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4th Aug 2018
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The Perfect WooCommerce “Product Bundle Builder” for You and Your Customer!

We all love product bundles. When products compliment each other bundling saves your customers’ time by shortening the buying process. Plus, the odd discounts on bundles is a win-win for you and your customers. No matter the business type, selling bundled products can be an excellent marketing strategy and is known to increase sales by 30% on average.

Wisdm Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce enables you to group products as bundles and sell them on your WooCommerce store. You can also allow customers to dynamically create their own assortments, by mixing and matching products. But, it doesn’t stop there!

This product bundle plugin also lets you offer shopping deals on the product bundles. And, you can dynamically price the bundles based on the products added. 

Wisdm Custom Product Bundles works as the perfect WooCommerce gift box plugin too! The plugin contains an option for customers to easily gift wrap boxes along with a custom message.

Custom Product Bundles (Boxes) allows you to:

Create exciting Product Bundles with ease

With easy-to-choose layout options, the possibility to add simple or variable products, creating pre-built product bundles on your WooCommerce store is a walk in the park with the Custom Product Bundles plugin.

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Sell a variety of Product Bundles

There isn’t a limit on the number of bundles you can create. With Custom Product Bundles, you can go one step ahead and empower customers to create their own assorted bundles. They can also add a gift message for a loved one with the package.

Set Dynamic Pricing for Product Bundles

You can set a fixed price for a product bundle. Or you can choose the ‘Variable Pricing Type‘ where the cost of a product bundle will be calculated based on the prices of the products being added to the bundle.

Create pre-filled Bundles

You can create pre-filled bundles of products that compliment each other. This helps to further simplify and shorten the decision-making process on your customer’s end. Pre-filled bundles also let you curate the best products into one bundle for your loyal customers.

Allow users to add a Gift Message

You can enable your customer to add a personal message to their bundle before making a purchase. Enabling the option shows a simple field to them so they can add a gift message during the process of creating their personalised gift box.


Create Custom Product Bundles

Create Custom Product Bundles​

Increase average cart value by easily creating custom product bundles on your WooCommerce store

Set Fixed Prices or Calculate Dynamically?

Set Fixed or Dynamic Pricing

Choose between fixed or variable pricing. With variable pricing, the bundle cost is calculated dynamically as products are added

Works with Variable Products?

Works with Variable Products

Choose from simple or variations of a variable WooCommerce product as add-ons for your dynamic bundles

Create Pre-Filled Bundle

Create pre-filled Bundles

Simplify the buying process for your customers by creating pre-filled or pre-assorted product bundles

Allow checkout of partially filled bundle

Support for Partially-filled Bundles

Allow customers to check-out partially filled custom boxes to put customers in control and in turn maximize your sales

Create Flexible Bundles

Create Flexible Bundles

Be flexible with a bundle’s quantity, layout, color, and pricing to create unlimited bundle types

Set a Base Price for the Bundle

Base Price for the Bundle

Set a base price for a product bundle with the total price calculated dynamically. Works great if your bundle is sold in a custom box or is gift wrapped

Select Gift Box Colour

Select Gift Box Colour

Turn WooCommerce into a personalized gifting store. Allow buyers to pick the color of the gift boxes they create to add a personal touch!

Offer Shopping Deals

Offer Shopping Deals

Offer smart discounts and increase a bundle’s perceived value on different mix ‘n’ match product bundles.

Select Product Layout

Select Product Layout

Choose the orientation of the Product Box– Horizontal, Vertical or Vertical Right– that best suits your WooCommerce store’s layout

Keep Box in Focus

Keep Box in Focus

Activate the scroll-lock option to keep the product bundle in focus as the buyer scrolls through the list of add-on products

Gift Message

Gift Message

Convert the product bundle into a gift box! Allow customers to send a custom ‘Gift Message’ for their loved ones

Customer has Add & Remove Option

Add & Remove Option

Empower your customers to mix and match products and create their own assortments by choosing the products in the bundle

Link Other Products to a Bundle

Link Other Products to a Box

Easily link add-on products when creating a bundle. Buyers can choose from linked products to create their own assortment

Create Pricing Tiers

Create Pricing Tiers

Push for the upsell by offering a discount when a higher-quantity bundle is purchased. E.g. ‘Buy 3 for $30’ or ‘Buy 4 for $36’...

Product Sort Option

Sort Products by Date

For a long list of add-on products, allow customers to sort and view the most recent products at the top of the product grid

Inventory is Managed Seamlessly

Manage Inventory Seamlessly

Get accurate, real-time inventory management as your customer dynamically chooses individual products to create a bundle

Create Unlimited Assorted Bundle

Create Unlimited Bundles

Expand your business freely by creating and putting across an unlimited number of product bundles on your WooCommerce Store

Let's show you Actual Screenshots

Dynamic pricing for custom box
Change product bundle layout
Choose your gift box color
Woocommerce Product bundles scroll lock

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Pricing Plans

The plugin is perfect and so are our prices!

Single Site

$ 69 Yearly
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Two Sites

$ 79 Yearly
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Two Sites

$ 199 Lifetime
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates

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What Our Developers say...​

“We realised that our customers would be more happy if they were able to sell products in a bundle and provide discounts on the bundle.

Working on the plugin was a challenging task but at the same time, it was very interesting because we had to make the plugin flexible and adjustable with every scenario.”

– Apurva Varshney

Developer, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use the WooCommerce Products Add-on extension to add a gift-wrapping option or an additional add-on for the Custom Product Bundles.

Wisdm Custom Product Bundles is currently not compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Yes. Using the WooCommerce Product Add-ons extension, you can add such an option. Do note, the Products Add-ons extension has to be purchased separately and is not included in the Wisdm Custom Product Boxes plugin.

To fix the product images displayed, kindly try setting the image size of the product thumbnail the same as that of the box it is displayed in. To change the product image dimensions, you will have to change Image Thumbnail settings in WooCommerce and regenerate the image thumbnails.

Calm down! 🙂 This issue can be frustrating. But do not worry. Ensure that the lightbox option is disabled in WooCommerce. To do this, go to WooCommerce-> Settings -> Product -> Display and Uncheck the “Enable Lightbox for product images” option and save the changes made.

Currently, Wisdm Custom Product Boxes does not work with Product Categories.

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Guest User
(4/5) Posted 39 days ago
Love it, only it doesn't work on iphone & ipad
I love the plugin on desktop, but I don't get it running on iPhone or iPad. Any idea when this will be included in the updates? Thanks!
Stephanie Warren
(5/5) Posted 262 days ago
So Far So Good
First, I will say customer service is great and the plugin does all that it says. So you get exactly what you pay for. Some things to note: It always says “gift box total” and then addition box charge as the price. I wish there could be just one price. For businesses with many products, there are no product categories at this time (but is stated). So this could be very time consuming for some. And the plugin has to be renewed every year. Other than that, its a really nice plugin. And with the great customer service, I'm hopeful for future updates!
Andrea Rosenthal Manetti
(5/5) Posted 267 days ago
Amazing customer service
First of all, I've to say thanks to the customer support (special thanks to Miss. Sharon) for helping me in customizing the plugin and editing the italian language pack. Then I want to say that this plugin is useful and robust, and it's quality is fantastic. I'm sure that I'll be able to sell more custom products thanks to “Custom Product Boxes”
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