30 Best WooCommerce Plugins for your online Store in 2023 (Free+Premium)

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Looking for the best Woocommerce plugins to improve your online store?

You’re at the right place!

Almost 28% of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce.

That’s a huge number!

And, true to its belief – it does let you set up and turn your WordPress site into a basic eCommerce store for free.

But, what’s really amusing – you can add almost any functionality you want to your WooStore (not kidding!).

With over 6000 plugins for WooCommerce, the sky’s the limit when it comes to scaling and growing your online store. No wonder it’s so popular.

However, from this huge sea of WooCommerce plugins, picking the best one to extend your capabilities can be confusing.

So, if you’re just starting out or have recently opened your store, you can quickly go through my hand-picked list of the 30 Best WooCommerce plugins.

These are my personal favorites.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffab”]Here’s a heads up – I have divided the plugins under various aspects of the business. That should make it easier for you 🙂[/su_note]

A. Best WooCommerce Plugins to Improve Lead Generation

1. WISDM Product Enquiry Pro by WisdmLabs

WIDSM plugin request a quote

Online stores have one huge drawback – no physical salesman. And, that’s exactly what the WISDM Product Enquiry Pro plugin sets out to achieve. It lets you add ‘Inquiry’ forms and ‘Request a Quotation’ options on your products page. With this, you can empower your customers to ask questions about your product’s color, size availability, variations, and anything in between. It even allows your customers to request special pricing for the product.

This plugin can be useful as it’ll help you capture genuine leads. It’ll help customers connect with you in a meaningful way. It gives you the opportunity to act as an online salesman, answer their concerns, and eventually convert them into customers. Plus, it opens up room for negotiations, especially with shoppers who want to buy in bulk. This plugin speeds up the decision-making process for your buyers and helps you gain customers quickly.

Price: $80

2. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist by YITH

YITH Wishlist

It happens too often, we love the product but never buy it immediately. It’s a habit. That’s how humans are!

With YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, you can allow your customers to create & save the list of products they want. It lets them create multiple Wishlists for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate celebrations, etc. Moreover, they can even share it with their family and friends.

Here’s how this function will work out for you – Once you let your customers create a wishlist, they have a reason to come back to your store. And, if they’ve shared their list, you’ll have more people visiting your store thereby, increasing more leads. 

Besides this, you also get to analyze your customer’s interests. This also gives you an opportunity to target and send them promotional emails or discounts. This function is super useful during the holiday season when people are sharing their wish lists and purchasing gifts. 

Price: $94.99

3. Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce by Tyche Softwares

abaonded cart

A study found that almost 69% of people abandon their shopping carts. Jeez! But, don’t worry! 

The Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce is a plugin that’ll help you bring back the customers leaving their carts. This plugin will send reminders to your customers through emails, SMS texts, or even through Facebook Messenger. You can choose to send these reminders to logged-in or guest users.

Every day, you’ll have several customers abandoning their carts. While it’s impossible to win back all the customers, it’s definitely worth using this plugin to retain at least a few of those leads back to your store. Even a few can add contribute significantly to the growth of your business.

Price: $149

4. RafflePress


Ever come across Giveaway contests online? Well, RafflePress, by far, is the best giveaway contests plugin out there. Having Giveaway contests every once in a while is a great strategy to generate customer leads for your Woo Store.

This plugin lets you create your own viral giveaway campaigns allowing your customers to participate by taking certain social actions.  You can ask them to tweet, follow your social media handle, post on Facebook, etc. In doing so, you’ll be able to grow your email list significantly. Plus, it’ll bring more traffic to your website, eventually increasing sales and profits.

Price: $31.60

5. OptinMonster


Turning your website traffic into subscribers, leads, and sales are a real struggle for businesses. Fortunately, with the OptinMonster extension, you can create attractive sales offers from the pre-designed templates designed for conversions or build your own from the scratch.

Furthermore, you can also use the targeting engine to show these offers to the right people at the right time. And, you can even access all the stats you need to improve the lead generation strategies. 

This powerful lead generation add-on is a must-have in order to convert your site visitors into customers. Besides this, it’ll also help you grow your email list, show targeted messages, and ultimately boost sales.

Price: $9.0

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B. Best WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Conversions

6. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing by WisdmLabs

customer specific pricing plugin
30 Best WooCommerce Plugins for your online Store in 2023 (Free+Premium) 1

About 75% of the shoppers scour through their inboxes for a discount or a coupon code before buying anything. And, with the WISDM Customer Specific Pricing plugin, you can create special pricing rules and discounts for specific customers, user roles, or groups. Every customer loves to feel special.

