The Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin with AI-powered chatbot

    Nitansha Tanwar
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The best WordPress live chat plugin with AI-powered chatbot is WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin by ELEXtensions. The plugin offers advanced customization, security, and privacy features, as it works completely within the WordPress environment. it offers features like chat rating, handling multiple chats concurrently, and AI integration for faster and easier problem-solving.

In the dynamic landscape of online customer engagement, AI-powered chatbots within WordPress websites have revolutionized how businesses interact with their visitors.

A live chat window on your WordPress site helps customers reach you more conveniently than through a contact form or mail. They find it comfortable to have pre-sale conversations or for quick support inquiries.

Among the myriad options available, finding the best WordPress live chat plugin with AI capabilities is crucial for enhancing user experience, boosting conversions, and streamlining customer support.

This article delves into the best WordPress live chat plugin WSChat WordPress Live Chat Plugin, and its features.

We will also touch upon other alternatives in the market. But before, let’s talk a bit more about WordPress Live Chat plugins in depth.

What is a WordPress Live Chat Plugin?

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The Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin with AI-powered chatbot 1

A WordPress live chat plugin is a tool that allows website owners to communicate with their users in real time, providing support and enhancing user experience. These plugins enable the integration of live chat functionality directly into WordPress websites, facilitating immediate interaction with visitors.

By using chat plugins, website owners can open a channel of real-time communication to address user queries, provide assistance, gather feedback, and even increase sales by engaging with potential customers effectively.

What are the benefits of using a live chat plugin on a WordPress website?

Using a live chat plugin on a WordPress website offers several benefits:

  1. Real-time Support: Live chat allows website owners to communicate with visitors in real time, providing immediate assistance and support.
  2. Improved User Experience: A live chat plugin enhances user experience by enabling direct communication, reducing response time, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Increased Sales: Live chat can help increase sales by answering questions about products or services, guiding potential customers through the purchasing process, and addressing concerns in real time.
  4. Reduced Support Tickets: Live chat can reduce the number of support tickets by addressing and solving problems directly through the chat widget, reducing the need for additional support channels.
  5. Customizable Appearance: Many live chat plugins offer customization options, allowing website owners to align the chat widget with their branding and website design.
  6. Integration with Other Tools: Some live chat plugins can integrate with other tools, such as CRM systems, social media platforms, and e-commerce platforms, enhancing their functionality and usefulness.

By implementing a live chat plugin on a WordPress website, businesses can improve customer service, increase engagement, and ultimately enhance the overall user experience.

Now that we understand the benefits of using a Live chat plugin in WordPress. let’s look at what are the best options available.

Comparison chart of the 7 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Here is a comparison chart for the top 7 AI-powered WordPress Live Chat plugins, including their starting price, features, and free trial:

PluginStarting PriceFeaturesFree Trial
Zendesk$55/agent per monthAI-powered chatbots, real-time statistics, action-based prompts, customizable widgetsYes
LiveChat$20/month, billed yearlyReal-time statistics, customizable widgets, chatbot integrationYes
Olark$29 per month per seatComprehensive dashboard, chatbot integration, customizable widgetsYes
WSChat$69/yearAI integration, real-time visitor tracking, and the ability for agents to initiate chats.Yes
HubSpot Chat$20/month, billed yearlyCRM integration, chatbot integration, customizable widgetsYes
Tidio$29/monthAI-driven chatbots, automation, customizable widgetsYes
Tawk.toFree foreverAdvanced chatbot capabilities, customizable widgetsNo

Please note that the prices mentioned are starting prices and may vary based on the specific features and requirements of your website.

Now that we know what options are available in the market, let’s take a look at the best WordPress live chat plugin – WSChat by ELEXtensions.

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Why You Should Choose WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin?

WS chat

Local Setup

One of the main concerns regarding SaaS-based chatbots is data security and privacy. Most of these SaaS-based chatbots use third-party servers to store and handle the data which means there’s always a security breach worry as well.

Also, if the third party shuts down the server due to some issues, it can affect your data and processes. WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin is developed to work completely within your WordPress environment with no external dependency – which makes it dependable.

Hence, you will be the exclusive owner of your data and will have complete control over it. All the data and conversation details will be stored on your server rather than at various locations.

Helpdesk Integration

Since chat is the most comfortable way for customers to reach you for any support after a sale, the plugin offers high compatibility with WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin, to import agents to address customers’ issues and convert customer queries into tickets.

If you have several customers around the world, it is important to answer their questions even if their working time is different from your country’s working time. You should be able to give the right answers as soon as possible to help your customers at any time. Otherwise, it will negatively affect the trust of your potential customers towards you.

Chatbot Support

The perfect solution for a quick and accurate reply is to assign this task to an Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing(NLP) chatbot to trigger automatic answers right after the customer sends you a message.

WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin offers easy integration with Dialogflow powered by Google for integrating your live chat with AI. It offers much more advanced features such as:

  1. Security and Privacy
  2. Advanced Features for Agents
  3. Customization of Widget
  4. Chat Header Options
  5. Chat History & Handling Multiple Chats Concurrently
  6. AI Integration
  7. Detailed Report for Analysis
  8. Better User Engagement

Let us quickly go through each feature one by one.

