11 Reasons Why LifterLMS is the Answer for Your e-Learning Needs

    Pranoti Panchwagh
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Lifter LMS

With WordPress being flexible and easy to use and offering a wide range of e-learning plugins, several tutors, trainers, and instructors are turning towards the WordPress + LMS plugin approach to set up their e-learning website.

But choosing the right e-learning plugin, might be a tad-bit difficult- given all the WordPress e-learning plugins out there. Well, understanding the features of each plugin in detail can help you decide.

And today we’re going to take a detailed look at LifterLMS – a fairly new LMS plugin on the block, that’s rapidly gaining popularity.

In a nutshell, LifterLMS is a complete e-learning system built on WordPress and equipped with all the core functionalities you need to create and sell a course online.

Let’s explore the primary features and understand what makes this LMS plugin suitable for your needs:

#1 Super-fast Course Creation

LifterLMS is designed with a clear, easy-to-understand interface, which you can get used to really quickly, and build a course in a very short time. The logical flow and step-by-step setup is useful to start the course in a jiffy, so long as your content is ready.

The LifterLMS Course Builder allows you to manage the structure and outline of your courses. You can create new sections and lessons, manage their order, and edit their titles. 

#2 Integrated Shopping Cart and Payment Options

The LifterLMS plugin has an in-built shopping cart option and a native payment gateway extension that lets you start selling courses without the need for an e-commerce plugin (though it is always good to have one!)

In case you want to use popular WordPress e-commerce extensions, LifterLMS has a list of add-ons you can choose from.

#3 Easy Course Customization for User Engagement

LifterLMS has plenty of gamification options that can be utilized to add achievement certificates, bonus points and badges to your course. Not only do these make the course more colorful and interactive, they have been proven to increase student engagement exponentially.

#4 Discounts and Coupons Support

Apart from user engagement, the plugin also supports course marketing and promotion by offering the discounts and coupons functionality. You can add these to product bundles for your recurring students, thereby creating a sense of belonging and increasing customer loyalty!

#5 Multiple Content Types Support

LifterLMS supports all types of content, to be added to your courses. Text, PDF’s, audios, videos, you name it. You can add various permutations and combinations of these while designing the lesson.

#6 Drip Content Enabled

Dripping content to your students implies adding the lessons one after the other, as opposed to adding them all in one go. This feature ensures that your students keep visiting your course regularly instead of petering out in the first couple of weeks.

#7 Native WooCommerce Integration

LifterLMS has a native integration with WooCommerce, which enables you to avail of all of its functionalities by simply installing the WooCommerce add-on. This opens up a host of new possibilities for course marketing, with WooCommerce being one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

#8 Social Network Integration

Similar to the WooCommerce integration, LifterLMS also has add-ons for integrating social networking functionalities through BuddyPress and bbPress. BuddyPress is used to create Student profiles (like the profiles on Facebook) which can be imported into the e-learning system, while bbPress is used to build student-teacher groups and communities for discussions and forums.

#9 Grade Management and Detailed Reporting

LifterLMS offers a “My Grades” tab to track the progress – from course enrollment details to the progress of every lesson and everything in between- of every user. Students can see quiz results, feedback on assignments and pending tasks using this option.

LifterLMS also provides sales, enrollment, & student reports with the option to download the data you need.

#10 Email and Message Personalization Options

LifterLMS has the option to send personalized and custom emails to students on certain task completions or events. For example, you can send out personalized emails or text messages when a course is completed or a quiz is attempted.

This keeps students engaged and glued to the system

#11 Rock-Solid Documentation and Support

LifterLMS has a detailed documentation – with screenshots, video tutorials – covering every use case. You can even check live demos to see how the system works. There are also videos available to guide you through the LMS.

The team even hosts regular podcasts, webinars, training series, and post content on their blog to help you out.


With these and more, LifterLMS makes for a formidable e-learning plugin, that’s one to watch out for. And the best part?! Well, it’s completely FREE!

Are you looking to use the plugin? Or are a current user? Let us know your thoughts about it! Let the discussions begin!

Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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