LearnDash: The Most Versatile Learning Management System Available

    Nitansha Tanwar
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LearnDash: The Most Versatile Learning Management System Available 1

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In the e-Learning industry, most learning management systems offer the essential features and functions to create a competitive education website. LearnDash, Teachable, Moodle, Thinkific, and Blackboard are a few players that have made quite a name for themselves.

And for anyone wanted to start and grow an online learning business, you need to think long-term. You need a solution that is scalable.

Whether you want to start your course for free or monetize it later, create a single website or multiple sites, or have a handful of students or a large group. You need a platform that stays its ground in every situation.

In short, you need to look for an LMS that can help you achieve as little and as much as possible with ease.

And that’s where LearnDash comes in! 

So today, we’re going to discuss everything about LearnDash. Features, benefits, everything.

What is LearnDash and how does it work?


LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a Learning Management System. It’s quite popular in the e-learning space as it’s used by prestigious organizations, major universities, Fortune 500 companies, etc. 

LearnDash is known to power over 100K websites and continues to lead the e-learning space.

The reason this WordPress plugin is famous is that it offers tons of intuitive features and functionalities that are easy to use. So that anyone using it can do as much as they like while also having maximum control over their e-learning website. 

Some key features include:

  • Drag & Drop course builder
  • LearnDash focus mode
  • Advanced quizzing capabilities
  • Automated notifications and rewards for learners
  • Powerful sales and marketing options
  • Detailed reporting and management abilities
  • Integration with popular apps and plugins and a lot more…..

LearnDash works on WordPress. So, to create an LMS using LearnDash, you need a running WordPress website. 

After that, you can use the LearnDash course builder to create your courses, lessons, quizzes, and assignments, create an engaging learning environment, and instantly start selling your courses too with the help of built-in Paypal settings.

Note: Read this article to learn more about LearnDash features.

Is LearnDash free?

No, LearnDash is not free. It’s a premium WordPress LMS plugin that comes with different pricing plans for all kinds of WordPress users. If you want to use LearnDash you can choose from Basic, Plus, and Pro LearnDash plans depending on your requirements.

All these plans are billed annually. It does not offer free trials but comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee. You can check LearnDash Pricing here.

Note: The actual cost of using LearnDash will depend upon the plan that you select and your specific additional requirements.

Advantages of using LearnDash

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As mentioned earlier, LearnDash has a sea of features to create an LMS with minimum hassle. But, that’s not all. There are a lot of things you can do using this all-inclusive LMS plugin.

So, let’s look at some benefits of using it.

Very easy to set up

Setting up and using LearnDash is impressively easy. All you need is an up-and-running WordPress site and all there’s left to do is install the LMS plugin. If by any chance one gets stuck in between the process, documentation and support are available to access on the go.

Simplifies the course creation and delivery 

For any course creator, building course content is a task that requires a lot of effort and concentration. If the process is not streamlined, a lot of time goes into adding and arranging the content in progression. 

Fortunately, LearnDash comes with a drag & drop course builder using which you can create courses in a snap! Additionally, it offers dynamic content delivery through drip-feed lessons where you can make all course content available at once or on a schedule so that users can progress at their own pace.

Creates a fun learning environment

One of the important aspects of learning online is making it less boring for your learners. For this very reason, LearnDash allows you to integrate all types of media into the course content such as images, videos, and even live events. You can deliver blended learning by hosting live lectures via zoom.

Not only this but the course authors and instructors can also award badges and course points on course completion, assignment submission, quiz completion, etc. Additionally, there are discussion forums and automated emails to notify users of their progress.

Allows course and learner management 

In addition to easy course creation, LearnDash simplifies managing courses as well as learners. It offers a lot of control by allowing users to be placed into groups and subgroups with a group leader. 

The reporting add-on Propanel enables the owners as well as instructors to quickly get an overview of all the user activities as well as their performance.

Further Reading: How to use LearnDash ProPanel

Has a huge community of users

Another huge advantage of using LeanDash is that it has a huge community of users all across the world. The Facebook community has over 20k active members and contains all the information on not only the latest updates but also problems that some users might be facing.

So, if you ever have a doubt about literally anything related to LearnDash, all you have to do is post your query and get them resolved. 

Now that we’ve learned about the advantages of using LearnDash, let’s look at what makes it the most reliable LMS.

7 Reasons why LearnDash is the Most Versatile LMS Available

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1. Fit for all business sizes

Whether you’re a private educator who wants to start a course for free, an employee onboarding site, or a course marketplace, LearnDash can equip you with all the right tools you need to build your online learning business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a single site owner or someone who owns multiple websites across the web, LearnDash has a plan for everyone. You can use it to create a few or unlimited courses and make them live for either a bunch or unlimited users.

Each plan is priced and packaged according to the needs of different types of users but they all come power-packed with features. So, if you’re a solo tutor who wants to shift classes online you can go with the basic plan. 

But, if you have an organization with a large workforce to create an e-learning empire like a university, then you can use the Plus and Pro packages.  

Read one of our Case Studies: Building a K-12 school using LearnDash

2. Ease of customization

Okay, so this is the fun part. 

