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25th April 2018
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Increase Sales with Scheduling Product Availability plugin for WooCommerce

Have you fallen prey to the age-old marketing tactics…”Buy now, before time runs out”, “for limited time only”, “Product available only for the next 7 days”. You’re not alone. Studies say that limited time offers, limited product stock, scheduling sales and countdown timers create a sense of urgency in buyers and drive them to make a purchase. They fear missing out on shopping deals. 

By scheduling products on WooCommerce you can take advantage of this fear and boost sales. Product scheduling is also a great technique to manage stock options and sell products based on seasonal trends.

With Wisdm Scheduler for WooCommerce, you can

Sell Products for a Limited Time

Schedule product availability on WooCommerce for a limited time. Buyers can only purchase these products when they are available.

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Create Urgency with a Countdown Timer

Add a ticking front end countdown timer on limited-time products. The timer can help create a sense of urgency in buyers and drive sales. 

Schedule Products by Date & Time

Products and Product categories can be scheduled by date and time. Products can be available for a few hours or for a few days – the choice is yours.

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Hide Unavailable Products or Categories

Enable an option to automatically hide out of stock or unavailable products or categories from your WooCommerce shop page.

Capture every Lead

If a  product runs out of stock, enable the “Notify me when available” field to capture email addresses of buyers interested in unavailable products.

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Remind potential buyers and increase the chance of a Sale

Collect email addresses of visitors that subscribe for product availability notifications. Send a reminder email for product availability an hour, a week, or a minute before the product is back in stock to increase the chances of a sale.

Set Store Open-Close Hours

Align purchases with your business hours. Set opening and closing times for your WooCommerce store by setting availability of all your products. 

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set product expiration

Set Product Expiration

Make products unavailable or set product expiry by specifying the date or time.

schedule product duration

Schedule Product Duration

Let products be available over a time duration or on a daily basis.

product wise scheduling

Product-wise Scheduling

Set product availability schedule for multiple or individual products or product categories.

notify user email

Notify User

Notify interested buyers when a product is back in stock using the “Notify me” option

unsubscribe from notification emails

Unsubscribe from Notifications

Let buyers unsubscribe from back in stock or product availability notifications using the unsubscribe link.

manage users

Manage Interested Buyers

Keep track of buyers interested in receiving notifications when an unavailable product is back for purchase.

product countdown timer

Product Countdown Timer

Display a ticking countdown timer on products available for a limited time on your store.

variable product support

Variable Product Support

Schedule simple as well as variations of a variable product on your Woo store.

schedule product categories

Schedule Products by Category

Bulk schedule products for a limited time by using the category schedule option.

custom unavailability message

Custom Unavailability Message

Set a custom message that’s displayed for each product that is unavailable in your store.

product unavailability email

Product Availability Email

Automatically send an email to registered buyers when an unavailable product is back for purchase.

remove unavailable products

Remove Unavailable Products

Hide or remove unavailable products from your WooCommerce store.

Fallback Support?

Fallback Support

Never miss out on a sale. The product is available for purchase in case of scheduling errors.

Developed by WooExperts?

Developed by WooExperts

This scheduling plugin is the best one out there since it’s built by the best Gold WooExperts! 🙂

Intuitive Settings Interface?

Intuitive Settings Interface

The simple settings interface means there’s a low learning curve - you can start scheduling the minute the plugin is active.

Here are the actual screenshots

Scheduling products and show timer on front end
Front end timer with custom availability message
Settings to schedule product by date and time
Show scheduled products
set the schedule date range
Setting to modify the scheduled date and time
Allow users to get notified
Notification email settings
Notification email settings to allow enrollment
Allow unsubscription from notification emails
Customize email template
Export Enrolled User emails
Keep track of enrolled users and associated products

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Pricing Plans

The plugin is perfect and so are our prices!

Single Site

$ 69 Yearly
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 79 Yearly
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 199 Lifetime - No Recurring Payment
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

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What Our Developers say...​

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Technical Leader, WisdmLabs

Wisdm Scheduler has been designed to keep the customer in focus. We have seen so many customers who want a useful marketing plugin which not only lets them sell products but also manages stock availability. Scheduler solves this problem and much more.”

– Sumit Pore

Technical Leader, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have a few!

If you select the option “Hide Unavailable Products” then the unavailable product will be hidden from the entire site and the product will automatically go into Drafts. If the product is made available again then it will be automatically published again.If you do not select the option “Hide Unavailable Products”, the product will still be available in your WooCommerce shop, but the “Add to Cart” option will not be present. So the visitor cannot make a purchase. However, you can display a custom message to the visitor, by entering a value for WooCommerce->Settings->General->”Product Expiration Message”.

You can schedule simple and variable products using WooCommerce Scheduler.

Yes. The product will still be present in your WooCommerce shop, but a visitor will not be able to buy it, because the “Add-to-Cart” button will not be present. You can display a custom message to the visitor, by entering a value for WooCommerce->Settings->General->”Product Expiration Message”.

You can head over to Scheduler for WooCommerce and under Global Settings and display a product unavailability message by setting a value for “Product Expiration Message”.

You need to go to Scheduler for WooCommerce setting in the Dashboard menu and under Global settings, you can see the options to set a timer for, before and after the product is available.

Both the plugins are incompatible with each other and conflicts with the Scheduler’s datepicker.

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(5/5) Posted 175 days ago
dragon seed dragon seed
Chinmay Behera
(4/5) Posted 508 days ago
How to display delivery slots so that customer can pick the time slots for delivery with this plugin? How to display delivery slots so that customer can pick the time slots for delivery with this plugin?
Guest User
(5/5) Posted 175 days ago
Scheduler Plugin is great Scheduler Plugin is great and the product/plugin has configured and it does what is been documented. Had an issue enabling the plugin, but the support team was great and have resolved the issue as soon as the support ticket was raised. Thank you guys for your support and prompt response in a timely manner.
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