Group Registration for LifterLMS gets a Brand NEW Update!

    Sai Krishna Pothamsetty
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The most popular Learning Management Systems- such as LifterLMS, a leading LMS plugin in the WordPress eLearning space- are versatile. They offer layers of functionality and extensions to make the systems easily suitable for different sorts of applications.

One extension that makes LifterLMS a perfect platform for a Corporate Training system is the Group Registration plugin.

Back in April this year, when we introduced the plugin, the focus was on giving a LifterLMS admin the power to enroll multiple students at once into a single course. Now, with version 1.2, we’ve extended this very functionality to improve the interaction experience and make the plugin user-friendly.

Group Registration for LifterLMS version 1.2

With v1.2, Group Registration for LifterLMS gets even better! We’ve primarily introduced two new features:-

  1. Group enrollment option
  2. Groud Leader enrollment option

Here’s a glimpse of both the features.

#1 To Group or Not to Group – That is always an option!

Group Registration for LifterLMS allowed a user to register multiple students at once during the purchase process. But that kind of added some registration hurdles for individuals looking to sign up for a course. Not good! We did have a solution though and we made it a priority to bring that solution to you in this version.

Now, with the latest version of the plugin, the LifterLMS administrator can give course buyers the option to select  ‘Group’ or ‘Individual’ purchase option when buying the course product. This makes it super simple for those looking to sign themselves up for a course. All they need to do is complete the checkout process as usual, without selecting the group registration option. Group buyers can always select the ‘Group’ option to purchase the course for multiple students.

group purchase

Pretty simple, but a must-have feature!

#2 Enrollment for Group Leader and Group

When purchasing a course, the buyer usually purchases the product on behalf of the students. This means the students are the ones who are then enrolled for the course, not the buyer. But what if the buyer wants to enroll for the course too; what happens then?

The latest version of the plugin has the answer!

course access

With version 1.2 of Group Registration for LifterLMS, admins now have the option to allow group buyers (or leaders) to enroll for the course they purchase – giving them the flexibility to be part of the group and the course.


Enrollment convenience, amplified! 🙂

Fixes, Ahoy!

There’s more! The latest update brings you a shiny new version by polishing out some pesky bugs. It’s compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and LifterLMS too!

Time to Update

Here’s the easy part, it’s time to embrace the new version and update the plugin. Head on over to your backend and enjoy the latest versions of the Group Registration for LifterLMS plugin.

And if you have any questions or feedback, you know where to reach us! 🙂

Happy teaching!

Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

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