The latest eLumine v2.6.0 update is Fast and Furious!

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There’s a lot that goes into building your own LearnDash LMS eLearning website.

In any case, a fully functional LMS needs several basic plugins and add-ons like the Group Registration add-on, Caching plugins, Themes, Toolkits, etc. which are undoubtedly important.

However, in this attempt to build a perfect LMS with all the necessary functionalities, there’s one aspect of your LMS which is equally important but sadly, is compromised too often i.e. your Page Load Speed and Site Load Speed.

These two aspects play a major role in the way your learners interact and engage with your content.

Page Load Speed and Site Load Speed = Improved eLearning experience!

E-learner interactivity is a critical factor in the success of your virtual learning environment.

Having said that, let’s quickly understand the importance of these factors:

  • Every aspect of the website needs to be designed to encourage spatial presence and copresence in the students i.e. simulate a learning experience that is as close to reality as possible. This ensures that students remain engaged within the course and continue studying.
  • Website speed plays an important role in maintaining this engagement level allowing students to feel completely immersed in the experience.
  • Hence, page load speed matters a lot in holding your students’ attention span providing a meaningful virtual learning and interactive experience.

Well, these factors could’ve been creating a drift in providing a great learning experience to your students but, fret no more!

Keeping in mind the importance and impact of the Page and Website Load speed, we are extremely excited to announce that we recently rolled out an v2.6.0 update for our eLumine theme for LearnDash that takes care of this aspect.

The new eLumine v2.6.0 – Fast as a Cheetah!

The new eLumine v2.6.0 has been optimized to ensure your students’ are engaged and are able to interact with your content at all times without feeling disconnected.

This means that your eLumine-based LMS will now load 3X FASTER!! 🙂

Don’t believe us?

Well, see for yourself. We used the Google Page Speed Insights tool to test different pages of an eLumine-based LMS for the version prior to the update and later, post the update (eLumine v2.5.5 vs v2.6.0): 


Page Tested eLumine v2.5.5 eLumine v2.6.0
Performance Parameter Home Page 43 74
Courses Page (using course list shortocde for LearnDash Course Grid) 56 72
Course Single Page 55 74
Lesson Page 50 81
Blog Single Page 59 90
Details on site used for testing: Server Configuration: Memory: 1GB, Processing: 1vCPU, Storage: 40GB SSD, PHP 7.2 (for more details about PHP:

php7.2-fpm with nginx


After optimization, the page speed for the ‘Blog Single Page’ and ‘Home page’ increased significantly by almost 40% making the overall LMS pages load 3x times faster with the latest eLumine v2.6.0.

The plugins that were active while testing the page speed were:

  • bbPress
  • BuddyPress
  • Elementor
  • LearnDash
  • LearnDash Course Grid
  • Unyson
  • WooCommerce


Now, to give you a little glimpse into how the speed test was conducted, you can check out the below attached screenshots for the ‘Blog Page’ and ‘Course Page’ which are usually the most widely visited pages on an LMS.

Blog Page with eLumine v.2.5.5

blog page v.2.5.5 optimized


Blog Page with eLumine v2.6.0

course page



Course Page with eLumine v2.5.5

course page v2.5.5


Course Page with eLumine v2.6.0

course page sociology


Time to Press Update!

On that note, hit the update button and upgrade to the latest eLumine v2.6.0 today to give your students/trainees a Lightning Fast LMS experience.

In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below 🙂

Love Shah

Love Shah

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