Introducing Group Registration for LifterLMS: Course Enrollments Made Easy

    Jignashu Solanki
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Following our drive to innovate open-source applications, we have an exciting announcement for all of you – our Group Registration Plugin for LifterLMS is now Live!

LifterLMS, a full-fledged course creation, distribution, and management system for WordPress, allows educators to create customized e-learning websites owing to its impressive features and top-notch support.

Hence, it’s no wonder that LifterLMS is a highly preferred all-in-one e-learning plugin.

As teaching requirements change, there’s always scope for new functionality to support it. And to that end, we’ve created the Group Registration plugin.

With the new Group Registration plugin, using LifterLMS gets even better. In a nutshell, the plugin handles enrolling multiple students at once for a single course. But there’s a lot more.

Let’s explore the plugin in detail!

Bulk Enrolment? Piece of Cake!


Primarily built to handle bulk enrollment, the Group Registration plugin for LifterLMS gives you the advantage of enrolling students in large numbers with a single click.

A Group Leader is automatically created when a person purchases multiple courses at once. A bulk purchase enables the group to auto-enroll into the course, without the hassle of purchasing courses individually for each participant.


Groups are created for students that are enrolled in the course by the Group Leader – who can manage all of these activities on the frontend.

There’s also support for bulk enrollment of students using CSV import – makes this super simple!

Student Management Made Easy


The plugin extends the role of the Group Leader by allowing student management and assignment tracking.

Keeping in mind that this plugin will mostly be used by corporate managers, parents or teachers, some capabilities of the Group Leader include:-

  • access to the assignment documents of the group members and also their grades
  • addition or removal of a member from the group

To shield Group Leaders from the complexity of WordPress backend, the management options of the Group Leader are only front-end based.

Complete Admin Control


Group Leaders do not have backend access. The admin thus retains the complete backend authority and has the overall control at the end of the day.

The admin can also limit the number of participants in a course group by limiting the maximum number of course licenses per user at a given time. Also, removal of users from the group by the Group Leaders has to be approved by the admin so that the licenses cannot be reused.

WooCommerce Compatibility

Group Registration for LifterLMS is also WooCommerce compatible. So once you have a WooCommerce store on your LifterLMS website, Group registration can be integrated to make way for bulk purchases.

On a Final Note,

LifterLMS, despite being relatively new to the e-learning atmosphere, has been really popular for LMS services. The platform has evolved to be a leading LMS choice for course creation, distribution and management.

On paper, Group Registration is another added support to the LifterLMS platform. But Group Registration is an effective tool to enable education entrepreneurs and institutions to expand their services in a much sought after, convenient manner. Bulk enrollments can be a powerful marketing element to attract learners to your edusite. The planning process of expanding the learner base can now be designed by targeting potential groups that have similar educational ambitions.

We always work to create applications that you suit your needs more accurately and Group Registration for LifterLMS is another such application on the list.

Get the plugin right away!

Jignashu Solanki

Jignashu Solanki

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