LearnDash Pricing: Understanding the True Cost of Building Courses

    Nitansha Tanwar
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A person calculating the price of using learndashDo you want to use LearnDash to build online courses? Are you comparing different LearnDash pricing plans and are unsure of the actual cost of using it?

If you’re trying really hard to dig up the real price and just can’t anymore then this post is for you. 😉

Well for starters, LearnDash can help you create and launch courses online at an affordable price. But, the real cost of building courses with LearnDash can be higher than expected. So it’s good to be aware of other LearnDash alternatives as well.

Note: If you’re interested in other WordPress LMS plugins, take a look at LifterLMS or Memberpress

But, LearnDash is the most popular and trusted WordPress LMS plugin. In fact, it powers more than 100k websites on the internet according to LearnDash usage statistics.  (Yes, that many!!!)

That’s why in this article we are going to explain precisely how much it costs to build courses using LearnDash.

Overview of LearnDash Pricing and Features

LearnDash WordPress Plugin
LearnDash Pricing: Understanding the True Cost of Building Courses 1

LearnDash comes with three annual pricing plans starting from $199 and going upto $799. All plans are easy on the pocket and flexible for all kinds of users.

The pricing plans are listed below:

  • LearnDash price for 1 site – $199 per year
  • LearnDash price for 10 sites – $399 per year
  • LearnDash price for unlimited sites – $799 per year

Currently, the plans don’t include a free trial, but they have a 15-day money-back guarantee. You can choose from the 3 different plans and pay online using Credit Card or PayPal. Licenses for each plan get renewed automatically.

The LearnDash plans come with features that allow the users to:

  • Build and manage courses
  • Offer an engaging learning experience
  • Easily sell and market the courses
  • Integrate with the most popular apps
  • Use any theme and media

All of the above plans offer features and functionalities to easily build impressive courses and create an engaging eLearning space for the learners. You can go with any of the plans and set up LearnDash to start building your courses.

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Comparison of LearnDash Pricing Plans

  LearnDash Plan LearnDash Plan LearnDash Plan
Price $199 per year $399 per year $799 per year
Free Trial No No No
Site Licenses 1 15 unlimited
Money Back Guarantee 15 days 15 days 15 days
Unlimited Courses Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Users Yes Yes Yes
Course Content Protection Yes Yes Yes
Drip-Feed Lessons Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Quizzing Yes Yes Yes
Certificates & Badges Yes Yes Yes
Course Forums Yes Yes Yes
Email Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Free Integrations Yes Yes Yes
1-Year Support & Updates Yes Yes Yes
Demo Site Template 2 5 20
Purchase Link Buy LearnDash Buy LearnDash Buy LearnDash

Note: All three plans don’t include ProPanel. If you wish to buy ProPanel, check for ProPanel pricing here.

As you can see each plan is budget friendly and offers all the key features that you need to create basic LearnDash courses. But to build competent courses that your learners can benefit from, you may need more than just LearnDash.

Whether you are a single site owner, a small business owner with more than one e-learning website, or a large organization that wants to build an eLearning empire, you should know exactly what you need to create complete courses on LearnDash and the real cost involved.

So, let’s take a look at the requisites to build perfect courses online and the actual price that comes with it.

What do you need to build courses on LearnDash

Themes for design and flow

No. 1 on your priority list should be choosing the right theme for your WordPress LMS. A theme doesn’t only improve the look and feel of your courses but also gives you more control over the design and presentation of your entire course website.

There are several options to choose from. If you want a super fast, lightweight, and multipurpose theme then you can go with Astra starting at $49. If you feel like using a student-friendly theme for your courses, you can use BuddyBoss which starts at $228.

And, if you want a stylish, fast, and dynamic eLearning experience with ready-to-import demos, and sample courses then eLumine is a good option which starts at $100.

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Video integration for live courses 

Let’s face it! Online courses without live videos are just boring. If you want the learning experience to be engaging, you need to incorporate video lectures.

You can easily do that by using Zapier which allows you to connect with a video conferencing tool (like GoToWebinar). You can also use another third-party add-on like Zoom WordPress Plugin that integrates with ZOOM starting at $89 per year. 

If you want to use videos as lessons you might need to invest in tools like Wistia and Vimeo to make your courses interactive.

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Gameplay to create engaging courses

Gamification promotes the learner’s interest and motivates them to study with greater motivation. When you reward your students with awards and certificates they feel encouraged to complete the courses and take on new ones.

You can award them with custom badges and points for various activities with GamiPress or the BadgeOS Integration plugin provided by LearnDash and give your learners a sense of accomplishment. 

Multiple instructors for blended courses

If you’re a teacher or an LMS owner who wants to include multiple authors, and instructors on your site then you can do that easily by allowing multiple course authors to build and manage courses.

For multiple instructors and courses, you might need the Instructor Role for LearnDash. It will allow you to add multiple course instructors who can create and manage their courses without sharing your admin privileges.

Content cloning to quickly build courses

It’s one thing to create multiple courses on LearnDash but when you have a time crunch you need a smarter way to build courses so that you can focus on other important aspects of your LMS. One way is to duplicate the course structure and create clones.

Integrating LearnDash with a  Content Cloner will allow you to copy the entire course hierarchy i.e (course, lesson, topics) without any hassle. 

Want the LearnDash Essentials Kit to build courses? Explore our products!

What is the Real Cost of using LearnDash?

Here’s what the cost might look like if you have a basic LearnDash plan, an LMS theme, Zoom integration, gamification, multiple authors, and a content cloning extension.










Total Cost



LearnDash Plugin $199 Not available Annual $199
Theme – eLumine $100 $300 Annual $100
Video Integration – ZOOM $89 Not available Annual $89
Gamification –



$0 $0 Annual $0
Multiple Course Authors – Instructor Role  $80 $200 Annual $80
Cloning Extension – Content Cloner $0 $0 Annual $0

Note: The above table doesn’t include LearnDash hosting. You can go with BlueHost or WPEngine. The cost will change depending on your choice of host.  Don’t forget to read about the popular LearnDash hosting providers before you choose one.

Does all this feel too overwhelming? Let us help you build courses On LearnDash!

LearnDash Pricing: Final Word

To be honest – It depends on what exactly you need.

Look, at the end of the day it’s your LMS and even though we have done the research for you, you are the one who’s going to take the final call.

If you have decided to go with WordPress, then you can’t go wrong with WordPress + LearnDash. Together they offer some unbeatable features for building quality online courses and having a successful online education business.

So, we hope that this article reveals all the hidden costs and brings you one step closer to your decision. And if you decide to go with LearnDash and feel like the initial setup is just too much, you can always reach out to us.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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