WISDM Reports for LearnDash now includes highly requested features!

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Introducing new functionality to enhance your LearnDash reporting experience, the direct result of your feedback!

WISDM Reports for LearnDash are continuously improving and we don’t plan on stopping. All of you have provided us with critical feedback on new features and improvements you wanted to see, so today we’re pleased to announce the updated WISDM Reports for LearnDash PRO with exciting new enhancements to power up your LearnDash reporting experience

Here are the details :

The new ‘Time Tracking Module’ to watch your learner’s every move

We understand that one of the most pressing challenges of teaching online is that you don’t have eyes on your learners. Sure, you can track metrics like avg. time spent in courses. But, what about the time they’re spending sitting idle, or when they open another tab, or close the tab where they were taking the course? There can be so many scenarios.

Fortunately, with this update, you can accurately monitor how much time your students actually spend in courses including the time they’re inactive. 

This new module adds a complete Time Tracking Solutionusing which you can accurately track the time users spend in your courses while also logging the time they’re idle.

In nutshell, the new Time Tracking Module helps you monitor:

  • Time Spent to complete the Course/Lesson/Topic by a learner
  • Avg. Time Taken to complete a course by all learners
  • Total Time Spent by a learner on a course
  • Total Time Spent by all Learners on a courses

How does it work?

After you update the WISDM Reports PRO plugin, you can enable the time tracking module from the settings panel and configure a bunch of settings:

Using the settings in the Time Tracking Module’ you can:

  • Configure the idle time for users.
  • Notify learners with a customized message that will pop up when users spend the same amount of idle time set by you.
  • Add a label to the active button which when clicked will resume the time being tracked on a course.
  • You can backtrack your activity history in the Idle Time Configuration log and check when you last enabled or disabled it.
  • This data is visible on your existing reporting dashboard in the Time Spent on a Course report and in the tabular report on the dashboard as well.
time tracking for LearnDash courses

Utilizing the new time tracking module and reports as a way to closely monitor the learner activity on your course brings real purpose for the student to carefully interact with your course.

LearnDash Reports

Think about it —You can use the data to identify any learners that are at risk of not completing the learning activities,  award certificates to learners who have spent a justified amount of time in the course, and solve customers’ queries regarding the time invested by their learners in the courses.

LearnDash Course Timer

Dynamic ‘Bulk Export’ to analyze all quiz results at once

Before this update, you needed to export quiz attempts by each learner to analyze their performance and make any critical changes to the quizzes. So we came up with a fast and better way to do it.

Now you can use the new Bulk Export feature and quickly export quiz responses for all learners based on the course, group, or quiz, and analyze their answers at once. 

Here’s a peek at how this feature works:

What does this mean?

Get this — you use “quizzes” as surveys. One question may be: “What did you like most about this workshop?” to which learners can respond with 3 answers (A, B, and C).  To check which was the most popular response, you can easily export the responses of all learners and see how many people answered A, B, or C. 

  • Export All Quiz Attempts report to analyze all quiz attempts as per the course, group, and quiz.
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  • Export the Quiz Attempt Learners Answers report to analyze quiz answers for all learners in the selected quizzes. 
LearnDash Reports
WISDM Reports for LearnDash now includes highly requested features! 1


You no longer have to download the results of each person. And hence buy back a huge chunk of time to focus on other more impactful activities.

Ready to Report like a PRO?

We’re all in to help you get the best experience while using our LearnDash plugins. If you’re using WISDM Reports PRO for LearnDash, then update the plugin and take it for a ride. 

If you’re using WISDM Reports FREE, now is the best time to upgrade to PRO and get access to all the exciting new features for an error-free and crystal-clear LearnDash reporting experience. 

If you’re new here, get your license today. I promise you’ll love what we’re building here. And in case you don’t, you can have all your money back within 15 days. So there’s really zero loss in trying.

These features are just the beginning, we’re continuously working to improve your LearnDash reporting experience. 

Any more suggestions? Drop a comment down below. We’re all ears.

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  1. What are the key features of WISDM reports for LearnDash?
    Key features of WISDM reports for LearnDash includes, Fully Customizable Graphical Reports, Dashboard for Everyone, Monitor Learner Performance and In-depth Analysis.
  2. What are Tabular Reports in WISDM reports for LearnDash?
    WISDM Reports offers tabular reports for a detailed analysis of your LearnDash courses. These reports provide you with a granular understanding of learner activity, enabling you to identify strengths and areas for improvement with ease.
  3. If I upgrade to WISDM Reports Pro, what are the benefits we get?
    You can gain deeper insights and quiz performance data, with advanced filters to drill down reports by Course Categories and individual Learners. Pro version includes additional features like:
    • Group-wise course progress reports for Admins
    • Individual Learner Progress and Performance
    • Detailed Quiz Attempt Reports with Learner Responses
    • Bulk Exports Quiz Attempts Reports
    • Student Quiz Reports Dashboard
    • Learner Activity Log and Inactive User List, etc.,


Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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