1. Security and Privacy

security & privacy

As I have mentioned, this plugin takes the responsibility of your data privacy and security seriously and ensures you are the exclusive owner of your data. Storing all data only on your server will increase your credibility.

Moreover, you can manage the data according to your business needs as no one else can handle your information. As there is no external dependency, you can access it from anywhere at any time using a web browser.

2. Advanced Features for Agents

There is no limit for adding agents on WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin. Since it is highly compatible with WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin, it is very easy to import the agents to WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin.

You can create as many new agent profiles as you want and can select the agents from WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin.

There are many options to notify your agents like triggering a sound notification or an email notification when a customer raises a question so the agent can reply to the queries as soon as possible. This increases customer satisfaction and engagement on your site. It also increases the time a customer spends on your website and thereby helps to rank your site well on Google SERP.

Agents can initiate a chat with the customers. They can monitor the real-time visitors of the website in a tab along with their IP address, the page on which they are currently visiting, the operating system of their computer, and the time duration each customer spends on the website. Using these details, an agent can initiate the chat from their side. This can be used for pre-sale queries to the customers.

You can configure pre-chat forms that allow you to communicate with the customers even if you are not available online. You can reply to the customers via your email and also, there is an option to show whether you are online or offline.

3. Customization of Widget

You can customize the chat widget according to your website design and theme. You have an option to set the Chat Widget Background, Header Background, Header Text Color, Chat Background, Agent Message Background, Visitor Message Background, and Message Text Color.

live chat widget customization

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4. Chat Header Options

You have an option to customize the chat header of the widget to be featured on your site. By default, WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin offers a mute button on the chat widget. In addition to that, you can add 4 customization features such as:

  1. Attachment: Customers can send a file attachment to you.
  2. Video recorder: They can record a video and send to you in simple clicks.
  3. Send chat history: Users can enter an email ID to send the entire conversation history to that address.
  4. Chat rating: They can notify their feedback of your service through the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ button.
chat header

5. Chat History & Handle Multiple Chats Concurrently

Another advanced feature available in this plugin is its unlimited chat history. You can store as many chats as you want to enable you to handle multiple chats concurrently! After 10 minutes of the chatting session, the chats will be moved to a chat history dashboard from where you can find the required conversations for further reference.

chat history

Handling multiple chats is not a tedious task using this plugin. You can view all the current chats on the ‘Active Chats’ tab as well as the recent conversations on the ‘Recent Chats’ tab up to 10 minutes after the session.

6. AI Integration

Integrating AI into your conversation makes it faster and easier to provide solutions for customer queries.

WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin is highly supportive of Dialogflow by Google. You can create training phrases by assuming several possible customer queries and set responses to be triggered automatically when the customer query and training phrases find a match.

These responses could be a text response, image, video, audio, or even a file. The main advantage of integrating with Dialogflow is that you can also integrate it with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc. according to your niche. Other features include,

  • Fetching values from user replies and including it in your next response to give a personal touch to the conversation by prompting.
  • Customers will get a quick reply and solution even if you are not online.
  • You can easily integrate with Firebase for storing the image, audio, video, and other files to be triggered as responses.
  • It will provide the Project ID and a link to the Google Cloud Platform to take the Google service account private key file for connecting Dialogflow to the plugin.
AI integration

7. Detailed Report for Analysis

Every business needs a report to check the overall performance to understand whether everything works well and if we need to improve in any certain areas. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in that.

The detailed report provides customer likes and dislikes, ratings, quality scores, and the number of tickets associated with all agents for the selected period. As it shows the customer reactions and the agent’s performance, it is easy to analyze the overall performance of your company’s support.

8. Better User Engagement

In this era, chatting is the most convenient and easiest way of connecting people. Here in this business world also, chatting is the most convenient way for customers to reach you as soon as possible.

As it is an AJAX-based and mobile responsive plugin, it works well on mobile phone screens and you can enlarge the widget to fit into your mobile screen.

Since it is the easiest way to connect with the customer side and your side, it will increase user engagement on your site. While you offer the fastest and the best solutions for their issues, it will improve their trust in you.

The plugin offers emojis to make the chatting experience more interesting. As we are all interested in using emojis while chatting to express our reactions, this will help to understand the user’s reaction to your services. In addition to that, it will improve the customers’ interest in chatting by giving it a personal touch.

mobile responsive

To Wrap Up,

There are many live chat plugins that you can use to elevate customer service on your WordPress site.

Some of the top plugins include Zendesk, LiveChat, Olark, Tidio, and WSChat, among others.

WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin is a top-notch and AI-integrated live chat plugin offering advanced customization features and basic chatting functionalities.

One of the main advantages of choosing this lightweight plugin over other live chat plugins is its security and customization features, like setting widget appearance and chat header options, that make it more user-friendly and enhance the customers’ chatting experience.

If you’re looking to offer the best customer support service through chatbots, this AI-integrated live chat plugin is right for you!

Need help integrating the plugin into your WordPress site, our WordPress experts can do it for you!

All you need to do is share a few details of your requirements and one of our team members will get back to help you on priority.

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Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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