And, this dynamic pricing plugin comes with tons of features that’ll allow you to achieve this purpose with great efficiency.  You’ll need this add-on to set cart discounts, offer quantity discounts, run store-wide discounts, etc. leading to quicker conversions. Furthermore, it also reduces the gap between you and your customers. This dynamic pricing strategy is what will set your WooStore apart from the rest resulting in increased conversions and revenues.

Pricing: $80

7. WISDM Product Catalog Manager by WisdmLabs

Banner image of WisdmLabs 1024x428 1
30 Best WooCommerce Plugins for your online Store in 2023 (Free+Premium) 2

Many online stores don’t let you buy products/services until you sign up on their store. For e.g Netflix. A plugin like WISDM Product Catalog Manager does exactly this and converts your WooStore into a Membership store.

It enables you to hide ‘Pricing’ and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons for your products. Your visitors can see the product but can’t buy it. You can control the pricing visibility for your Guest Users.

Now, having this function on your WooStore will help you increase the appeal of your products. And, will compel the visitors to sign up on your WooStore thereby, generating more memberships. With that being said, an exclusive members-only store will boost conversions and sales significantly over time.

Price: Available for Free

8. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro by SkyVerge

product reviews

I always check product reviews before purchasing anything online. In fact, most of them do so!

And, product reviews are as good as personal recommendations. With the WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro plugin, you can equip your business with Amazon-style Reviews and filtering systems. This plugin will give your customers the review capabilities they expect in an online environment. It even allows your customers to send in photos and video reviews.

Now, this plugin is important for your business because displaying product reviews can is known to increase customer conversion rates by almost 270%!!! This only goes to show that people are highly influenced by ratings and reviews. Your business could benefit heavily from this function in terms of conversions and sales.

Price: $79

9. Product Slider for WooCommerce by ShapedPlugins

product slider

Visual representation creates a strong impact in terms of engagement.  Hence, Product Displays & Presentation matter immensely.

To fulfill this purpose, Product Slider for WooCommerce is one such plugin that’ll let you create attractive and modern product carousels on your products page. Your customer can quickly slide through different products with ease and in awe. You can choose to display it anywhere on your site. Having this add-on will help you highlight your products strategically in a neat, clean, and professional way. This product carousel will appeal to and please your customers’ eyes leading to an increase in conversions and sales.

Pro tip: Always display the product carousel in the first fold of your products page to grab more eyeballs.

Price: Available for Free

10. Live Chat

live chat

When you get instant answers, conversion becomes easy.

With this Live Chat add-on, as the name suggests, you can connect with your customers, and talk to them in real-time thereby, making selling easy and quick. The add-on will add a mobile-responsive chat box to your site opening up the room and leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Since the online business comes with the limitation of talking to customers, you’ll need this plugin to talk to your customers and solve their problems instantly resulting in a quicker conversion. Having this live chat feature will not just provide a great experience to your visitors but also help boost conversions and sales.

Price: $16/month

11. WISDM Scheduler by WisdmLabs

WISDM Scheduler

For any business, making products available in time is the key to converting customers. And, that’s exactly what the WISDM Scheduler extension does. This function will allow you to activate FOMO among the customers by adding a front-end countdown timer to your products. Plus, it enables you to notify buyers once a product is back in stock. You can even schedule the stock availability to capture leads.

Now, this plugin is important to your business as it invokes a psychological emotion in your customers’ minds. You can schedule discounts for certain products and add a countdown timer to trigger urgency leading to quicker sales and conversions. 

Moreover, scheduling and making products available for a limited time will even help you create a sense of urgency in the minds of your customers thereby, pushing sales and profits further up.

Price: $80

12. WooCommerce Products Compare by WooCommerce

WooCommerce product compare

A product bought at first sight is a myth.  Everybody looks at different options and alternatives before purchasing any product. The consumer loves to compare products before making a decision.

Having said that, WooCommerce Products Compare is one such plugin that will enable this function to help shoppers compare similar products with ease. With this function, your customers can easily compare prices, features, ratings, etc. for similar products. You can add this option anywhere on your site.

So, using this function in your business is pretty important especially if you’re running a large store and have similar products to offer. You can help your customers find the right product fit for their needs. It’ll significantly speed up their buying process leading to quicker conversions and sales.

Price: $49

13. WooCommerce Product Feed Manager by Rextheme

product feed manager

Showcasing your products on popular marketplaces is a great way to maximize conversions!

