How a frontend course grow your LearnDash eLearning business?

    Nitansha Tanwar
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How a frontend course grow your LearnDash eLearning business?
How a frontend course grow your LearnDash eLearning business? 1


LearnDash, the most widely used Learning Management System in the WordPress space has made creating and selling online courses, and managing eLearning business easier than ever before. 

There are hundreds of LearnDash course creators using the platform and making a living teaching everything from programming, health & fitness, to blogging. 

For LearnDash admins, however, it can be a little hard when it comes to helping teachers, trainers, SMEs, etc. to create and manage their courses. This is because course creators are not primarily tech-savvy. Hence, their time often gets wasted due to the complexities of navigating and understanding WordPress and Learndash, leaving them frustrated and helpless.

And in the end, you’re the one stuck with training them on how to use LearnDash and WordPress with no time to actually do what you should be doing — growing your eLearning business.

But unfortunately, the time and effort that gets wasted in understanding the LearnDash WordPress interface can be saved with a simple-to-use and intuitive course builder on the front end of your LearnDash site.

That’s why in today’s post we’ll explore ways in which a frontend course builder in LearnDash can help business owners save time and focus on activities that will help them expand their eLearning business. 

But first, let’s get some more clarity on the challenges faced by LearnDash admins that hinder the growth of their eLearning business.

Challenges faced by LearnDash eLearning business admins

Challenges faced by LearnDash eLearning business admins
How a frontend course grow your LearnDash eLearning business? 2

LearnDash eLearning business owners face a lot of problems when allowing multiple course creators to start their online courses. Let’s look at some of them:-

  • As a result, admins end up spending a large amount of time training LearnDash instructors on how to create courses from scratch.
  • Additionally, many admins still have to provide them access to the complex WordPress settings, compromising their website’s security. 
  • And even when admins do give external instructors access, the many settings and options available to instructors create confusion as the WP dashboard interface is not primarily designed for course creation. 
  • On top of this, the UI of the backend course builder is not intuitive enough. It looks and feels old and complicated to use. So course creators can sometimes feel overwhelmed while accessing and unlocking the full potential of the backend course builder.

What is a Frontend Course Creator in LearnDash

A Frontend Course Creator is a course builder that helps you build professional courses easily by using only the front end of your LearnDash site. 

It has all the attributes of the course builder on the backend. Plus, it’s more intuitive and makes it easier to visualize the entire course structure. And most importantly, instructors don’t have to navigate via the backend WP dashboard to use it.

In LearnDash, you can use the Instructor Role plugin which now comes with a built-in Frontend Course Creator to help admins and instructors create courses easily, within minutes from the front end.


Want to see it in action? Try it out in the demo here.

Advantages of using a Frontend Course Creator in your LearnDash eLearning business

Advantages of using a Frontend Course Creator in your LearnDash eLearning business
How a frontend course grow your LearnDash eLearning business? 3

Optimizes the learning curve and saves time

Using new software or technology requires some getting used to. Especially when you’re absolutely new to it.

Similarly, creating a course using WordPress or LearnDash can be daunting for some course creators who’ve not used WordPress or LearnDash before.

But the frontend course creator in the Instructor Role plugin does a great job at reducing the barrier to entry. 

The user-friendly interface makes course creation a child’s play. It’s so intuitive that you no longer have to spend time explaining to your instructors each feature and setting. 

They can easily visualize the entire course structure and add course content like lessons, topics, quizzes, etc.

As a result, anyone can come and launch their courses online on your LearnDash site.

Simplify Course Creation

Quite frankly, getting started is the hardest part of any journey. 

And since most SMEs, teachers, and trainers are not WordPress or LearnDash experts, they’re looking for a way to easily create and monetize a professional-looking course.

With the new Frontend Course Creator, instructors get access to an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop course builder to create, edit, and update course and course hierarchies. They can easily add new lessons, topics, and categories with just a few clicks. 

eLearning business

Hence, they can launch new courses on your platform and make changes to existing ones with ease and without ever getting overwhelmed by the interface.

Read more: How to quickly add new lessons and topics using a frontend course creator in LeanDash?

Increase website security

When you plan on expanding your biz and getting more people on board there’s always some kind of risk involved. For instance, in LearnDash, if you have multiple instructors you need to give them backend access to use the course builder and create a course. 

As a result, instructors are exposed to a lot of settings while navigating via the backend WP dashboard. This can create a lot of confusion and even put your website at risk. They might accidentally modify some settings that could make changes on the live site.

But using the frontend course creator limits the instructor’s access only to the front end. So they no longer have access to the WP backend dashboard. 

Hence, you can add multiple instructors and grow your eLearning business safely.

Register new course creators hassle-free

Using the Instructor Role plugin, you can easily add multiple external instructors without any special permissions or giving away any admin rights.

To streamline the process further, this new update in the Instructor Role plugin lets course creators register on your LMS as an ‘instructor‘, and access the frontend course creator to create and sell courses as soon as they log in.

Launch your course marketplace

A lot of eLearning entrepreneurs aspire to create a course marketplace like Udemy or Coursera. This makes sense as the eLearning giants have seen exponential growth in the last few years. 

Statistically speaking, Udemy has over 70,000 instructors teaching 157,000 courses in more than 65 languages. And the revenue generated in the year 2022 by Udemy was $599.22 million with over 49 million users worldwide. (

Sounds impressive, right?

But what’s more impressive is that you can also launch a course marketplace in LearnDash easily with our Instructor Role plugin.

The biggest advantage of the Instructor Role plugin is that the new Frontend Course Creator helps you simplify course creation and management. So, as more and more course authors find it easy to build courses on your site, you will be able to offer a wide range of courses across multiple subjects within as well as outside of your expertise.  

As a result, you can easily begin your very own online course marketplace, grow your revenue without making considerable investments, and also share the profit with your instructors.

Do more with LearnDash + Instructor Role for LearnDash

The eLearning industry is very competitive. So to have the upper hand at making your course website stand out, you need that edge. You need something more. Something that can help you attract a new audience in order to grow your eLearning business.

And a great way to do that is by offering a new range of courses. For example, if you have a course on ‘Python Basics’, then you could collaborate with an SME to create a more advanced level certification.

You can accomplish this easily by using the Instructor Role plugin in conjunction with LearnDash. It helps you add as well as manage multiple instructors on your LearnDash LMS and even launch your Udemy-like Course Marketplace.

The plugin now allows you to create courses using a simple-to-use and intuitive frontend course creator. So anyone who has a passion for teaching can simply register themselves as an ‘Instructor’ and start creating a course right off the bat.

Activating Frontend Course Creator (FCC)


No special permissions or access to the backend is required. And instructors can create courses much faster.

image 3

Ready to grow your LearnDash eLearning business?

If you’re truly ready to expand your LearnDash eLearning business, there’s no better time to start.

Get the Instructor Role plugin to manage your growing LearnDash eLearning business like a pro.

Want to see it in action? Take the Instructor Role plugin for a test drive in our Demo here. You can experience the Instructor Role plugin from an admin’s as well as an instructor’s perspective. 

You can easily access the Frontend Course Creator as soon as you click the demo and see how simple it is to build a LearnDash course. 

So that’s it for today.

I hope you found this article helpful. 

If you’ve tried the demo and want to know more about unlocking the full power of the instructor Role plugin. You can simply comment below or reach out to us here.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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