Setting up an Online Learning Platform to Empower Instructors & Students

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the conventional methods of learning have gone for a toss. However, schools and instructors have taken up the challenge to provide seamless education to their students and are adapting to the circumstances with some active help from technology.
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Here’s the story of one of our enterprising clients, Bernard Street, who did not just take his platform online, but also took it to the next level!

This is his journey.

A Brief Introduction to the Project

Eschewing the traditional, boring methods of online teaching, where the students have to study from the same old videos and demonstrations, Mr. Street wanted a site – School Ninja – where students and teachers could interact with ease, to facilitate better learning outcomes.

He wanted to empower the teachers to make digital education more accessible and engaging. Hence the idea of a platform where the teacher could host a digital classroom and provide adaptive online coursework.


The chief requirements of Mr. Street were as follows –

  • Creating exciting digital classrooms to complement classroom learning
  • Collaboration among teachers to create adaptive, scaffolded coursework to support diverse learning levels
  • Empowering the instructors to buy, sell, and share innovative educational resources for their classes
The site was to have a freemium membership model, where teachers could sign up and conduct classes for free but would have to upgrade to a premium plan for setting up a digital classroom through live Zoom lectures and interact with their students in real-time. 

Our Solutions

We helped Mr. Street set up this online learning model on School Ninja with two of our most powerful LearnDash add-ons – Instructor Role for LearnDash and Group Registration for LearnDash.

Here’s a brief glimpse of how they helped Mr. Street achieve his desired functionality goals.

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#1 Enrolling students in bulk into the digital classroom with Group Registration

Digital classroom spaces allow teachers to monitor student outcomes, communicate online with parents, set homework tasks and to-do’s, and share videos, resources, and assignments. These digital classrooms are a central hub for teachers to communicate with students and their parents outside the classroom.

Students have greater clarity and freedom to learn at their own pace, since all resources, homework tasks, and To Do’s are made available in the digital classroom for future reference. In addition, students receive certificates, points, and badges when they complete coursework and for their participation in classroom activities, so they have a visual glimpse of their learning journey, creating a gamified learning experience.

However, the biggest challenge in setting up a digital classroom is enrolling students in the lectures. Considering the dozens of students taking the course, enrolling them one by one is not a feasible solution.

With Group Registration for LearnDash, this task was a breeze as Mr. Street could enroll batches of students easily into School Ninja’s digital classrooms. This simplified the enrollment process saving a lot of time and effort for the instructors.

#2 Instructor Role for facilitating collaboration among teachers

The primary advantage of getting teachers to collaborate on course creation and management is that they can develop adaptive courses with self-marking assessment and self-directed, interactive online coursework which can automatically differentiate depending on learning levels and previous results.
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The same courses and quizzes can be shared across multiple instructors to analyze larger datasets of student outcomes. Besides, the Courses would grow over time as learning strategies evolved, complementing the curriculum, and creating an automatic scaffold based on outcomes of previous quizzes. WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash was an instrumental asset in this scenario. Not only did it empower Mr. Street to create Instructors who had the autonomy to create and manage their own courses, but they could also further collaborate with other instructors to share and develop course material and quizzes. This effectively doubled the knowledge base and halved the effort of the course instructors.

#3 Instructor Role for Empowering Teachers to Sell and Share course resources

Instructor Page

School Ninja intended to offer quality courses and course material that would be genuinely useful for the students. And because there’s no such thing as a free lunch, Mr. Street wanted the Instructors to have the ability to price their intellectual property, as per their discretion. Mr. Street would charge a fixed percentage commission for every purchase. 

Teachers and educational publishers would be able to promote, sell, share, and buy educational resources and teaching materials in the Marketplace and share the coursework with their classes. Publishers were expected to have the autonomy to create customized online coursework to sell and feature their resources in the Marketplace. 

Instructor Role’s ‘commissions’ functionality was the perfect solution here, as it enabled Mr. Street to set up commission percentages for all the instructors, which would be deducted automatically every time a sale occurred.

Summing Up

The LearnDash Essential addons pack has lots of functionality and integrations to bring your LMS project to life. Support documentation is good, however misses some steps. Online support is outstanding and really helpful. It’s a good pack to have, with in-depth plugins that will take some time to master (and understand how they integrate together), but have heaps to offer. Very happy so far and excited to see where I can take the project with them. – Mr. Street speaking on the project experience 

Mr. Street wanted to create an end-to-end course marketplace solution where student-teacher engagement was front and center. With the help of Instructor Role for LearnDash and Group Registration for LearnDash, he was able to build a sleek learning platform that had the much-needed student management features and Instructor abilities required for such an eLearning system!

Check out his website – School Ninja – to see it in action!

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