And, with this WooCommerce Product Feed Manager, you can generate an accurate product feed for Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Walmart, Rakuten, AdRoll, Marktplaats, Vivino, eBay, and 170+ other major marketplaces.

Once you have your feed ready, you can then upload it to your desired marketplace and start promoting your WooCommerce products to a larger audience to get more sales. With that being said, it’s also worth noting that this plugin helps you increase conversions without really wasting your time and efforts.

Price: $79.99

C. Best WooCommerce Plugins to Improve Marketing

14. WISDM Custom Product Bundling by WisdmLabs


We love buying product bundles since we see more value in them. Take McDonald’s Happy Meal for instance – Buying a burger, fries and a coke would cost more when bought separately, hence, we go for the meal.

Similarly, the WISDM Customer Product Bundles is one of the best add-ons that’ll help you create and offer Product Bundles in your Woo Store. Moreover, the plugin goes a step ahead and even allows customers to mix and match products and create their own assorted bundles.

Using this bundling strategy in your business can help you increase your average order value as customers will be motivated to spend more when they realize the bundle value. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to reduce your inventory by bundling less-selling items with strong-selling products. 

And, your business can benefit greatly as your marketing efforts also reduce drastically – you only have to focus on marketing the product bundle rather than individual items in the bundle. Selling product bundles will shoot up your sales and increase your average order value significantly.

Price: $80

15. WooCommerce Points & Rewards by WooCommerce

Over 70% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand if it has good points and loyalty programs.

With the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin in your artillery, you can reward your customers with points for every purchase or action (e.g: signing up) performed.  Your customers can then redeem these points for discounts on their next purchase. You can even control the maximum discounts that can be earned at the cart, product, or category level.

This is a great way to retain customers, win their loyalty, increase engagement, and sales, and attract new customers.  Having points & rewards systems can go a long way in providing a great customer experience. And, it’ll also help you save money as acquiring new customers can be more expensive than retaining old ones.

Price: $129

16. MailChimp for WordPress by ibericode


Today emails are a highly successful marketing channel sprinkled with a dash of human touch to boost conversions and sales.

If you wish to make a business from this channel, you can use the MailChimp for WordPress extension to create engaging newsletters and run meaningful email campaigns. You can choose to send emails to all subscribers or the selected ones. And, you can even create mobile-friendly subscription forms as per your liking.

Running email campaigns and promoting your products through this channel can put your customers on a personalized purchase path. And, this can result in more subscribers, sales, and profits. Plus, it will open up a new way of selling products.

Note: To use MailChimp for WordPress, you’ll first need to create a MailChimp account. It’s free and super quick.

Price: $59

17. WooCommerce Recommendations Engine by Lucas Stark


Netflix often recommends shows/movies based on your previous watch and before you know it you’ve already begun watching one of their recommended movies!

Clearly, Product Recommendations are a powerful technique. And, a plugin like WooCommerce Recommendations Engine will let you set up Netflix or Amazon-like product suggestions for your customers easily. The plugin is designed in a way to automatically recommend products to your customers based on their purchase history, view history, and products that are frequently bought together.

You’ll need this plugin on your website to cross-sell and upsell products. It also adds to your customer’s shopping experience as recommendations will help them find the products they like. In doing so, you will have customers return to your store for future purchases as well.

Price: $79

18. Shared Counts by Bill Erickson & Jared Atchison

shared counts

Today, marketing your products on social media can be good for business. Plus, lots of customers actively use social media. So, it has the potential to fetch you a great deal of reach and engagement.

To make this possible, you can use the Shared Counts plugin and display the social media share icons on your website. This enables your customers to share the word about your product on their social media handles.  Also, the plugin is easy to customize and allows you to style the social sharing buttons. It lets you include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. as social sharing options for your customers.

You can use the social media sharing strategy for your business to increase traffic and engagement. Your customers can share your posts and pages on their social media handle thereby, increasing your reach. Doing this can lead to an increase in conversions and sales.

Pricing: Free

19. Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards by makewebbetter

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

Gift cards are special and customers tend to use this as a means of gifting to their friends and loved ones.

This Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin allows you to create, sell, and manage gift cards at your WooCommerce store. You can let your customers purchase these gift cards and send them to anyone as an email.  The recipient can then use this card to make purchases at your store and he/she can also recharge/redeem these cards at your online or retail store.

