Wisdm Games for WordPress: Add the E-xcitement Back to E-Learning

    Priyanka Athavale
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Radical changes in traditional teaching methods are shifting perspectives of educators and learners alike; a more positively interactive approach is the need of the hour.

Gamification aside, the idea of making e-learning fun has been on the horizon of course designers for a while but was never seriously incorporated into courses. Until now.

The e-learning scene is set to change with the latest gaming plugin launched by Wisdmlabs – Wisdm Games for WordPress.


The Wisdm Games plugin has been created for WordPress websites with the intent of including engaging and challenging games for users to play, thus creating a memorable and positive learning experience. It targets the competitive side of students, inducing them to study, while simultaneously adding a fun element.

The plugin features 3 classic games – Hangman, Millionaire (where participants answer various questions, moving up levels as they go), and Crossword.



Built to be compatible with LearnDash, Wisdm Games for WordPress lets online course creators integrate the game of their choice into the curriculum. Questions revolve around the syllabus, encouraging students to study so that they can move up levels. They can even be awarded points or rewards as a form of positive reinforcement to keep their interest levels consistent!

The Wisdm Games for WordPress plugin encourages interaction between students and the course on a positive level. It is also very easy for online course creators to integrate it with their course. It aims to steer online learning in a new direction, one which many brick-and-mortar teaching institutions have already embraced.

Check out the complete list of features of the plugin here.

Ready to buy the plugin? Invigorate your website with Wisdm Games for WordPress today!

Priyanka Athavale

Priyanka Athavale

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