LearnDash vs. LifterLMS: Which LMS Platform is Right for You?

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Are you confused between LearnDash vs Lifter LMS? Do you want to know which one is better for you?

Just like choosing a hosting company, selecting a WordPress LMS plugin is a decision you don’t make often. And even though switching between LMSplatfroms is doable, it’s definitely a hassle if your eLearning business is up and running.

So to help you decide, we’ve done a thorough comparison of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins, and rightfully so – LearnDash vs Lifter LMS.

For a more holistic view, we’ve compared LearnDash vs LifterLMS based on 7 different criteria. So without wasting any time, let’s jump in.

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#1. LearnDash vs. LifterLMS – Features

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Features are the most important thing in tech, so first of all let’s talk about the features of both these LMS plugins. If we do a side-by-side comparison of the features included in both LearnDash and LifterLMS, we find that both offer almost the same set of features with a few minor differences. 

Here’s a quick look:

Multimedia support (including support for video lessons)AvailableAvailable
Drip feeding of contentAvailableAvailable
Drag and drop Course builderAvailableAvailable
Gamification features (i.e. quizzes, certificates, assignments, awards, badges)AvailableAvailable
Support for one-time as well as recurring paymentsAvailableAvailable
Course Groups and BundlesAvailableAvailable
Focus modeAvailableNot available
Free versionNot availableAvailable
Reports and AnalyticsAvailableAvailable

The way these features work is a little different on both platforms. 

For instance, the type of quizzes you can create on both these platforms is different, the course builder is also a little different, only a paid version is available for LearnDash while LifterLMS offers both free as well as paid options, and so on. 

But overall we can say that both LearnDash and LifterLMS come with almost identical sets of features and provide you with the necessary functionality to get started.

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#2. LearnDash vs. LifterLMS – Course Builder


The Course Builders included in both these plugins are drag-and-drop course builders, and they offer similar ease of use. 

The LearnDash Course Builder helps you create multi-layered courses, and it also allows you to easily reuse your content by cloning it (the only LMS in the market to do so). It also allows you to rename every section of the course to make it look more fun and vibrant, for eg, Renaming ‘LESSONS’ to ‘VIDEO ILLUSTRATIONS.’ 

The LifterLMS Course Builder is also easy to use and makes your work fun. Though it’s different in appearance and experience from LearnDash (which is obvious), it includes all those necessary course-building features that you may need to create a great course: sections, topics, lessons, quizzes, assignments, everything. Lessons and Quizzes are both detachable elements in the LifterLMS Course Builder.

While comparing LearnDash vs. LifterLMS for Course Builders, you’ll learn that they are more or less the same: user-friendly and intuitive!

#3.  LearnDash vs. LifterLMS – Extensions and Themes


When it comes to extensions and themes supported by these plugins, LearnDash seems to have a serious upper hand. 

The extensions and themes supported by the LearnDash LMS plugin are endless, and they can make doing everything related to your e-Learning site much easier. Some popular extensions include WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash, the Uncanny Owl Toolkit, the LearnDash Essential Add-Ons Pack, etc. It also supports a large number of themes that can help you create your site easily (i.e. Astra theme and eLumine). You can also check out a few LearnDash themes that can help you get started. 

The LifterLMS plugin too supports various extensions such as WooCommerce, MailChimp, bbPress, Affiliate WP, BuddyPress, etc. 

However, the library of supported extensions and themes for LifterLMS is much smaller in comparison to LearnDash. The same goes for compatible themes too – while it will work with most well-coded themes, the number of officially supported themes is less than LearnDash.

So, the applicability of these two plugins for your site totally depends on your requirements. If you need minimal add-ons, LifterLMS will work for you, but if you need sophisticated features that require multiple add-ons, then LearnDash is your best bet.

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#4. LearnDash vs. LifterLMS – User Interface and Ease of Use

Instructor role plugin Vector graphic ELUMINE COLOUR

The LearnDash plugin is a premium one, so obviously it is easy and fun to use. When you start building your course, it provides you with a dedicated dashboard that lets you create course materials, lessons, topics, quizzes, groups, etc. It also helps you create certificates, assignments, badges, and rewards, etc. 

Heck, it even allows you to export your course and quiz reports to any other platform you like! If you purchase the Plus or Pro plans, it also gives you a ProPanel that can magically transform your admin experience.

At the front-end, LearnDash has a seamless user experience for your students, with beautiful layouts and tons of features that engage students and enhance learning.

The LifterLMS plugin is also convenient and easy to use, and quite user-friendly. It also provides options to test the reports regarding your enrollment, membership, quizzes, etc., something that you don’t get with LearnDash. The LifterLMS plugin is not very sleek in terms of the front-end experience. It is minimalistic with the basic interface you need for your eLearning site.

Overall both plugins are easy to use, but the ProPanel included in high-end variants of LearnDash takes ease of use to an altogether different level.

#5. Payment Options

The LearnDash plugin comes with a default payment option in the form of PayPal. You can include your currency, email addresses, country, and every necessary detail in the provided areas to start accepting PayPal payments on your store. This default payment gateway makes it effortless to start receiving payments on your site from day one.

LifterLMS, on the other hand, doesn’t include a default payment gateway. You need to select a payment gateway supported by it from the add-on directory and then add it as an add-on. 

Needless to say that it will increase your expenses. If you want to get started without that, you can also accept payments manually(online or offline). That makes LearnDash a more convenient choice in terms of payment options.


#6. LearnDash vs. LifterLMS – Documentation

There’s no doubt about the solid documentation of LearnDash – it has got unarguably the most detailed documentation of any LMS in the world. From tutorials to explanatory videos, everything is available to help you understand anything that you want to understand about it. 

Moreover, the popularity of LearnDash has also led to the creation of several forums and blogs that explain everything related to this plugin. 

LifterLMS also has adequate documentation for their plugin in the format of “Knowledge Base”, but it mostly consists of text content. Additionally, forums and blogs are abundantly available where you can find help from fellow plugin users!

#7. Pricing

Finally, let’s talk about pricing for LearnDash vs. LifterLMS.

dynamic pricing
LearnDash vs. LifterLMS: Which LMS Platform is Right for You? 2

As we have seen above, LearnDash is a Premium-only plugin that can be used only after you’re purchased it and paid its license fee which starts from $199 per year for a single site.

Unlike LearnDash, LifterLMS follows a more plug-and-play approach. While their core plugin is available for free, all individual add-ons are priced at $99 each. So, you only pay for the plugins you need, which is an upside. However, the cost could add up, so keep an eye on that.

When it comes to pricing, the better choice is very subjective. We’d advise taking a good look at the features offered by various pricing plans and deciding what works best for your LMS needs!

Wrapping up,

Both LearnDash, as well as LifterLMS, are built to create a modern e-Learning site.

While LearnDash boasts comprehensiveness and an Add-ons library with the flexibility to customize it as per your specific needs and business goals, it is a premium-only plugin.

On the other hand, while Lifter LMS offers a free core plugin, It has its own e-commerce, membership, and engagement tools built right in. Leaving lesser room for customization.

At the end of the day, your final choice will depend on what aspects you prioritize for your LMS!

So, are you going with LifterLMS or LearnDash? What’s your ideal plugin and why? Do let us know,

And regardless of what you decide, do check out this list of best online course themes for your WordPress LMS.

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And if you found this helpful, do share!

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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