LearnDash Custom Quiz Development for Employee Skill Testing

Skill assessment is an important part of employee testing as it gives the top level management an idea of how competent the employees are and where they need to improve. 

While many platforms follow a simple question-answer based format to test employee skill-sets, it does not give an accurate enough idea of how well-versed the employee is. Hence, one of our clients decided to go the extra mile and introduce advanced quizzing methods on their LearnDash system.

Client Requirements

Our client, Süntke Remmers, the MD and CEO at RES Education GmbH, is a trainer and helps companies identify their current employee competencies and to enable compliance with the strategic objectives of the management in this area.

Initially, the client contacted us with a quiz customization requirement for his LearnDash site. The idea was to create a sequential quiz-based assessment, where the next questions would be populated based on the previous scores. In addition, the employee was expected to give all correct answers by the end of the test.

Our Solution

We added quiz periods to let the users take the quizzes in a sequence depending on their quiz score. It was quite a complicated task as we had to keep track of incorrect answers and add it to the next day quiz pool. The user had to answer all the questions correctly until the last quiz period.

In addition to extensive customization done on Quizzes, we also helped him customize the theme. We created groups based on respective departments and customized the groups dashboard to display the quiz results. 

A custom agile module enabled the learners to select the topics they wanted to learn, rather than having a straightjacket curriculum for everyone.

Overcoming Challenges

Of course, this journey was not completely smooth. The most significant hurdle to overcome was making the client’s website compatible with a major LearnDash update. 

As we had done many customizations around the quiz functionality when LearnDash released a huge update for quizzes, updating the LMS was a major challenge without breaking the existing functionality. The team managed to do it by making some modifications to the existing code after the update and made sure all the functionalities worked as expected.

The Wisdm Factor

  • Going from being developers to becoming technical partners
  • Maintaining consistent output quality irrespective of the people handling the project
  • Developing innovative solutions that address not just the client’s present needs but also future ones

Client Testimonial

unnamed 1

Süntke Remmers

Managing Director , RES Education GmbH

It started in June 2018 with a small request if an adjustment can be made in a WordPress plugin. Since then, the small request has led to the development of a complete Learning Management System. During this time 3 different developers have worked on the requirements. We are very satisfied with all developers, even though we thought at the beginning that a change might be problematic.

Besides the developers, we were supported by a business consultant during this time, who moderated optimally between the developers and us. Overall we are very satisfied with the cooperation and can only recommend it highly. If you are looking for a professional WordPress development service, then take WisdmLabs and you will be very satisfied.