Introducing Frontend Dashboard in Instructor Role for LearnDash: It’s Finally Here!

Are you spending most of your time teaching instructors the technicalities of WordPress?

Do you still need to provide training guides to create a LearnDash course?

Are you worried that adding multiple instructors might mess up your website’s security?

Simplifying course creation is something that everyone desires. But more often than not, they fail to achieve. 

That’s because creating a course in LearnDash involves navigating via the backend which can be daunting if your instructors are not tech-savvy.

Leaving your instructors confused and with less time to work on the important stuff.

That’s why we’ve introduced a Frontend Dashboard in our Instructor Role plugin. It makes course creation & management not only easy but also fast.

So today, we’ll learn in-depth about the newly built Frontend Dashboard and how Instructors and Admins can benefit from it.

Introducing the LearnDash Frontend Dashboard in Instructor Role

Frontend Dashboard in Instructor Role for learndash

Built as an alternative to the current instructor dashboard at the backend, the new Frontend Dashboard takes all your worries away.

Using the Frontend Dashboard, Instructors and Admins can access LearnDash and other functionalities in the instructor Role plugin from the frontend. 

Simply put, you no longer need to provide instructors any sort of backend access.

But what’s more and truly unique is that the frontend dashboard is a Gutenberg Block-based dashboard. It comes with a builder block making it fully customizable and extendible.

Here’s a peek at Frontend Dashboard Tabs:-

  • Overview: Get a comprehensive view of your Courses and Learners, along with their submissions, all at a glance.
  • Courses: Explore a user-friendly listing of courses and utilize our Frontend Course Creator to effortlessly create or edit courses.
  • Quizzes: A quizzes listing through which you can create or edit new quizzes using our Frontend Course Creator

Settings: Instructors can take charge of their profile information and Paypal details for efficient payouts in this dedicated tab.