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    Lavanya Deshmukh
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Did you know – almost 95% of learners taking online classes are satisfied and willing to recommend eLearning to others.

Well, the pandemic has definitely accelerated the eLearning revolution making it the best time to jump on the bandwagon – To start your own online classes.

And, while LearnDash provides an easy platform for you to start your online school or classes, however, creating a school-like experience can still be overwhelming.

But, fret not.

In this article, we’ll be taking you through certain ‘must-have’ functionalities that’ll ensure you ace your online school venture. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of the theme and plugins that’ll help you run your online classes smoothly.

Let’s begin?

[su_note]If you haven’t set up LearnDash already then you should check out this LearnDash setup & installation guide. It’ll help you get started quickly.[/su_note]

eLumine – The quintessential theme to kick-start your e-learning classes

First things first – Your LearnDash website needs to look attractive, professional, neat, organized and should be able to make your learners feel warm.

However, when you’re short on time – design and presentation often take a back seat. 

But what if you don’t need to compromise? 

Yup. With our premium LearnDash theme, eLumine, you can create a sleek and professional-looking website in record time.

You can use eLumine to:

  • Organize and showcase your courses beautifully
  • Improve student attention spans with its clean and reader-friendly layouts
  • Make your website pages load in just 2 seconds.
  • Create a learner-centric environment by making optimum use of screen space and removing all distractions 
  • Increase student engagement with elegant mobile-friendly layouts
  • Simplify and smoothen website navigation for your learners

But, the best part – eLumine comes with Ready-to-Import starter sites that you can use to quickly speed up the launch of your online website and classes. 

Well, the starter sites are extremely convenient. The courses and the lessons are pre-built. Every page is already set up. All you have to do is replace the starter site content with your own. In doing so, you can have your eLearning website ready in a matter of minutes.

Yes. It is that simple 🙂

In addition, eLumine also features Neo layouts that have enhanced UI, better graphics, a butter-smooth experience, and full compatibility with LearnDash 3.0. 

Untitled design 14
Moreover, it is also compatible with popular page builders so you can change the look according to your preferences.

With that being said, eLumine will definitely have you all set with a strong base for your LearnDash LMS.

But as they say, the devil is in the details. It takes just a little more effort to create a full-fledged e-learning school and classes. And, that’s where our add-ons come into play.

The LearnDash Essentials Add-ons Pack (LEAP) – Add life to your e-school

LearnDash lets you set up lessons and courses which is a good start. But, creating a great learning experience is a whole different ball game. 

And, to do that you’ve got to extend the functionalities of your LearnDash LMS. 

So, we’ve curated the vital ‘must-haves’ and bundled them into a heavily discounted LearnDash Essential Addons pack! (LEAP)

The next section explores the plugins in this bundle and how they can help you elevate your LMS.

1. WISDM Instructor Role – Easily add multiple Instructors

A brick-and-mortar school has different teachers/ instructors teaching subjects they have expertise in. With Instructor Role, you can replicate the same format virtually. 

It lets you add multiple Instructors or teachers who can create, setup, and manage their own courses and lessons. This empowers your teachers and significantly reduces your workload.

learndash multiple instructor

In addition, the Instructor Role also:

  • Allows you to delegate course and student management tasks to Instructors
  • Lets you restrict Instructor access to the LMS settings
  • Provides Instructors with dedicated dashboards to create courses, review student assignments, etc.
  • Automatically calculates and tracks Instructor commissions as per the terms decided by you and the instructor
  • Empowers you to review and make changes to all the content
  • Enables you to assign Instructors as Group Leaders

Having said that, there’s also a fun feature that you can leverage to increase your course signups – The instructor Profile Page.

You can smartly use this page to display all the information related to your instructors such as their photo, bio, expertise, qualification, courses created, ratings, and so on.

With the WISDM Instructor Role plugin in your artillery, you’ll be able to add as many Instructors/Teachers for your online school.

2. WISDM Group Registration – Bulk enroll students into courses & increase course signups

It’s the group management tool of your dreams. 

This Group Registration plugin allows you and the group leader to bulk enroll students into a particular course.

