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26 Feb, 2024

Give your customers the option to choose from existing product bundles or to mix and match products to create new ones.

Enable group products to sell as packages, offer shopping deals on the product bundlesdynamically price the kits based on the products added, add personalized gift messages with the box, and much more!

Sell more, simplify management, generate recurring revenue, and boost profits with WISDM Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce.

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Built by Certified Experts

Meet the Perfect WooCommerce “Product Kit Builder” for You and Your Customer!

Create Personalized Product Bundles With Ease

Custom product boxes

Easy-to-use layout options let you create simple or variable product bundles on your WooCommerce store, with the Custom Product Bundles plugin.

Custom Modern Layouts For Product Bundles

Select and Customize Product Layout

Choose the orientation of the Product Box– Horizontal or Vertical– that best suits your WooCommerce store’s layout. Choose from Legacy, Card, or Modern Layouts as per your preference. Set featured images to customize the appearance of the box.

Reduce Buyer Confusion With Clear Add-ons

Add-on image and description

The featured image and the short description of each product are displayed to reduce uncertainty and help potential buyers pick the products they want.

Choose Product Categories Or All Products To Create Bundles Quickly

Add products in bulk to the add-on list

Select Product categories, Specific products, or All shop products to create bundles in an instant. Include specific variations of your choice as per your choice.

Design Box Layouts That Match Your Store’s Theme

Frontend Box customizer option

Maintain your brand identity with the flexibility to set layouts, colours, and style of bundles on your store.

Sell A Variety Of Product Bundles

Sell customized product kits

Create an unlimited number of product bundles. You can even allow the customer to create their own assorted bundles, with the option to add a gift message for a loved one, with the package.

Generate Recurring Revenue With Subscription Boxes

WooCommerce subscriptions compatibility support

Sell more by setting up monthly or yearly subscriptions on custom product bundles and generate recurring revenue on every renewal.

Set Dynamic Pricing for Product Bundles

Variable Pricing Type for bundles

You can set a fixed price for a product bundle. Or you can choose the ‘Variable Pricing Type’ where the cost of a product bundle will be calculated based on the prices of the products being added to the bundle.

Create Pre-filled Bundles And Pre-made Kits

Pre-populated product boxes

Simplify and shorten the decision-making process on your customer’s end with pre-filled bundles of products that complement each other. Curate the best products into one bundle for your loyal customers.

Allow Users To Add A Gift Message

Personalized gift messages

Convert the product bundle into a gift box by letting customers add a personal message to their bundle before making a purchase. Enabling the option displays a field where they can add a gift message during the process of creating their personalized gift box

Sell Partially-filled Bundles

Sell bundles in dynamic quantity

Allow customers to check out partially filled custom boxes to maximize your sales.

Create Flexible Bundles

Sell mix & match bundles

Be flexible with a bundle’s product variations, quantity, and pricing to create unlimited bundle types.

Base Price for the Bundle

Set base price for a box

Set a base price for a product bundle with the total price calculated dynamically. Works great if your bundle is sold in a custom box or is gift wrapped.

Change Box Layout Based on Store Design

Custom layout for product bundles

Choose the orientation of the Product Box – Horizontal, Vertical, or Vertical Right – that best suits your WooCommerce store’s layout. Use Legacy Layouts or simply customize the product layout that suits your shop and theme from the customizer option on the frontend.

Keep the Box in Focus

Add a scroll lock for the bundle

Activate the scroll-lock option to keep the product bundle in focus as the buyer scrolls through the list of add-on products

Link Other Products to a Box and Upsell

Link product boxes or group products

Easily link add-on products when creating a bundle to upsell or cross-sell. Buyers can choose from linked products to create their own assortment.

Easy Add/Remove Options to Create Product Kits

Quick assortment management options for customers

Empower your customers to mix and match products and create their own assortments by choosing the products in the bundle. Customers can add or remove products from the box directly, or use the option available alongside each add-on.

