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Student Registration and Group Enrollment & Reporting Made Ridiculously Easy

Corporate trainers, parents, educational guides, teachers have the task of enrolling multiple employees or students to a single course. But in LearnDash, course enrollment can soon become frustrating, when they can register only one student at a time. It’s time to change all of that with Wisdm Group Registration for LearnDash. 

With the Wisdm Group Registration plugin, course buyers can enroll students in bulk. A group is automatically created for the enrolled students and the course buyer can track the group’s progress as the Group Leader and view reports of student progress per course- all of this from the front end.

But as the LearnDash admin, you’re always in control. You can manage groups, group leaders, and students at your will.

Wisdm Group Registration lets you,

Save time by enrolling students in bulk

Group leaders, or bulk buyers can purchases multiple seats for a single LearnDash course at once. This saves them the time and effort of having to make the purchase individually for a group of students and from having to re-enter their purchase information.

enrolling students in bulk group registration learndash
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Automatically create groups and assign group leaders

When courses are purchased in bulk, a LearnDash group is automatically created and the course buyer is set as the group leader. The group leader can add/remove students in the group and can track their course progress.

group members list
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Easily manage groups from the front end

The group leader can manage students in the group right from the frontend, which means, backend access is not required. This saves them the trouble of having to deal with backend complexity and makes the Group Registration plugin user-friendly.

enrolling students in bulk group registration learndash
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Allow Group Leaders to Re-Invite Group Members

The Group Leader can re-invite members who have been removed, have forgotten their passwords, or have been away from the course for a long while. He/she can send the invitation via an email containing the user/group/course details including a 'Reset Password' link. The Admin has the authority to customize the invitation template and settings.

reinvite group member-admin
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Add/Remove Group Leader

Admin can add a new Group Leader to an existing group or remove a Group Leader from a Group. He/she can Accept/Reject requests from the Group Leader to add or remove a group member as well.

admin remove add group leader
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Optional Enrollment of Group Leader

The Admin is now able to decide whether or not the Group Leader will be enrolled by default into the course, irrespective of the licenses purchased. If this option is checked, the Group Leader can choose to pay for his/her course or buy bulk licenses without enrolling himself/herself in the course.

group leader auto enrolled
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Setting the default License Purchase Type

The default License Purchase Type can be set as ‘Individual’ or ‘Group’ by the Admin. Users can change it on the front-end if required, but the default setting will be usually displayed on the front-end.

group purchase
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Generate Course Progress Reports for Group Leaders

The reporting functionality gives Group Leaders the much-needed data to help them identify weaker students. Group Leaders can focus on students who are lagging behind and aren’t completing the course as per the expected progress rate. 

Group Leaders have the option to view and track course progress reports for each student by selecting the course - making Group Registration for LearnDash a complete group creation, enrollment, management, and reporting plugin.

group management and reporting learndash
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auto group creation

Auto group creation

A group is automatically created for registered students when a course is purchased in bulk

bulk purchase

Bulk License Purchase

Course licenses or seats can be purchased in bulk to enroll a group of students at once

auto group leader created

Auto Group Leader Creation

The buyer purchasing a LearnDash course in bulk is automatically set as the group leader

manage users

Student Management

Students can be enrolled/unenrolled from the group by the group leader

frontend group management

Front-end Group Management

The group leader can manage the group of students from the front end

complete admin control

Complete Admin Control

The LearnDash admin can control groups, add/remove students or group leaders as needed

reinvite users

Re-invite with Password Reset

A student that has been removed from a group can be re-invited using a Password Reset option

course listing on frontend

Course Listing for Groups

All groups along with courses they are associated with are listed on the front end for easy analysis and management

set group member limit

Set Member Limit for Groups

The website Administrator can set a limit on the number of people included in one Group


CSV Upload of Students

Multiple students can be registered to a course purchased in bulk using a CSV file

woocommerce integration

E-commerce Integration

WISDM Group Registration plugin is compatible with the Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce plugin

woocommerce subscription integration

Subscription Integration

Buyers can purchase multiple licenses of a course on a subscription basis too using WooCommerce Subscriptions

Let's show you Actual Screenshots

icon for group enrollment on front end
Group enrollment on front end
icon for group leaders manage group enrollment on front end
Group Leaders Manage Group enrollment on front end
icon for group registration settings
Group Registration settings
icon for enable group registration for courses
Enable Group Registration for courses
icon for manage group enrollment
Manage Group enrollment
icon for admin group registration management
Admin Group Registration Management
icon for edd group registration
EDD Group Registration
icon for group registration email settings
Group Registration email settings
icon for reinvite group users
Reinvite Group Users
icon for group associated course listing on front end
Group Associated Course Listing on front end

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  • client - michelle photo Michelle,

    Fantastic! We absolutely love this plugin - it is an integral part of our education business. Support has also always been superb! I would love to see an integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions. Thank you for creating such a great plugin!

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Staging & Production

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See the Plugin in Action

Wisdm Group Registration is our answer to sell more courses and watch your website flourish.

But don’t just take our word!

What Our Developers say...

We have a team of dedicated developers that works to ensure that your plugin stays ship-shape at all times.
Image of foram rambhiya
“With Wisdm Group Registration for LearnDash, we want to ease the burden of course instructors. The plugin allows bulk purchase of courses on behalf of the group which is a salient feature of Group Registration plugin. Additionally, we are always on the prowl to add new and useful features which our customers would benefit from. I enjoyed developing the plugin and hope our customers find it useful too!”

- Foram Rambhiya

Developer, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have a few!

The following reasons will prevent the group from being created.

  1. The order transaction is not “Complete” or the course in question is not linked to the WooCommerce product.

  2. The product was purchased by the admin.

  3. The order was manually created from the dashboard.

Make sure you are logged in as a Group Leader to view the page, and not as an Admin or any other user role.
Yes, you would need the WooCommerce/Easy Digital Downloads plugin along with the LD-WooCommerce/LD- Easy Digital Downloads integration plugin to use the WISDM Group Registration plugin.
To find the option, you would need to mark the Product type as “Simple” and not “Course”
Currently, the WISDM Group Registration plugin is not compatible with the WooCommerce Memberships plugin or any other membership plugin.
The plugin follows the following order of priority Customer Based Price, User Role Based Price, Group Based Price, Regular Price with customer based price getting the highest priority. So if a user belongs to a group as well as a role to which custom prices have been applied then the user can purchase the product at the price set for the user role assigned to him.


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Posted 3 days ago
Good plugin

It works perfectly and support is great!

Posted 2 months ago
Perfect for Giving Users Autonomy

This is a brilliant plugin as it allows users to manage their own groups and saves me the time having to set up users for them.

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Posted 1 month ago

Thank You for your appreciative words:-) We are glad that we could help you in our best way possible.
We hope to be associated with you for a long time 🙂

Posted 2 months ago
Great plugin

I needed this plugin for my teachers in my own Online Junkies School and this really makes the difference. Also great support team.

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Posted 1 month ago

Thank You for your kind words, Miranda. We are really glad to know that the Group Registration plugin is part of your eLearning business.
We are happy to have you as our happy customer 🙂

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