And, in doing so, you can save a great amount of time and effort. Plus, a group is automatically created when the user purchases a course making that buyer the group leader by default. So, you don’t even have to put in efforts for that.

learndash group registration

Here’s a quick example to give you a clearer perspective.

Let’s say Sarah teaches 5th grade. And she wants to enroll them in a ‘science for the 5th graders’ course.

Now, she could collect everyone’s information, fill out details, and enroll each one individually and keep track of endless email addresses, invoices. Well, this would require loads of energy and time.

Or, Sarah can just use Group Registration instead to bulk enroll all the kids and save all the hassle. As a group leader, Sarah can also :

  • Add or remove learners.
  • And, track the progress of every kid easily right from the front-end. 

Hence, with the WISDM Group Registration plugin in your kitty, enrolling students in courses will look like a walk in the park.

3. WISDM Content Cloner – Duplicate course structure to get started ASAP

Anytime you wish to clone course content, this is the perfect tool to do it the smart way.

WISDM Content Cloner replicates the complete course hierarchy with course lessons, topics and, quizzes. All you have to do is replace the existing content with your content and you’re new course is ready.

By cloning courses the smart way, you’ll save tons of time and energy. Moreover, you can even rename the cloned course titles at once in bulk. It’s a smarter way to quickly create LearnDash courses.

LearnDash Website

4. WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension – Detailed quiz reports for actionable insights

A quiz is a traditional way to test your student’s knowledge and understanding of the lessons.

That doesn’t change when it comes to an e-learning environment. But with your students studying remotely, you have no way to monitor their learning process. 

So, their quiz results become a huge indicator of their progress.

Quiz Reporting Plugin banner 3

And, to help you do that, the WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension helps you generate detailed reports for the quizzes you conduct.

Using this plugin, you can:

  • Generate and export reports per student on a per-quiz basis or for all students on a per-quiz basis.
  • Get better insights into student performance with advanced reporting
  • Let Instructors and students access and analyze quiz statistics and response
  • Plan and take actionable steps to improve course structure or teaching method

With that being said, we highly recommend these plugins to run your online school and classes smoothly and smartly.

5. WISDM Ratings, Reviews & Feedback  – Build course credibility & boost course enrollments

Since you’re starting your online classes, it’s crucial to find ways to boost your course credibility. After all, the overall objective is to attract and convert potential learners.

And, this 3 in 1 powerful plugin is central to building trust. With this plugin, you will be able to:

  • Enable your learners to rate and review your courses
  • Display the ratings and reviews anywhere on your page to encourage potential learners to sign up
  • Speed up course enrollments and increase Instructor reputation
  • Receive genuine feedback from students and improve courses accordingly
  • Promote your highly-rated courses
learndash ratings and review

So, having the WISDM Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback extension in your online school will not just help you to build course credibility but also enable you to take appropriate actions to improve the quality based on student feedback.

Aim for a complete school-like experience – eLumine + LEAP

To thrive and stand out from the rest, you’ll have to focus and provide an experience that’s immersive for your Instructors and your learners.

This includes everything right from the look and feel of your website to the functionalities essential to run a full-fledged online school and classes.

And, to help you achieve that in the most affordable and pocket-friendly way, we’ve tied up our eLumine + LEAP in one neat little package available at an UNBELIEVABLE price!

It’s true. Let us show you:


Individual Price

eLumine + LEAP 

eLumine theme



WISDM Instructor Role



WISDM Group Registration



WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension



WISDM Ratings, Reviews & Feedback



WISDM Content Cloner





$148 (Saving: $272)

[su_note]Key facts: Ever since we launched the eLumine + LEAP bundle, more than 40% of our existing clientele chose to upgrade to this bundle. And, every month minimum of 15 eLumine + LEAP licenses are getting activated making this bundle our Bestseller product.[/su_note]

So..what are you waiting for? 

All our plugins are developed by LearnDash experts. And, they work seamlessly with each other.

Plus, we offer premium support with every purchase. We also resolve all the issues you face and also offer consultation calls to help you deploy your LMS quickly as well as optimally. 

Now, go ahead and get the pocket-friendly eLumine + LEAP bundle to kickstart your online school and classes ASAP!

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Lavanya Deshmukh

Lavanya Deshmukh

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