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    Nitansha Tanwar
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Here’s a scenario. Pennywell University has a course “Introduction to Linear Algebra”. Last semester two quizzes were conducted. 20% of the students flunked the first quiz, while 80% flunked the second. On further evaluation, it was observed that the students who had flunked the first quiz flunked the second as well. Out of 10 questions asked in the second quiz, 100% of the students answered exactly the same 4 questions incorrectly.

Based on your e-teaching experience, what would you make of the teaching process at Pennywell, for the Linear Algebra course?

Think about it.

The information you have is the performance of the students for the two quizzes. But by merely evaluating the quiz results, you gain a lot of perspective on the course being taught. For instance:

  1. Student Evaluation: You’ll know that 20% of the students, who failed both the tests, need further assistance or additional direction.
  2. Quiz Evaluation: The 4 questions answered incorrectly by 100% of the students, have to be re-evaluated or tested on a different batch of students. This can help identify the complexity of the question, and improve the testing process.
  3. Course Evaluation: The evaluation of student responses for the second test could help improve the course material. Student responses can help identify gaps in the course content or teaching process.

The Importance of Quiz Reporting in LearnDash

Over the years, we’ve worked on numerous custom LearnDash quizzing modules, and all of them have one thing in common. These quizzes or tests can provide ample feedback about each student’s performance.

This evaluation is objective. Student scores determine their performance, and hence also their understanding of the course.

But as mentioned above, quiz reporting in LearnDash provides insight into the training and evaluation process as well.


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Apart from the student scores, you’ll need to make a note of additional factors, to evaluate the impact of the training process on your students. For example, you’ll need to note:

  1. The number of students who attempted the quiz
  2. The average score as well as the individual score of students
  3. The time taken by each student to complete the quiz
  4. The percentage of students who answered each question accurately

Now, you’re not expected to manually infer this information. Your LMS should take care of this. Generally, these factors can be obtained by generating reports of the quizzes conducted. And contemporary Learning Management Systems provide an option to generate reports for quizzes. Using such reports, you can evaluate:

  1. The difficulty level of the quiz
  2. The difficulty level of the course
  3. The modules which need improvement

You gain an insight into trends, which can help you improve the course curriculum on your LearnDash LMS.

Quiz Reporting in LearnDash

The LearnDash plugin, along with the Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash, provides you with options to generate reports for the quizzes you conduct.

With the Reports for LearnDash, administrators can download and export all categories of student data. They can check the number of quizzes attempted and completed, their score along with the time spent on each quiz, and also the date of attempt.

Exporting Quiz Reports for all Students

LearnDash by default provides an option to export the quizzes attempted by all students. This option can be found under Reports > Export Quiz Data. The details exported are:

  1. Student details: student ID, name, and e-mail
  2. Quiz details: quiz ID and title
  3. Results: the rank, score, and total score of the student
  4. Date: the date on which the quiz was attempted

The details exported contain data for all quizzes and all students. To generate specialized reports on a per quiz basis or a per student, per quiz basis, you’ll have to use Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Deep diving into quiz analytics can, in fact,  generate a lot of value.

A cumbersome part of e-learning is that you don’t have eyes on your students and how well they understand the material. Reports and analytics can help you get a clear picture and evaluate improvements that can be made.

LearnDash quiz reports are a good place to start. But you can extend it to include all aspects of your LMS with a custom reporting feature. And generate comprehensive reports and statistics.

Exporting Per Quiz Report for a Student

Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash provides a ‘customized reports view’ on a per student per quiz basis. You can even view reports for a group of learners. The details exported are:

  1. Question details: The quiz question with possible answers, the correct answer, and the quiz type
  2. Student’s answer: The response provided by the student
  3. Score: The points scored by the user
  4. Time: The time taken to answer each question
  5. Date: Date of attempt
  6. Percentage: The class average and the percentage score of the learner

The details can help evaluate the difficulty level of the course on a per-student basis.

Exporting Reports for a Quiz

Reports for LearnDash also provide an option to export quiz response data at the quiz level as a CSV or XLS file. The details exported are grouped by each student. This can help evaluate the difficulty level of the quiz on a per question or quiz module basis.

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Parting Words

As you can infer, the quiz reporting and export functionality provided by LearnDash and also Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash can help generate reports for quizzes attempted by students.

Based on the reports obtained, you as the LearnDash LMS owner can upgrade the course content, and quiz questions to improve your students’ learning experience. Wouldn’t you agree?


1. Why do I need quiz reporting? 

Quiz reports help you understand the impact of your training and how much students retain from it. 

2. What’s good in Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash?

Apart from the plethora of awesome reporting and analytics capabilities, Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash can help you generate specialized reports on a per quiz basis or a per student, per quiz basis. 

3. How can I generate reports for all elements of my LearnDash LMS? 

Use Reports for LearnDash for advanced or unique LearnDash reporting functionalities. You can also get a custom reporting feature developed.


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