmLabs taking a personal interest in making sure we succeed together as a team!

  • client - dennis carlson photo Dennis Carlson, Gaslight East

    WisdmLabs developed an excellent WP plugin for my business. They worked with me on the specs and even made changes mid-stream when I realized I needed additional features. Very happy with final product. Would definitely hire again for WP plugin development

  • client - marcel wepfer photo Marcel Wepfer, President - Kino-Orion

    WisdmLabs is a very competent and professional WordPress development company that has demonstrated a depth of technical expertise when solving the issues we had with our new website in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We are extremely happy with our decision to work with WisdmLabs and look forward to working with WisdmLabs on future projects.

  • client - brock martin photo Brock Martin, Lead Web Developer, Digital Product Studio

    I have worked with several developers from WisdmLabs over the last year. They have helped with numerous custom WordPress plugins and projects. They do quality work, are very responsive, and are great to collaborate with. I would highly recommend them!

  • client - ruba sleiman photo Ruba Sleiman, Innovation Consulting Group ICG

    I would like to mention that the understanding ICG's business side and the needs from the Wisdmlabs team made this experience of working with the team amazing.

  • client - miles noble photo Miles Noble, Altitude

    Great service and communication.

  • client - christian weghorst scott weghorst photo Christian Weghorst Scott Weghorst, Diehl

    Varun and the entire team has been amazing, especially when it came down to crunch time when we had to onboard a new large client. The extended availability during this time is MUCH appreciated! You guys rock!!

  • client - jeff wu photo Jeff Wu, The Tutorverse

    Recently, Paresh and Ashwin have put in outstanding efforts to help resolve an emergency situation on our site. They truly provided exceptional service in this situation. This was not the only situation where they did so; when something goes wrong, I know that I can count on a speedy reply and resolution. This is part of the service that keeps us coming back to WisdmLabs; as we look forward to future projects, this factors heavily into our decision making. We look forward to moving forward and continuing to build a more organized and effective working relationship.

  • client - anja musiat photo Anja Musiat, USabcd

    I think we have reached a good stable rhythm of maintenance and we have a feeling of being in safe and capable hands which is of utmost importance for an online business like ours.

  • client - peter dalmaris photo Peter Dalmaris, Tech Explorations

    Looking forward to more development.

  • client - brian wiltz photo Brian Wiltz, Scitent

    WisdmLabs continues to provide top notch support and development for our Learndash needs.

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We’ll create a staging site, where we will be performing the actual migration and testing the results. Your store will be offline only when we port the solution to your live site (which could be a couple of hours).
Your current users and active enrollments will safely be migrated to LearnDash. Other than the short downtime while replicating the changes onto your live site, your users won’t notice any discrepancies.
The migration process ideally takes about 2 weeks. But the exact timeline can only be guaranteed upon analyzing your current store and specific requirements (if any).
We provide Free support for a period of 1 month to make sure you have all the technical help you require, post the migration to LearnDash. You can even choose to extend it for a nominal retainer fee.
No. You will have to purchase LearnDash and add-on plugins (such as payment gateways) you may need.

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