How to get quiz statistics in LearnDash?

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Being a student is easy. Learning requires actual work.

— William Crawford

If you’re someone who teaches online, then you’d probably understand how important it is to evaluate what your learners have learned. To help with that, you can hold online exams, ask students to submit assignments, or quiz them.

In LearnDash, you can easily add assignments and quizzes to your courses to test their knowledge.

But to check how your learners have performed, you need to look at their scores i.e quiz results and statistics.

Quiz statistics – learner scores, time spent on quizzes, and average pass percentage, among other things can help you determine their performance, track their activity, and also where they stand as compared to others. 

But how do you get quiz statistics in LearnDash?

Exporting quiz statistics in LearnDash

In LearnDash, you can view quiz statistics from within the WordPress admin area. Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the quiz you’d like to view statistics for
  2. Click the Actions dropdown menu in the top corner
  3. Select Statistics
How to get quiz statistics in LearnDash? 2


Note that these stats are for all quizzes and all students.

The quiz statistics will include details like Student details — student ID, name, and e-mail, Quiz details — quiz ID and title, Results — the rank, score, and total score of the student, and Date — the date of attempt.

But to understand the quiz performance in-depth, you’ll need to look at additional metrics. For example:

  • The class average along with the individual score of students
  • The time taken by each student to complete the quiz
  • And the points earned, among other things.

Using these quiz metrics you can evaluate which quizzes are tough or easy for your learners which can mean that the learner needs extra help in that particular lesson, topic, or course.

Hence, you gain insight into quizzes, which can help you detect where your learners lose momentum, measure the training outcome, and also improve the course curriculum.

Now, you’re not required to infer this information manually. To generate rich and insightful quiz reports in LearnDash you’ll need to use the Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Use Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash to explore quiz results

Unlike any other quiz reporting solution, Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash offers a comprehensive dashboard, visual insights, and advanced filtering options to generate quiz reports in LearnDash.

Using the detailed quiz reports, you can deep dive into all categories of quiz data. To evaluate the quiz performance, you can check quiz answers, the learner pass/fail rate, and quiz completion time, among other quiz statistics.

BONUS: With Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash, Admins, Instructors, and Group Leaders get access to a dedicated dashboard with graphical reports on quiz performance.


See it here

Now, let’s learn how you can get quiz statistics in LearnDash using Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Dive into quiz attempts and summary reports to view quiz data in LearnDash 

The ‘Quiz Attempt and Summary Report’ in Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash allows you to view — quiz attempts, correct/incorrect answers, learner names, quiz scores, time taken to complete the quiz, date of attempt, learner’s score, and class average, among other things.

What’s more, is that the quiz attempt and summary reports allow you to drill down by providing:

  • Course-wise Quiz attempt Reports
  • Group-wise Quiz Attempts Reports 
  • Quiz-wise Quiz Attempts Reports 
  • Learner-wise Quiz Attempts Reports
screenshot 4B

Using such detailed quiz reports Admins, Instructors, and Group Leaders can easily get insights into the learner’s quiz performance and the impact of the training content.

Generate custom quiz reports in LearnDash to get more quiz statistics

If the quiz summary reports in Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash, are not enough to evaluate quiz results, you can add custom fields to include relevant quiz statistics and analyze LearnDash quiz answers in depth.

You can customize quiz reports by adding fields like:

  • Quiz Category,
  • Quiz Status,
  • Group, 
  • Points earned,
  • Question type, among other things.

Therefore, you have the flexibility to drill down into each quiz, course, and learner and see a comprehensive list of quiz results across everything.

Pro Tip: Using Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash, users can export the quiz reports as CSV and share them with stakeholders to further explore quiz results.

course-report-in-wisdm-reports-for -learndash
How to get quiz statistics in LearnDash? 3

Final Word

LearnDash quiz reports are a good place to get to all quiz statistics. By default, the Administrator and Group Leader user roles can export two reports (in CSV format) from LearnDash. The ‘Standard reports’ and ‘Quiz statistics’. 

But basic level quiz learner reports on quiz progress and completion are often not enough.

To evaluate learners, provide them with help in case they need it, and improve their learning experience, you need to dig into individual quiz attempts and responses.

And with Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash, you can generate and export custom quiz reports and get relevant quiz statistics and insights, that too with an easy-to-use and customizable quiz reporting dashboard.

So Try Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash, and improve quiz reporting on your LearnDash LMS. 

I hope this article was helpful. Also, what plugin are you using to get quiz statistics in LearnDash? 

Let us know below.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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