Sort Products by Date

Product sorting in the grid

For a long list of add-on products, allow customers to sort and view the most recent products at the top of the product grid.

Manage Inventory Seamlessly

Inventory management for Custom Boxes

Get accurate, real-time inventory data as your customer dynamically chooses individual products to create a bundle.

Create Unlimited Bundles And Sell More

Unlimited bundles

Expand your business freely by creating and selling an unlimited number of product bundles on your WooCommerce Store.

Quick view pop-up

Show all product details in a light box

Improve your customer’s buying experience with a quick pop-up for sharing each product’s detail and enlarged image without breaking the follow of their purchase.

Offer Shopping Deals

Discounts on product bundles

Offer smart discounts and increase a bundle’s perceived value on different mix ‘n’ match product bundles.

Our New Features are on the Way!

1 pop up view

Quick view pop-up

Improve your customer’s buying experience with a quick pop-up for sharing each product’s detail and enlarged image without breaking the flow of their purchase.
Coming Soon

A Sneak Peek at the Plugin’s Settings

Custom Product Bundle settings

Experience WISDM CPB in one click

WISDM Custom Product Bundles knows how to behave with popular add-ons

store front theme

Pricing Plans

The plugin is perfect and so are our prices!



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*By purchasing lifetime license you get 3 years of support and lifetime updates.

15 Day Risk-free Money Back Guarantee!

15 Day Risk-free Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee you a complete refund for new purchases or renewals within 15 days of purchase.

Our clients love us for our great plugin and support!


Does Custom Product Bundles work with WooCommerce Products Add-on?
No, the Custom Product Bundles is not compatible with WooCommerce Products Add-on extension
Yes, Wisdm Custom Product Bundles is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.
This is mainly because the URL through which the product is accessed is not secure. Make sure the product page is loaded using secure HTTPS URL. For more details check our user guide here.
Yes. Using the WooCommerce Product Add-ons extension, you can add such an option. Do note, the Products Add-ons extension has to be purchased separately and is not compatible with our Wisdm Custom Product Boxes plugin.
To fix the product images displayed, kindly try setting the image size of the product thumbnail the same as that of the box it is displayed in. To change the product image dimensions, you will have to change Image Thumbnail settings in WooCommerce and regenerate the image thumbnails.
Calm down! ? This issue can be frustrating. But do not worry. Ensure that the lightbox option is disabled in WooCommerce. To do this, go to WooCommerce-> Settings -> Product -> Display and Uncheck the “Enable Lightbox for product images” option and save the changes made.
Yes, our technically sound team of Verified WooCommerce Development Experts plan the finest possible development approach for your ideal website and use tried-and-true methods to provide high-quality results on schedule.
Yes, our technically sound team of Verified WooCommerce Development Experts plan the finest possible development approach for your ideal website and use tried-and-true methods to provide high-quality results on schedule.

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24de90a2a69ff25a53e8c3b9aa4dd37e By Jill Buck
Posted 1 year ago

Thank you SO much for your help!!

Yash and team stayed with me throughout the resolution of my issues, and made sure I had a solution in place. He even scheduled a weekend meeting with me in order to be sure I met my deadlines. I really appreciate the support and attention to my issues.

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9292475c33fc8191389a4272a261ad50?s=30&d=mm&r=g By Ronald de Caluwe
Posted 1 year ago

Very usefull plugin

What a nice and needed addition to Learndash! I'm still exploring, but happy to be able to cooperate more easily with other teachers, without having to give them too much rights in the admin area and clarity in financial aspects. Cheers!

096bdf45a0a4a193ab8f7670b9600bad 1 By Albert Tay
Posted 1 year ago

Very Good But Needs More Refinements

The plugin is very helpful in terms of simplifying LearnDash's backend for instructors. But there are more refinements needed. In the meantime, great support from Yash and team is needed and appreciated!

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