Customizing a Multilingual eLearning Ecosystem using LearnDash

Language and time zone which earlier could’ve resulted in limited course options for a lot of students are no longer the barriers today. The online e-Learning world is now open for anyone and everyone no matter where you live.

Nowadays, it’s significantly easy to set up online courses and start teaching without much technical knowledge. But you might need a hand in order to optimize your website as per the needs of your students.

So, today we bring to you one such story of how we helped one of our clients in customizing the flow of their LMS and optimize it for users in different time zones.

About Our Client

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Like many schools and educational institutes, Luca Moscow’s Maximo Nivel – an Education Institute that provides English learning courses to the students in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and United States – had to move online because of COVID-19.

Having picked LearnDash as the LMS of choice for their online system, they needed help in integrating various modules for the website to perform optimally.

Requirements & Challenges

Here were some of the setup requirements as shared by the client :

  • LearnDash customization for optimizing the Course Purchase flow
  • Setting up a Course Schedule
  • Setting up LearnDash Groups 
  • Adding a feature to mark the Course as Complete via CSV uploads
  • Creating LearnDash Groups expiry based on CSV

While our team made sure that we knock this project out of the park, there were a handful of challenges we faced.

  • One of the main challenges we faced was the monthly scheduling of courses. Since the users had the option to select the courses by country, we had to optimize the batch timings so that the users can select the time as per their convenience and attend the same courses even if they are in different time zones.
  • Additionally, the courses have a cap of 11 students per batch. So to limit more students from enrolling we had to come up with a feature to disable the batch timing after the limit was reached.
  • Lastly, due to high server usage the client’s current system was taking too much time to load the pages. So, we had to optimize the page load speed for better performance.

Our Solution

They had already installed and configured LearnDash and designed the registration form. Since they provide online Live sessions, the booking process is different based on the user region.  Our solution for this was –

  • We created a simple flow for easy booking of an online class and avoid any confusion in selecting the time based in different time zones. 
  • We also customized groups functionality to set the limit for every Live session batch and add expiry to the courses. 
  • We customized the LearnDash Mark Course Complete feature by providing the instructor an ability to upload a CSV file that has an option of marking course as completed for all the users.

Final Result

  • Simplified online class booking based on the preference of time zones
  • Optimized workflow for Instructors to mark courses complete
  • LearnDash customization enabled the client to efficiently limit sessions and add course expiration

Why Clients Love Us

Our team worked with the client to integrate various modules to optimize their website for users in different time zones. We also provided support to handle live site conflicts on the client’s site