Moreover, you can also use this plugin to customize the predefined cart templates, coupon code length, usage, prefix, etc. Apart from this, you can even schedule the dates to deliver the gift cards to your loved ones. The plugin does a great job of increasing your holiday and non-holiday sales. Plus, it also helps in engaging with new customers and building brand loyalty which is great for your business.

Pricing: $79

20. Google Ads for WooCommerce by Kliken


There are millions of customers out there who’d probably buy your products if you could reach out to them effectively!

Now, with Google Ads & Marketing plugin, you can promote your products to interested buyers across google. It’ll link your WooStore to the required accounts to have your products on google and will also optimize it. 

Besides this, it’ll also optimize and sync your inventory in real-time to ensure your customers can see only the in-stock products on google. And, you can also run smart paid shopping campaigns that’ll show up on Google, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Using Google Ads strategically in your business can help you push traffic and sales. You can use this to expand your reach through Google, YouTube, Gmail, etc. Plus, you can track your campaign performance as well to see what worked and what didn’t. This is an excellent marketing add-on to improve sales and revenues.

Price: Free

D. Best WooCommerce Plugins to Optimize Your Website

21. Sucuri Security


For your business to bloom, it first needs to be secured from threats and potential hacks. Even though WooCommerce comes with basic security, it’s always advisable to have deeper layers of security to protect your business and customers.

And, you can achieve stronger security levels with the Sucuri Security plugin. This add-on provides security hardening options, faster malware scanning to detect threats, File integrity monitoring, Post-hack security options, etc.

You must use this plugin to secure your website at all times and make it safe for everybody to use. This will protect your customer data, detect threats in time, resolve them, and help in the smooth flow of business. A good security measure will instill people’s confidence in your website.

Price: $199.99

Need Help with managing Security?

Let us do it for you!

22. W3 Total Caching by BoldGrid


It can get quite irritating when a website takes too much time to load! Your customers may not have the patience to wait and that’s exactly why your website needs to be optimized at all times.

To ensure you achieve this, the W3 TOTAL Cache is one of the best add-ons available that improves website performance and reduces load times. It provides a transparent Content Delivery Network to quickly transfer the assets needed to load the internet content.

It even improves your web page rankings on the search engine. You need W3 Total Caching on your website as it leads to 10X improvement in overall site performance. It also cuts down the load time significantly thereby reducing the bounce rates and increasing the visitors’ time on your site.  With this add-on, you can remarkably improve your site’s rank as well leading to more traffic and conversions.

Price: Free

23. Astra Pro Theme for WooCommerce

Astra Pro WooCommerce Builder

The first impression is the last impression! It’s perhaps true for websites. The look, feel, and design of your website need to be attractive and engaging for customers to take an interest and explore.

And, with a fast, responsive, and clean theme like Astra, it becomes easier for your website to stand apart. This theme makes your store load faster and allows you to customize almost every small detail without any coding knowledge.

It even allows you to display your products in a responsive grid layout and offers dedicated sidebars for pages and posts. Having a theme like Astra on your website ensures better conversions and boosts sales. It’ll add ‘attractive and feel-good’ vibes to your website with its responsive designs and layouts.  Astra, with its extraordinary features and functions, will make your website look unique leading to more conversions and sales.

Price: Free

24. EWWW Image Optimization by Exactly WWW


A good website needs to be visually stunning. But, the large size images can sometimes pose problems making your website load slower. To get rid of this frustration, you can use the EWWW Image Optimization extension that’ll optimize your existing as well as new images with the best compression/quality ratio. 

Its intelligent conversion options will even help you figure out the best image format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.) for the job. The plugin also comes with a 30-days backup for the images to ensure you don’t lose out on original images.

This is a much-needed plugin that’ll optimize your oversized images making your site load faster, reduce your bounce rate, and help in SEO rankings. Plus, it’ll help in reducing the irritation among your customers making them return to your store in the future.

Price: Free

25. Yoast SEO


It doesn’t matter how good your website is unless it ranks on the Search Engines!

If you want your business to be known and stand out from competitors, your website needs to be optimized and make it to the top of the Search Engines. To achieve this, the Yoast SEO plugin offers Title and Meta description fields for better branding and consistent snippets in the search results.

With its powerful functions, it enables search engines like Google to make sense of your website with its incredible schema implementations. It even sets automatic canonical URLs to avoid content duplication.

Having this plugin in your business is extremely important as it’ll help you consistently rank on search engines and help you stay on top of your competition. Plus, it is a great metric to measure your reach and user engagement. SEO is a very important tool. It is essential for the survival of your business.

Price: Free

26. MonsterInsights


For any business to grow and prosper, you need data analytics to make decisions and plans.

