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Which is the Best Reporting Plugin for Your LearnDash LMS?

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Looking for the best LearnDash reporting plugin

Do you want an easy way to track course and learner activities on your LearnDash LMS?

LearnDash has a native reporting plugin – ProPanel for LearnDash. But, it may not be the right choice for everyone.

It gives you an overview of what’s happening on your LMS but lacks in-depth course & learner analytics.

Therefore, to help you with rich, data-backed, and actionable insights you can leverage several 3rd party reporting plugins.

Using third party plugins, you can generate standard as well as custom reports. And understand how your courses are performing, check the trends in completion rates, reward learners who complete courses on time, evaluate the the performance of your LearnDash quizzes, and improve your course content, among other things.

That’s why, today we aim to compare the top 3 Reporting Plugins for your LearnDash website – Wisdm Reports for LearnDash, ProPanel, and Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash.

Now to help you decide which one is the best, here’s a comparison of the top 3 LearnDash Reporting plugins based on their price, features, functionalities, and support.

ProPanel vs Tin Canny Reporting For LearnDash vs Wisdm Reports For LearnDash

 ProPanel for LearnDashTin Canny Reporting for LearnDashWisdm Reports for LearnDash
  • 1 site – $49/ year
  • 10 sites – $99/year Unlimited sites- $199/year
  • Single- $199/year* (1 site)
  • Business – $299/year* (5 sites)
  • Unlimited – $399/year*
  • All Access Pass – $399/ year*(10 sites)
  • Free
  • Pro- $120/yearBusiness – $180/ year(5 sites)

  • Agency-$220/year (10 sites)

Free VersionNoNoYes
Post Purchase Support 1-year support and updates1-year support and updates1-year of support and updates with an annual license
3 years of support and updates with a lifetime license
Money Back Guarantee30 days30 days15 days
Multisite ReadyYesYesYes
Ease of UseYesYesYes
Visual InsightsNoYesYes
Course Overview ReportsYesYesYes
Drilled-Down User Activity ReportsYesYesYes
Revenue ReportNoNoYes
Front-End Quiz ReportsYesYesYes
Student progress and performance reportYesYesYes
Advanced Filters and Specific ReportsYes 


Groups, Courses, Users, Status, and Date filter



Courses, Lessons, Topics, Quizzes, Assignments Filters

User activity reports, Course progress reports, Quiz Reports, LD Question Analysis Report, and Tin Can report



Groups, Courses, Lessons, Topics, Date, Learner/User, and Date Filter with preset dates

Course completion time, Course completion Rate, Quiz Completion Time, Quiz Completion Rate, Learner Pass Fail Rate, Inactive User List, Learner, Activity Log, and Customizable Quiz Attempts Reports
Time Spent in Course ReportYesYesYes
Group Leaders ReportsYesYesYes
Exporting Course & Quiz DataCSV CSV and PDFCSV and PDF
User DashboardsAdmin and Group LeaderAdmin and Group LeaderAdmin, Instructor, Group Leader, and Student
Customizable Dashboard ViewYesYesYes
SCORM and xAPI CompliantNoYesNo
Demo Link View ProPanel DemoView Tin Canny DemoView Wisdm Reports Demo
Purchase LinkTry Propanel Try Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDashTry Wisdm Reports for LearnDash

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Phew …?

That was intense.

But, hopefully, selecting the best LearnDah Reporting Add-on is now slightly easier for you.

To sum it up, if you make course modules using different course authoring tools that are compliant with SCORM and xAPI and want to track more than just the basic LearnDash course and learner metrics, simply go with Tin Canny Reporting For LearnDash.

Propanel is good when you want you to want to get all Top level course and learner data. It also focuses more on the admin experience. So if you want to give group leaders or other users access to reports, you’ll have to use shortcodes

Lastly, for accurate, reliable, and deep reporting insights at your fingertips that are easy to understand and help you take critical eLearning decisions quickly, then you can’t go wrong with Wisdm Reports for LearnDash! 

Whatever you decide, make sure that all your needs are met. We hope this article will help you and If you have any more questions you can always ask us below. 🙂

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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