4 LMS Reports for effective employee training in LearnDash

    Nitansha Tanwar
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4 LMS Reports for effective employee training in LearnDash 1

We basically want information that tells us, yeah. Connie did finish these things and we can, she did spend six hours. And if she completes this other stuff, then we can go ahead and give her this certificate.”

— LearnDash user

Does that sound familiar? Are you also struggling to evaluate the training progress of your employees in LearnDash? Do you wish you could evaluate your learners without wasting time in data collection?

As an online trainer, it’s natural to focus all your energy on crafting the perfect training course.  

But when it comes to LMS reporting and measuring training outcomes, making sense of vague training parameters can get overwhelming.        

To assess the real training progress’ you need to track their engagement, participation, and progress in your courses. Apart from that, you will also need to address any training challenges and assist your employees if they need help.

In that case, LMS reports that measure all learning data like: 

  • course progress & engagement 
  • learner activity & performance
  • quiz statistics, among other things, can save you loads of time.

But merely looking at this LMS data is not enough. You need insights to analyze the learning outcome of your training program and make informed decisions.

So if your current LearnDash LMS reporting tool does not have LMS reporting features to act upon the reporting data, here are 4 built-in LMS reports in WISDM Reports for LearnDash that offer actionable training reporting insights.

4 Crucial LMS Reports in WISDM Reports for LearnDash for

#1 Course Specific Reports – to understand the overall training progress

Are your employees making any substantial progress with their training? How long does it take them to complete a course? What courses are they struggling with?

The percentage graphs provided by course-specific reports give you a bird’s eye view of how your employees are performing wrt. your training.

Insights offered by these LMS reports:

These LMS dashboard reports help you track the general participation in your courses. You can use them to monitor learning activity and trends by checking the completion rates of your courses and the time taken to complete the courses.

Not only this but you can also analyze how well the employees comprehend the training material by looking at avg. quiz scores, the total time taken to complete the quiz, avg. attempts on all quizzes of the course, and the learner pass rate.

How this LMS report looks:

course-specific-reports-in-wisdm reports-for-LearnDash

Easily understand the training progress with course-specific reports

How these insights help you:

  • You can monitor trends in terms of courses and quizzes – high/low completion rates, time taken to complete a course, and learner pass/fail rate to set passing criteria.
  • You can also resolve customer queries regarding their learners’ progress and performance on the courses and activity on the platform

Protip: Watch this short video to identify top-performing courses in LearnDash using a single report in the WISDM Reports plugin.

#2. Lesson/Topic Progress Reports – to check how employees are advancing 

Are your learners going through all the training material? Course reports drilled down to the level of lessons, topics, and quizzes help you analyze in detail how your employees are advancing through the courses.

Insights offered by these LMS reports:

If your employees are going through the entire training material but are failing certain quizzes, then something may be wrong with a particular section of your course. 

With Lesson/Topic Progress Reports you can pinpoint drop-off points by checking the average learner pass/fail rates and the average quiz attempts for a specific lesson/topic.

Moreover, you can also track the quiz activity on your LMS with the help of quiz completion rates and quiz completion time.

How this LMS Report looks:

course-specific-reports-in-wisdm reports-for-LearnDash

Monitor how learners are progressing through your courses by drilling down into each lesson/topic

How do these insights help you:

  • You can track training progress to ensure your employees have gone through the course in case you have to grant certificates
  • You can identify drop-off points in your courses and address learning challenges

Pro Tip: You can even share these reports with important stakeholders like group leaders or managers so that they can further study the performance of their employees in depth.

#3. Learner-Specific Reports – to evaluate individual progress & performance 

While training online, it’s crucial to pay attention to each employee. That’s why Learner-specific reports are important. They help you monitor individual employee engagement and figure out whether your employees are at risk of not completing a course on time (in case of a deadline).

Insights offered by these LMS reports:

In WISDM Report for LearnDash, Learner-specific reports provide you with a percentage graph of the course completion rate and total time spent on the courses. You can further drill down into their performance by checking the time taken to complete the quizzes and avg. quiz attempts for individual learners.

These graphical reports let you review the performance of each employee. While also allowing you to monitor their learning journey in real time. 

How this LMS report looks like:


Generate LMS reports for specific learners in LearnDash

How do these insights help you:

  • These insights help you figure out how employees are interacting with your training program and provide help in case needed

Note: Now you can also track the ‘actual‘ time employees spend in courses. WISDM Reports for LearnDash includes a time tracking feature that helps you track the learner’s actual time spent learning, and not just time spent idle. Read this article to learn more about it.

#4. Detailed Quiz Attempt and Summary LMS Reports – to analyze quiz performance in depth

Deep diving into the learner’s quiz performance is critical to learner assessment. 

That’s why the ‘Quiz Attempt and Summary Reports’ in WISDM Reports for LearnDash are dedicated to understanding the response to quizzes and hence the outcome of employee training.

Insights offered by these LMS reports:

These LMS reports clearly summarize LearnDash quiz statistics like Course-wise Quiz attempts, Group-wise Quiz attempts, Quiz-wise Quiz attempts, and Learner-wise Quiz Attempts. Using the quiz statistics offered by these reports you can effortlessly check all the correct and incorrect answers and the time taken to complete the quiz for each cohort, learner, course, and quiz.

But that’s not all. You can also view the number of attempts, the date of attempt, and the learner’s score versus the class average.

How this LMS report looks like:

quiz-attempt-analysis-reports-in-wisdm-reports for-learndash

Extract quiz statistics to understand responses in depth.

How do these insights help you:

  • You can identify which quizzes are easy or hard to make changes to the training material accordingly
  • You can analyze course/quiz performance along with other related information (like groups) to get better insights into different types of employees

Note: All LMS Reports are available for LearnDash admins, instructors, and group leaders (Teachers/ Managers) through a customizable dashboard. See it here.

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Final Word: Easily evaluate training progress with actionable training insights using LMS reports

With more and more employees taking their training online, it can be overwhelming to manage a corporate training site. And on top of it, collecting, and analyzing heaps of reporting data can lead to reporting burnout.

But with WISDM Reports for LearnDash, addressing all reporting challenges becomes a breeze.

Not only does it visualize all reporting data but also helps in taking e-learning decisions quickly.

So stop spending hours crunching numbers in a spreadsheet and get ready-to-share, actionable insights at your fingertips, 

Try WISDM Reports for LearnDash

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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