MonsterInsights, by far, is the best Google Analytics plugin out there. It’s simply one of the most important plugin in the list of WooCOmmerce plugins

Its universal website tracking makes it easier for you to track eCommerce data regarding your website. The plugin gives you all the data relating to page views, avg. order value, conversion rate, sessions, bounce rate, etc. for your campaigns and product pages. It makes the data available in your dashboard itself.

This plugin is essential for the growth of your business. This data will help you make informed decisions to increase sales and conversions. Moreover, the data will also help in improving your product pages and creating a more personalized experience for your customers in the future.

Price: $99.50

E. Best WooCommerce Plugins for Safe Payment Gateways

27. WooCommerce Currency Switcher by realmag777


If your WooStore deals with international customers, it is only advisable to make payment handling as easy as possible.

And, with the WooCommerce Currency Switcher add-on, you can add any currency to your Woo store. The plugin lets your customers switch product prices into their real-time currency rates. It offers more than 7 currency aggregators for automatic rate switching. You can even set auto-updates for currency rates on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis as per your choice.

Now, this is a small but important factor to consider especially if you cater to International clients. This will make it easier for them to understand the prices in their local currency and make the payments quicker.  It also shows your attempt to connect with them locally which would make them return to your store in the future as well.

Price: Free

28. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce by Mollie


Flexibility is key when it comes to making online payments. Each customer will have their preferred payment options and it’s important that your business supports those payment options.

However, payment methods are plenty and it may not be possible to support all.

But, with the Mollie Payments WooCommerce extension, you can integrate all the major payment methods in your WooCommerce store. It’s one of those WooCommerce plugins that lets you add Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), Debit Cards (Maestro, V Pay), European & local payment methods, International (PayPal), etc. with ease.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay any startup fees, monthly charges, or any hidden fees for its services. The pricing is per transaction. Using this add-on in your business will help you cater to the maximum number of customers using these popular payment methods. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about installing multiple payment gateways. And, this will also reduce the lost conversions since it will enable you to support all major and popular payment methods used by shoppers.

Price: Free

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F. WooCommerce Plugins to Manage Shipping & Inventory

29. ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce by Stock Management Labs

woocommerce-plugin-for -inventory-management

When running a large WooStore, managing inventory efficiently becomes absolutely necessary to ensure a smooth flow of business.

The ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce is one of the most advanced plugins that will let you bulk edit updates, inventory, reports, product prices, stock calculations, etc. It also enables you to add stock filters, new product category filters, and extra drop-down filters to make the product search easier. Plus, the plugin also comes with advanced inventory controlling and monitoring features.

If you have a huge WooStore offering physical products, then this plugin is a must as it’ll eliminate manual stock calculations saving you tons of time and energy. It’ll also allow you to focus on other business aspects as this plugin automates all the inventory tasks and makes stock tracking easier than ever.

Price: Free

30. Advanced Flat Rate Shipping for WooCommerce by theDotStore

Shipping is one strategy that WooStore owners often underplay. This has the potential to upset your customers significantly.  One bad shipping experience and the customer may never order again.

But, with the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping WooCommerce plugin, you can avoid this situation.

This plugin comes with advanced options to create shipping rules based on products, cart total, location, etc., and calculate shipping rates based on cart quantity and for specific users. In addition, you can also enable free shipping, and specify the duration, taxability status, etc. in your shipping method.

Moreover, you can also create custom shipping zones that include multiple locations. This will help in speeding up your admin work. Shipping is an essential strategy and having this plugin is pretty important as options like free shipping will attract more buyers. Also, charging flexible shipping rates based on multiple shipping rules will add to customer satisfaction.

Price: $99

Final Thoughts,

So, that was my list of the 30 Best WooCommerce plugins to have in your WooStore!

Now, before we part – if you’re someone who’s just starting out then you may not need all the WooCommerce plugins at the moment.

But, eventually as and when you grow, you will need them. Don’t forget to make a note of all the WooCommerce plugins that you like, just bookmark the post. 🙂

If you’ve already exhausted yourself researching online, you could use any of these WooCommerce plugins to scale your WooStore if you haven’t already.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even get a custom WooCommerce plugin made.

Also, if you think there are more plugins that could be added to the list, feel free to comment below 🙂

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Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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  1. Very useful list! Thank you! And I also want to add one more plugin that I am using, TrackMage Woo Shipment Tracking. Very easy to use and set up, works like a charm, support is great and helped me to resolve a small issue.

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