LearnDash literally owns the customization game!

First off, LearnDash offers a LIBRARY of add-ons, plugins, and extensions. Anyone who knows how to install LearnDash can easily install these for custom features and maximum efficiency.

And if that’s not enough, you can hire a development team to build a custom plugin or a feature for you. Since LearnDash is open source, your team will have access to the entire code and they can create nearly any functionality from scratch to help you get the most out of your site.

Note: This can not be achieved with other closed-source platforms! 

So whether you want to tailor the course content (like quizzes), or need a unique course delivery or purchase setup.

Most likely there is a plugin available for your unique needs, and if not then you can take advantage of the LearnDash customization services to develop a custom e-learning solution.

Here’s a Case Study on LearnDash Customization: Custom Quiz development for employee skill testing

3. Used by beginners and developers alike

LearnDash does a great job at catering to the needs of new and power users alike. It has a huge community of not only casual users but developers too.

If you’re a beginner and know how to handle WordPress then you can definitely manage LearnDash. It offers a very smart interface to navigate through the dashboard, updates for the latest features, and tons of documentation support in case anyone hits a roadblock. 

On the other hand, ease of use for casual users does not mean that developers can’t do much with this plugin to create a supreme LMS. It just means that whatever you are not able to do, a developer can take care of it. 

With LearnDash, they get access to thorough developer docs and can create nearly any robust functionality by tweaking the code!

4. Focuses on all user roles

Another thing that makes LearnDash a versatile choice for an LMS is the ability to cater to all kinds of user roles. This means whether you’re an LMS Admin, an instructor, or a learner, LearnDash offers an interrupted experience to each.

Its user-friendly and intuitive interface allows instructors to focus on course creation, management, and other aspects of their LMS as well. 

LearnDash has ‘FOCUS MODE’, which when enabled offers distraction-free learning to users. It aims at streamlining users’ learning experience. Therefore increasing retention and completion rates.

Additionally, the settings in LearnDash have been built keeping the users in mind. Using these settings, instructors can assign user roles as ‘Admins’ and ‘Group Leaders’ to manage groups in LearnDash. They can also configure these settings and decide how the site admins and other users will navigate through the platform thus offering control.

5. Compatible with all data types

Another highlight of using LearnDash is the freedom to use any type of media or module in the course content. It supports almost all media, modules, and data types including:

  • Images – jpeg, png, svg, etc.
  • Video – mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, etc.
  • Audio – mp3, m4a, ogg, wav
  • Documents – all Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel formats, pdf, and psd.

Other types of modules include – Adobe Captivate, H5P, Articulate Storyline, iSpring, and anything else that’s compliant with SCORM or xAPI standards. All these modules along with LearnDash can help you make interactive e-learning content.

Note: To include these media types and modules in your course content you may need to integrate third-party plugins.

This brings me to my next point!

6. Seamless integration with the latest technologies

To provide all modern e-learning features, LearnDash works happily with the latest themes, page builders, and third-party plugins

Depending on your requirements and your users’ expectation, LearnDash adapts to all modern themes like Astra, BuddyBoss, SkillJet, etc. to enhance the look and feel of your entire LMS. Here’s a list of top themes for LearnDash

Similarly, to design your course pages and templates, you might need page builders to do the job. LearnDash integrated smoothly with the most popular page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc.

Lastly, it integrates easily with the most popular applications and third-party add-ons to extend the functionality. So whether you want to start an email marketing campaign or add shopping cart software, you can do that easily with the help of some third-party plugins like MailChimp and WooCommerce.

Note: In most cases, you may need to download the integration for the respective plugin.

Also Read: 10 benefits of integrating Learndash with Woocommerce

7. Provides all kinds of E-commerce support

When it comes to selling courses, LearnDash may be the most versatile choice. No matter how you plan on selling the courses, there are a ton of ways to sell courses in LearnDash.

With LearnDash you can set up:

  • One time purchases 
  • Subscription 
  • Memberships
  • Shopping cart experience 
  • Course Bundles and more

With one-time purchases, you can entice your users to buy free samples of your courses. A subscription plan helps you increase revenue by setting up recurring payments for your courses.

By selling memberships you, you can create and allow access to multiple courses. So, when someone purchases a membership they get enrolled in all the courses associated with it. You can sell bundles so that customers get access to more than one course after purchase.

Courses can be bought using a shopping cart. As shopping carts easily integrate with all payment gateways for easy payments and a glitch-free customer experience.

Additionally, for large organizations, you can allow customers to purchase licenses in bulk and then grant access to their entire staff. 

Kickstart your eLearning business with LearnDash 

Well, that was a long one!

But We could still go on about why LearnDash is an all-rounder in the e-learning space. 

From minimum requirements to maximum functionality, beginners to developers, and single-site owners to big corporations, LearnDash is an effective tool for nearly everyone and can help scale your eLearning business to great lengths.

Want to launch your eLearning business but still not sure if LearnDash is for you? Start with a free consultation today and we’ll explain how you can’t go wrong with LearnDash.

I hope this article was helpful, and if you have any more questions. Feel free to comment below.

Oh, and if you like this post, do share.

Happy eLearning!

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