Group Registration for LifterLMS

Life is too short to add students to courses one by one.
with Group Registration.

Register students in a single click. Group registration helps you focus on course development by eliminating manual enrolment hassles.

Frustrated with the time spent in Student Registration?

We’ve been there.

We know how annoying it can get to spend hours enrolling students into the course one by one. And if this has to be done for a dozen courses at a time? Forget it.

It starts easily enough. You have a couple of courses, some students, two-three instructors. Life is good.

Then bam! Your courses start becoming popular. Students from around the world clamour to secure a place.

But hang on!

With great courses comes great responsibility. Dozens of courses equals long hours of enrollments, managing quizzes, making payments, and maintaining course analytics for every instructor. 🙁

This is the part where most e-learning websites grind to a halt. The transition from taking your source of passive income to a full-fledged, professional website is hard. Not everybody can do it. But you haven’t given up.

This is the part where most e-learning websites grind to a halt.

Not everybody can do it. But you haven’t given up.

After a lot of work, everything in place. More instructors, better courses, a strong support team, and robust plugins to do your bidding. All you need is a way to cut down on the time you spend enrolling and managing students into courses. Sure you have your CSV uploads and Excel sheets, but you need something better.

This is where Group Registration comes into the picture.

Group Registration helps you by enrolling students in groups and assigning Group Leaders to manage them.

It enables the Group Leaders to purchase multiple licenses, with the power to enrol/unenroll students as per their discretion. All of this at the front-end; no back-end access is required.

Cue the celebration!

The group-registration feature is a dynamic tool that helps you out in a number of ways you’ve probably never thought about!

With Group Registration for LifterLMS, you can:

Delegate responsibility to Group Leaders

The Group Leaders are the ones who enroll multiple students into the course, so they

for students - that gives better dissemination of information.

In addition, they are your focal points for coordinating all course activities for students - that gives better dissemination of information.

Student management is a breeze as you The best part?

This makes it easy for the students to communicate with the teachers as well!

Monetize courses easily

Connecting to an e-commerce platform does not have to be a chore when you have Group Registration. WooCommerce integration makes course monetization quick and easy.

Group Leaders can make payments for all the licenses they have purchased, providing a

Watch your website flourish !

Smooth delegation ⬌ Efficient management ⬌ Happier students ⬌ Website growth

Besides, the time you save with group registration can be successfully utilised in a hundred different ways – for business development or course improvement or sourcing more instructors – you name it!

Here's what Chris Badgett had to say:

"WisdmLabs can help you achieve your learning platform goals. They make a solid technology partner with all their experience across WordPress, LifterLMS, elearning, and WooCommerce."

- Chris Badgett, CEO of LifterLMS

  • Bulk Enrollment
  • New User Role - Group Leader
  • Automatic Group Creation
  • Purchaser of licenses made default Group Leader
  • Member Limit can be set for Groups
  • Front-end Group Management by Group Leader
  • Advanced Enrollment/Removal capabilities for Group Leaders
  • WooCommerce Integration for selling courses
  • CSV Upload Supported
  • Complete Administrator Control

Plans & Pricing​

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Single Site




  • Unlimited Support for 1 year
  • All Updates till 1 year

Staging + Production




  • Unlimited Support for 1 year
  • All Updates till 1 year

Single Site




  • Lifetime Priority Support
  • Lifetime Updates

Know the Face Behind the Work

We have a team of dedicated developers that works to ensure that your plugin stays ship-shape at all times.

LOG - Subscription Reminder Notice Sent

“I’ve enjoyed working on this plugin a lot. It might seem like a small feature, but the reality is, it packs a lot of potential. I’ve seen a lot of e-learning admins struggling to keep up with the enrollments, which inspired me to create something that would save their time and effort.”

- Harish Kashyap, Lead Developer, Group Registration for LifterLMS

We thought you might have a few!

  • Yes. The Group Registration plugin is an extension for LifterLms and WooCommerce. You will need to install and activate both these plugins.
  • To increase the product count you need to set the product type as ‘Simple’, not ‘Course’, at the back-end.
  • No. The plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions as of now.