eLumine + L.E.A.P: The Full-fledged solution for your LearnDash LMS!

    Harsh Shah
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Mark wants to launch an e-learning website. He wants to equip his website with all the necessary plugins and leave no room for error. He chooses LearnDash as his choice of LMS because of its user-friendly features. But Mark does not want to build a basic website- he wants the best for his students, instructors, and himself.

A vision to educate

Mark has a list of specific requirements.

  • He wants an elegant theme that’s also engaging.
  • He wants his website to be friendly so that students enjoy spending time on it.
  • He wants to make it easy for multiple students to sign-up at once.
  • He wants to make it easy for fellow instructors to host courses on his site.
  • He also wants a rating and feedback system for his website so that he could improvise the courses.

He wants… well, he wants a lot! Because he wants to create the most awesome LearnDash website ever.

Don’t we all?

We’re all a bit like Mark. But creating our dream LearnDash website would mean spending hours and hours scouting for different plugins and themes wondering if these plugins work well together, wondering about the support and yada yada yada.

It’s time things got a whole lot simpler!

Bare necessities of a website or a power-packed ensemble?

All the requirements of Mark can be summed up in 3 major functionalities:

  • Course Layout
  • Course Creation & Management
  • Course Feedback

Now, it’s currently impossible for a single plugin to provide all of these functionalities.

For this purpose, you’ll need a set of plugins, each with its own unique set of features!

Enter the eLumine + LearnDash Essentials Add-on Pack (L.E.A.P) – your one-stop pack for a wholesome LearnDash website.

In this bundle, we’ve handpicked our best plugins and bundled them so that educators like you and Mark can get the best value out of their websites. This eLumine + LEAP bundle goes beyond catering to the solution of simplifying the search for plugins. It offers an interface where it is easy to understand the working of all the plugins since all the plugins share familiar and consistent navigation.

All the plugins in this Bundle are compatible with each other but, had one gone the long route of manually picking up plugins from different developers, one would have faced the issue of cross-compatibility. 

With this eLumine + LEAP bundle, all the plugins have the same development team. Premium support further ensures that future issues, if any, will be promptly resolved. As all the plugins are from a single team of developers, the support is better equipped to resolve the issues.

This Bundle is a carefully curated package that can give you that assurance of the consistency that you always wanted – Consistency, compatibility, interface, and support.

Unboxing eLumine + LearnDash Essentials Add-on Pack (L.E.A.P)

Your LearnDash website or a course marketplace needs to add value in people’s lives. Before we let the bundle bask in its entirety, let’s take a look at the richness of each plugin included in this bundle that makes this pack a full-fledged solution to your LearnDash based eLearning website.

1. eLumine theme

eLumine is one of the most popular LearnDash themes specifically designed to cater to the functionalities of LearnDash. The development team has worked hard to ensure that eLumine, with its clean, organised designs and exciting layouts enables you to add value, enhance your LMS and provide the best learning experience to your student/learners.

While there’s a whole list of the best LearnDash themes you can check out, however, eLumine from that list stands out as one of the fastest themes with intuitive and engaging features.

And, here’s the best part – It offers 6 ready-to-install business demos (Corporate training, School, Music Academy, Masterclass, Single Instructor, and Classic LMS) that can get your LMS website up and running in one click.

It also offers Neo layouts that hugely improve the look and aesthetic of LearnDash pages, creating a better UX and distraction-free design, which can significantly increase student engagement. And, it is also compatible with LearnDash 3.0

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Here’s a quick look at some features of eLumine:

  • Comes with clean, reader-friendly Neo layouts compatible with LearnDash 3.0 to improve the attention span of students.
  • Provides lightning-fast page loading with swift loading layouts.
  • Focused layouts to take your course presentation to next level with enhanced UI and graphics.
  • Launch your LMS in one click with its 6 Ready-to-use business Demo sites.
  • Integration with Live WordPress Customizer, BuddyPress, LearnDash Course Grid plugin, etc.
  • Gutenberg, Elementor, and RTL language compatibility

These are just a few features of the theme. You can check out more features and the demo to get more insights into the functionalities of eLumine.

2.  WISDM Instructor Role plugin (LEAP)

With Instructor Role for LearnDash, you can add unlimited Instructors to your LearnDash website, with capabilities to create, teach and manage courses and students. You can create multiple instructor roles and set commissions for the paid courses that they create. It plays an integral role in building your own course marketplace like Udemy.

[su_note]Recommended Read: How to create a Course Marketplace (like Udemy) with LearnDash![/su_note]


Here are some of the features of the WISDM Instructor Role plugin:

  • Allows multiple Instructors to create courses and their content including lessons, quizzes, assignments, topics, etc.
  • Manage courses hassle-free by delegating course creation and student management responsibility to Instructors.
  • Comes with a dedicated dashboard for Instructors without compromising on the admin controls.
  • Facilitates student-teacher communication via email to provide quick feedback and updates.
  • Provides Instructors with group leader capabilities to bulk enroll students into groups.
  • Enables you to set commissions easily for the Instructors, tracks them automatically, and lets you make payments directly to their PayPal accounts.
  • Lets you set up Instructor Profile Pages where you can add details such as their photo, bio, expertise, qualification, courses created, ratings, and so on.

