Instructor Role with Frontend LearnDash Course Creator: WisdmLabs’ Game-Changer For LearnDash

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Modern WordPress-based learning management systems like LearnDash have definitely helped redefine the role of a traditional teacher. No longer confined to just imparting knowledge, teachers are course creators, managers, and sometimes, even entrepreneurs.  Even though, with LearnDash, anyone with some technical knowledge can easily start an online course, creating course content is still a task. […]

WISDM Reports vs LearnDash Gradebook: Grading the Graders

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Looking for ways to measure learner progress and course effectiveness in your LearnDash LMS? You’ve landed at the right spot! Being in the eLearning industry, it’s vital to leverage the right plugins to elevate the eLearning experience. But navigating through the sea of plugins can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack, especially […]

4 LMS Reports for effective employee training in LearnDash

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“We basically want information that tells us, yeah. Connie did finish these things and we can, she did spend six hours. And if she completes this other stuff, then we can go ahead and give her this certificate.” — LearnDash user Does that sound familiar? Are you also struggling to evaluate the training progress of your […]

5 Amazing Reports in WISDM Reports for LearnDash

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Do you ever wish that the reports on your LearnDash LMS were more…insightful? Reports that evaluate more than basic course/quiz performance. And neatly summarizes everything that’s happening on your LMS? What if you could select a few filters from the drop-down and roll out customized reports for your e-learning pals just like that?  Sounds fun?🙂 […]

6 Must-have Reports for Group Leaders and Admins in LearnDash

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  Do you need help in reporting on a group of learners in LearnDash? Do you want to simplify reporting and analysis? If that sounds like you, then these reports in LearnDash can help you a lot. Because let’s be honest, even though LearnDash provides standard course and quiz reports by default, sometimes, you need […]