Provide Students With Extra Attempts for LearnDash Quiz Questions

    Shreya Reddy
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extra-attempts-learndashIf you are a LearnDash user with an endeavor to constantly improve your LearnDash system then you happen to be in just the exact place. We at WisdmLabs work on a number of LearnDash Customization projects and constantly share any interesting work that we come across with our readers.

So here’s one more functionality from our ever-increasing bag of goodies for LearnDash.

Recently, I chanced upon a compelling customization requirement for LearnDash quiz customization. The client needed an option to provide students with extra attempts at answering quiz questions. Additionally, he required that when the student chooses an answer, the correct solution to the question is displayed to him.

Let’s take a look at how the extra attempts functionality for your quiz questions would be beneficial for your LearnDash system and how the feature would work when incorporated into your LearnDash system.

Why Should You Provide the Extra Attempts Functionality?

The extra attempts functionality is student-oriented and definitely adds value to the user’s experience. This it does by not only checking the answer for a user but also providing an explanation for its correctness. It also allows the user to re-answer a question. So, now the user not only has an explanation for the right but for all the wrong answers too thus providing a user with an in-depth knowledge of the subject on which the quiz is based.

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How Will the Extra Attempts Functionality Work?

In order to understand how the extra attempts functionality for LearnDash will work it would be important to understand how the feature would be incorporated into the system and also understand the role of the web admin and student in using the system. Here’s a lowdown on that.

Here’s how the Extra Attempts Functionality will be Developed

  • In order to bring this functionality into play, the core LearnDash plugin will have to be customized.
  • If you are an existing LearnDash user you might know that there is a question mode known as ‘check -> continue’. This question mode allows users to check the answer to a question before continuing with the quiz. The customization involves adding a new question mode that would involve replicating the check part of this question mode.
  • After the check, however, the student is notified about the correctness of the answer along with an explanation of the answer that has been chosen, followed by an option to either re-answer or continue.
  • Also, the admin should be provided with custom fields in the questions tab that allows him to add an answer and an explanation for that answer along with it.

Here’s how the admin will use the Extra Attempts Functionality

The admin will have to make the following two changes to the admin dashboard to allow the end-users to start using the extra attempts functionality in LearnDash

  • First, the admin will have to select the appropriate question mode which provides a check-re answer-continue option
  • For a particular question in a quiz, the admin will have to set the answers and add an explanation for the answer


Here’s how the student will use the Extra Attempts Functionality

  • Now, when a student chooses an answer for a quiz question he is first notified whether the answer is correct or wrong. The student is also provided with an explanation clarifying the reasoning for the answer.
  • The student can now re-answer the question if he wishes to or he can carry on with the next question in the quiz. If the user chooses to re-answer the same the above process would be followed again.


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Wrapping Up

So, that was about the extra attempts functionality for LearnDash. How does the functionality sound to you? Do you think it would be useful to your LearnDash system? Please let us know your views on the functionality using the comments section for the benefit of all our readers.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to this space… I’ll be here soon with something new on LearnDash 🙂



Shreya Reddy

Shreya Reddy

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  1. hello
    Can you have any functionality that after the first attempt the user can reattempt again and in next attempt there show just a incorrect answered question and so on for three attempt

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