The WISDM Instructor Role plugin makes it much easier for you to provide and offer quality courses on your LearnDash website or course marketplace thereby, enhancing your LMS and giving you the opportunity to focus on other important aspects of your business like Marketing, Finance, etc.

3. WISDM Group Registration plugin (LEAP)


With this plugin, you can easily assign group leaders and enable the group leader with the capability to bulk enroll students in their courses to that particular course group. This saves you tons of time and energy.

Here’s a quick look at the features of WISDM Group Registration plugin:

  • Automatically creates groups and assigns group leaders upon bulk purchase of courses.
  • Increase course sign-ups and save loads of time by enabling group leaders to bulk enroll students into their course group.
  • You or your Group Leader can create Sub-groups within the groups and assign sub-group leaders to ensure smooth and better management.
    For e.g: If a principal buys a Group of courses for 1000 students in his school, he can then divide them into groups of 200, and then assigns a Teacher as a Sub-Group Leader for all these sub-groups or classes.
  • You can set bulk discounts for seats and sell groups of licenses at a reduced price to drive more sales.
  • Allows group leaders to track student progress from within the group.

You can use this plugin to increase your course sign ups and reduce your workload of creating groups and enrolling students into it.

4. WISDM Ratings, Reviews and Feedback plugin (LEAP)

You can use this plugin to increase your course conversions.

Through Ratings and Reviews, you can enable students to express their opinions regarding your courses which in turn, can help your potential students to make an informed decision leading to lesser refunds and more course enrollments.

oie_764542B168CqGYYou can also take constant feedback from your students regarding your courses which will genuinely help in improving your courses and delivering the best learning experience in the future.

Here are some key features of WISDM Ratings, Reviews, & Feedback:

  • Increase course credibility with student reviews
  • Build student trust by displaying course ratings on your page
  • Enable students to find relevant course reviews by sorting & filtering.
  • Improve course content based on genuine student feedback
  • Encourage students to submit reviews by setting timely reminders
  • Increase review authenticity with images and videos

Besides this, you’ll also be able to highlight your course popularity and market your courses genuinely.

5. WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension (LEAP)


Having a Quiz Reporting Extension allows you or your Instructors to generate and analyze quiz reports for each student or for all. It provides you with great actionable insights in order to improve the performance of your student(s).

Here are some key features of the WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension

  • Gain in-depth analysis and better insights on students’ performance with advanced reporting.
  • Enables Teachers/Instructors, Group Leaders, and Students to access and analyze quiz statistics and responses at a quiz or student level.
  • Lets you create and export Custom Reports through advanced filtering fields such as courses, groups, exams, and users. 
  • Comes with a clean, smart, and organized user interface for admins, teachers, and students
  • Allows students to download their quiz reports and keep track of their progress.

With this extension in your artillery, you’ll be able to understand your students better, know exactly how they are performing, and find out if they’re engaging with with your courses or not.

6. WISDM Content Cloner plugin (LEAP)

A lot of times, when having multiple courses, you might have to replicate your course structure.

With this plugin, creating similar courses is made easier with just a click of a button! The entire hierarchy – course, lessons, and topics are duplicated and added to your LearnDash LMS. Moreover, WISDM Content Cloner also allows you to duplicate groups and bulk edit titles.


For the wallet conscious, buying this bundle creates huge savings. Take the case of Mark, had he bought individual plugins from different vendors, it would have been a pricey affair.

In a bundle, the discount is more and it is a significant difference. A 20% discount on a $100 plugin does not make much difference. 

But, a $272 discount on a $420 bundle of plugins implies higher savings!!

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#960000″ size=”8″ center=”yes” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ title=”Get eLumine + LEAP now”]Get eLumine + LEAP now![/su_button]


Wrapping Up,

This eLumine + LearnDash Essentials Add-on Pack (L.E.A.P) for LearnDash is a power-packed ensemble you need to equip your LearnDash website with in order to enhance your LMS. It provides 3 different licensing options for you to choose from.

This bundle is not just old wine in a new bottle. It is a carefully thought-out bundle of plugins that can add value to your website.

So, what are your thoughts on the eLumine + LEAP bundle? Do let us know in the comments below 🙂


  • How many plugins does the eLumine + LearnDash Essentials Add-on Pack contain?
    The pack contains 6 plugins namely:
    eLumine (theme), WISDM Instructor Role, WISDM Group Registration, WISDM Ratings, Reviews and Feedback, WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension, and WISDM Content Cloner.
  • Can I purchase these plugins individually?
    Yes, you can. However, the individual plugins will cost you way more than purchasing the bundle.
  • Is this pack useful to build a course marketplace of my own?
    Yes. All of the plugins included in the pack will benefit you and add value to your course marketplace.


Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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