Integrating LearnDash with Neon CRM for a Non-Profit Medicine Institute

Source - INMED

More and more people are now looking forward to enrolling in online courses and earning a professional degree. With the rise in number of applicants it can sometimes be difficult for the organizations to maintain all the information and keep a track of all user activities. 

That’s why many non-profit organizations these days use a CRM to easily track, analyze, and take action with information about all of the people connected to their organization. 

But, what if you want your CRM to interact with your organization’s website in real time? 

Depending on the organization’s day to day activities, it can be hard especially when you need to sync two different ecosystems and make sure that data from different places is recorded automatically and without any delays. 

Here’s the story of one such organization that needed our help in integrating LearnDash with the CRM they use for their website so that the course registration details and other related activities were captured and synced between the two systems.

About Our Client

Nicholas Comninellis, President of INMED, the Institute for International Medicine, is a doctor and works in a hospital as well.

The Institute for International Medicine (INMED) is a nonprofit educational organization which trains healthcare professionals & students. Here, various health topics are taught online in a hybrid process, in-classroom courses, and conferences.

INMED provides a Professional Diploma or a Professional Master’s Degree in International Health to its learners.

In order to capture registration data seamlessly, our client reached out to us as they needed their course registration and user details to be synchronized in real-time between their LearnDash LMS and the Neon CRM.

Client Requirements

The main requirements of Dr. Nicholas were as follows:

– Creating an integration between LearnDash and Neon CRM

– Automatic capturing of user details for the CRM event section

– Syncing the Neon and WordPress ecosystems in real-time without compromising the speed

– Notifying users when the courses are full

– Option for enrolled users to start discussions

– Customization on the checkout pages

Our Solution

Here’s how we helped:

  • We created an integration that allows the LearnDash/WordPress system to send users and their course registration details to the Neon CRM events section via their API. This flow makes sure that the user details will be captured initially itself and will be sent to Neon CRM without any delays.
  • We created forums and directly enrolled users into it. The users can select a batch/group which will create a private forum in which they can have discussions.
  • We added a registration limit to each and every course, hence, people cannot purchase a course if the seats are full.  Additionally, the access for the course would start as soon as the purchase is done and it will last for a lifetime.
  • We developed a single sign-on feature with Neon CRM using the OAuth plugin. This ability to login to INMED WordPress is for existing (new) users who have a Neon account.
  • We helped add custom fields to the checkout page which will get synced to the Neon CRM account.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the challenges we faced while working on this project was that we had not worked with Neon CRM before. So, this project was a learning curve for us.

Another major challenge that lay ahead of us was that we had insufficient data. The Neon CRM APIs did not allow us to fetch some data from the system.

We spent time talking to the support team and finding the best workaround to fetch the data and they helped us update the APIs to suit our needs.

The Wisdm Factor

  • Never before approach – Working with a Neon CRM for the first time ever
  • Ensuring client’s comfort – As the Neon CRM was the original system used, we made sure that the WordPress ecosystem was easy to use for both the admin and users
  • Optimizing the systems for speed – Syncing the two systems in real-time needed to be done well so that the system didn’t slow down and was optimized wherever possible

Client Testimonial

Nicholas Comninellis
President of INMED, the Institute for International Medicine

Highly Recommended! For six months, my company – the Institute for International Medicine – has been a client of WisdmLabs. Repeatedly I have commented to my colleagues about the exceptional service I have received: professionalism, promptness, on budget, on time. 

Let me also add my particular impressions regarding WisdmLabs Maintenance. This unit of WisdmLabs has optimized the configuration of INMED websites, increasing their speed and efficiency.

WisdmLabs Maintenance also has provided INMED personnel with peace of mind resulting from timely data backup and application updates. I hope the entire professional world will become aware of this marvelous service!