Why Instructor Role is the best for LearnDash Frontend Course Creation

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Why Instructor Role is the best for LearnDash Frontend Course Creation 1

In the beginning, when you start creating and selling courses the number one priority is to launch your online course and generate sign-ups

As you progress, you’ll inevitably seek fresh ways to distinguish yourself and enhance your offerings. One of the most effective ways to do that is by collaborating with external instructors to design and teach courses on your eLearning platform.

Take the example of Udemy. The eLearning giant offers a broad selection of courses created by world-renowned SMEs, educators, and universities. These courses hold a lot of value and also help corporate employees land a job.

That’s why 80% of Fortune 100 companies trust Udemy for employee upskilling, and customers include The Walt Disney Corporation, Apple, Unicef, PayPal, Tata Inc., Accenture, Samsung, Unilever, Instacart, and Okta. (

So if your eLearning platform allows learners to choose from a wide variety of professional that help them upskill and become industry ready, not only will they choose you over your competitors, but they will actively search for your courses.

But between creating, editing, and managing, building a new course on your LearnDash LMS can still be a bit complicated and technical. 

Hold on! What if I told you that you could launch your next course within minutes and that too without any knowledge of the subject matter?

Yes, it’s possible.

With the help of a LearnDash Frontend Course Creation Dashboard in LearnDash, you can allow external educators to create and launch courses on your eLearning platform.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about LearnDash frontend course creation and how you can benefit from it to grow your course business.

What is a LearnDash Frontend Course Creation Dashboard?

A LearnDash frontend course creation dashboard is a user-friendly course builder that helps course creators build course without navigating via the backend

It helps add lessons, topics, and quizzes using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Instructors can visualize the entire course structure, and add additional course material, certificates, etc. on the go.

The importance of having a LearnDash Frontend Course Creation Dashboard

As a tool to create professional quality courses easily, a Frontend Course builder has become popular among LearnDash course creators. 

But that’s not the only reason why LearnDash users want a course builder on the front end.

An instructor-friendly interface to create and manage courses on the front end helps in more than one way:-

LearnDash Frontend course creation makes collaboration easy!

With a course creation dashboard on the front end, you can easily invite SMEs to create courses on your LMS. They don’t need any special permissions or backend access. External instructors can simply register themselves as ‘Instructors’ and get access to the frontend course creator. From there, creating a course is as easy as dragging and dropping course content into the editor. You can also share the course among multiple instructors so that they can collaborate to improve it’s quality.

Note: To learn more about how and why you should collaborate with SMEs in LearnDash, read this article.

A LearnDash Frontend Course Creation helps increase website security

The Front End Course creation dashboard restricts instructor access to the front end. They get all the tools to create, edit, update, and manage the course content. You don’t need to be worried about an instructor inadvertently modifying some other WordPress settings. It also secures your course data as an Instructor will be able to access only their own student’s data.

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LearnDash Frontend course creation simplifies launching a new course!

A front-end course creation dashboard offers a simple and intuitive interface that helps create courses in minutes! It offers a drag-and-drop builder to create courses as well as their hierarchies like – lessons, topics, and quizzes with just a few clicks.

LearnDash Frontend course creation helps in kick-starting a course marketplace 

LearnDash Frontend course creation makes it simple for instructors to get started in creating and selling their courses on your LMS. Thus helping you turn your LearnDash business into a full-scale course marketplace in record time. You will stand a great chance of increasing your revenue without making significant investments to add more courses on your site.

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How to create courses from the front end in LearnDash?

Currently in LearnDash, creating a course takes a lot of time and navigating via the backend WP dashboard.

There are two popular plugins that can help instructors create & manage courses without having to go the backend WP settings.

1. Instructor Role for LearnDash by WisdmLabs


The LearnDash Instructor Role plugin helps you transform your LearnDash site into a multi-instructor learning platform. It provides instructors with a dedicated, secure dashboard and a frontend course creator to build high-quality engaging courses. Not only this but it also offers all features like revenue splitting, student teacher communication, and progress tracking, among other things. Hence, using Instructor Role plugin you can launch your course marketplace with no effort.

Using the Frontend Course Creator

Create a Course

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  • You can create a new course by clicking the Add new via Frontend Course Creator Button
  • This will make a draft course and take you to the frontend course creator to add all the content and configure the settings to create the course.
  • Frontend Course Creator is now Elementor Compatible, that allows administrators and instructors to access the Elementor editor directly from the frontend of your course creation platform. This feature provides a seamless and user-friendly way to create, edit, and manage course content while limiting backend access and still providing full Elementor support.

Edit a Course

LearnDash frontend course creation

To edit a course using the Frontend Course Creator you can click the Edit via Frontend Course Creator Link by hovering over the course title on the course listing page.

The Frontend Builder

The Frontend Builder allows

  • Organizing the course structure
  • Adding new lessons and topics or using existing lessons and topics to create a course
  • Adding existing quizzes to the course.
  • Note: Currently, new quizzes cannot be created directly from the frontend course creator. You will have to create a course using LearnDash’s backend Quiz builder and add those later in the course from here

Organizing the course structure

LearnDash frontend course creation

Adding and Editing Lessons/Topics

LearnDash frontend course creation

Editing existing lessons and topics

LearnDash frontend course creation

Course Settings

All the LearnDash course settings for configuring a course are available in the Frontend Course Creator. To know more about the setting refer here

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2. LearnDash Dashboard with Frontend Course Builder by Wbcomdesigns

Why Instructor Role is the best for LearnDash Frontend Course Creation 2

LearnDash Dashboard by WBComdesigns provides a personalized frontend dashboard for instructors, group leaders, and students. It allows them to track and manage everything related to their LearnDash profile. It also offers a frontend course builder for Instructors to create and manage lessons. Tracking course activity, sharing courses with multiple instructors, private messaging to communicate with students, sharing revenue with instructors, and all functionalities to maintain your eLearning platform come built-in with this plugin.

Both these plugins have all features you need to widen your course catalog, scale your online course business, and manage the multiple-instructors along with a large learner-base.

To decide which add-on is best suited for your business needs, you can read this in-depth comparison article on LearnDash Dashboard VS Instructor Role for LearnDash.

Summing up…

Creating online courses to expand your business and generate new sales can be overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and resources, you can easily produce high-quality course content that can help you attract more learners.

Add more instructors, offer more courses, and watch your course sales significantly improve.

It’s time to empower your instructors with a LearnDash Frontend Course Creation Dashboard.

Take one step at a time, take Instructor Role for LearnDash for a spin, and create a course using the demo.

Use the Instructor Role plugin and see how easy it is to create and manage your multi-instructor course marketplace!

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