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    Sagar Sheral
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In a client-solution provider relationship, management is an integral part of successful project completion.

Project management software helps a team communicate, schedule milestones, allocate resources, track deliverables in a time-efficient manner.

Bringing these very features to the WordPress space is the WP Project Manager Pro plugin by WeDevs.


WP Project Manager Pro- Overview

The WP Project Manager Pro plugin is a set of tools that facilitate collaboration between a project manager, co-workers and clients. It’s an all-in-one solution to manage multiple projects or tasks using your WordPress website. It blends well into the system making adding members to a project (such as a client or a contractor) as simple as creating users on WordPress.

The advantage it brings to its users is that project progress can be tracked from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.


WP Project Manager Pro- Features

The WP Project Manager Pro plugin contains a multitude of features for advanced project management, parallel to platforms like Basecamp.

Quick Project Creation

WP Project Manager Pro allows the creation of unlimited projects from the admin panel or the website front-end. With a concise list of settings, adding a project is simpler than creating a new post in WordPress.

A simple interface to add a new project along with the team

You can add multiple managers, coworkers and clients at the time of project creation. Being able to manage several projects using a single application facilitates resource allocation.

What’s even better is the duplicate project option. Quite a handy feature if you want to quickly create another project with the same set of users.

Easy Task Management

A project created can have multiple milestones and to-do lists. This helps you break-down your project goal into a series of achievable tasks. These tasks can be time-based, and are bound to the entire project and not any users in particular.

Each milestone can have sub-tasks, which can be created as to-do lists. To-do lists contain items which are also be time-bound, and can be assigned to one or more users. As users complete tasks on the to-do list they can mark them as complete.

A project can be easily divided into milestones and sub-tasks under to-do lists

WP Project Manager keeps track of tasks completed and provides graphical feedback for milestone progress.

Advanced Communication & Collaboration Tools

The highlight of the WP Project Manager Pro plugin has to be the communication and collaboration options. You have….

Inbuilt Discussion Forums

Users have the option to start discussion threads on a project, milestone or to-do item to quickly share updates or add project-wide notifications.

Discussion forums are available at the milestone and to-do list item level

An Activity Tab

An activity tab keeps a date-wise log of activities associated with a project, such as discussions started, milestones added, to-lists created, and so on.

Automated Notifications

Digest notifications can be enabled to send an automated email containing project updates clubbed together, similar to a project status report.

Document Sharing

Documents can be uploaded in discussion threads and can be shared with all members of a project.

Powerful Control Options

The WP Project Manager Pro plugin always keeps the project manager in control. The project manager can assign or withdraw capabilities of co-workers or clients as he/she deems suitable on a per project basis.

Per project settings for granular control

You could completely disallow admin access for fellow project members by moving notification links to the front-end.


WP Project Manager Pro- Add Ons

WP Project Manager Pro undoubtedly is an advanced project management plugin on WordPress. WeDevs allows you to take things a step further through powerful add-ons that you can use to add more functionality to your project management system.

  • As we all know, time-tracking is important for service projects. This functionality though not built-into the WP Project Manager Pro plugin is available as the Time Tracker add-on.
  • If you’re handling payments for projects on your WordPress website, you can use the Invoice or Invoice- Stripe gateway add-on to allow managers to create and send invoices to clients.



Project management involves planning, executing and tracking the progress of a team to achieve a goal. The WP Project Manager Pro plugin eliminates the need of using a third-party project management application and blends this functionality into your WordPress website.

The plugin is priced at $59 for a single site, $99 for 5 sites and $199 for unlimited sites. There is a free version of the Project Manager plugin available too, if you wanted to give it a test drive!

With unlimited project and user creation, the ability to divide a goal into milestones and tasks, advanced communication and collaboration tools, make WP Project Manager Pro a comprehensive project management system, that’s certainly worth a look!

Sagar Sheral

Sagar Sheral

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