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5 Ways to Monetize your LearnDash Courses

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Creating courses on LearnDash is a breeze. But, selling those courses is the key to keep your eLearning business up and running.

And, while there are plenty of ways to make profits off of your courses, however, finding efficient ways to sell your courses can be confusing.

But, don’t you worry 🙂

In this post, I’ll tell you about 5 methods you can apply to monetize your LearnDash courses effectively.

So, let’s begin?

1. Sell Paid Courses, Lessons & Course Bundles

sell courses

This is the most popular way to sell and monetize your courses. Using this purchase model, you can simply provide full access to your courses for a specific price. The students will purchase it once and kickstart their learning journey. It’s pretty straightforward. Almost like selling a product.

Moreover,  you can even lure learners into purchasing your course by offering free samples of your content initially. If they like your course content, they can enroll themselves quickly and gain full access to it.

Besides this, if you’re offering multiple courses on your LearnDash platform, you can think of selling bundles. In doing so, your students can get access to more than one course after their purchase.

Selling in bundles will not just help you sell quickly but will also save your students the hassle of buying courses one-by-one.

2. Create a Course Marketplace like Udemy


Another trendy and thriving business model to monetize your courses is by kickstarting your own Udemy-like course marketplace.

Now, there are several teachers out there who don’t want to go through the complexities of creating and managing their own websites. They simply want to teach and make money. So, you can bank on this opportunity and provide these teachers a platform to teach and sell their courses.

Plus, starting something like this also gives you the flexibility to offer a wide variety of courses taught by teachers specializing in their respective areas of interest. All you have to do is charge a certain percentage of fees on every course sale. 

However, LearnDash by default doesn’t let you add multiple Teachers to create and teach their own courses.

But, LearnDash has the WISDM Instructor Role plugin that’ll allow you to add multiple Teachers, Instructors, or course authors. These Instructors can create their own courses and even manage students enrolled in their courses.

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Having said that, this is a great way to monetize your courses and earn big bucks!

3. Sell Course Memberships


Instead of having a one-time purchase model, you can also opt to provide access to multiple courses on a membership basis.

You can simply install a membership plugin to create and sell different membership levels providing access to different sets of courses.

For e.g: 

  • Silver Membership – Gives your students access to only beginner-level courses.
  • Gold Membership – Gives your students access to all beginner and intermediate-level courses.
  • Platinum Membership – Gives your students access to beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level courses.

The beauty of this pricing model is – You get to earn a recurring monthly/quarterly/yearly revenue (based on your plans) instead of a one-time payment model.

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Having said that, if you need this model to work, you’ve got to keep updating your courses and adding new ones in time.

4. Sell Course Certificates

course certificate

Interestingly, you can also use this slightly unconventional but successful strategy to monetize your LearnDash courses.

In this strategy, you can allow the students to enroll in your courses for Free. And, in doing so, you’ll be able to draw a large volume of students to enroll in your courses. 

However, once they complete the course, you can then charge them for their course completion certificate. Since these students are investing their time in learning the skills and knowledge, they’re going to need the certificate as proof for successful course completion.

Coursera has been using this monetization strategy successfully in their business model for a while now.

So, if this monetization method seems interesting, you can use the LearnDash Pay for Quiz/Certificate add-on to implement this strategy on your LearnDash LMS website.

5. Offer private tutoring sessions

private tutoring

Last but not least, Offering private tutoring lessons is a method of monetization that is pretty much in demand today.

Here’s how this strategy works – you can create content and offer it for free to your learners. However, when students are trying to learn on their own, a lot of them tend to disengage, hit a roadblock, or may lose the will to finish the course because the subject matter might be difficult.

In such cases, having a personal connection with the students or learners can motivate them to learn and complete the course. This connection could be through private tutoring lessons. 

Students recognize the value and the undivided attention they’ll get when they opt for private tutoring. Hence, they’re more than willing to pay for it.

Now, to make this happen, you can use the LearnDash Private Sessions plugin to facilitate private tutoring on your LearnDash platform.

In the End,

All of the mentioned methods provide great results if implemented successfully. We suggest you choose a monetization strategy that fits your plans the best. 

And, do let us know which monetization strategy do you prefer? Plus, if you have any more methods to add, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

With that being said, if you have any further questions or concerns, ask right away in the comments below. We’d be happy to answer them 🙂

Love Shah

Love Shah

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