PayU India Payment Gateway Add-On for Event Espresso Plugin

    Sumit Pore
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PayU India Extension for Event Espresso

The Event Espresso plugin is your solution to creating a complete Event Registration and Ticket Management website. In fact, we customized the Event Espresso plugin (specifically version EE3) to create a complete Marathon Workflow Management website. A complete event workflow website, definitely involves managing ticket purchases. And when there are ticket purchases to be made, there are payment gateways involved.

The Event Espresso plugin has your back there. It provides several payment gateway options, which you can use. But in our case the client needed an additional payment gateway integrated within the Event Espresso plugin.

You see, the website was owned by an Indian company. And the client expected a majority of registrations to be from India. So, there was a need to integrate payment gateways, which dealt with Indian Rupees. Makes sense, right.


PayU India Payment Gateway

For Indian companies, the preferred option to handle transactions made, is in Indian Rupees. That said, integrating an Indian Payment Gateway is a cheaper option as well (because transaction fees are cheaper and maintenance plans are lower). In our case, we had to integrate the PayU payment gateway for India.

PayU India is a popular payment gateway used by several Indian companies wanting to provide a payment option for Indian buyers. Because, transactions are made ONLY in Indian Rupees. PayU accepts payments made with Visa, Amex and Mastercard Credit cards and Debit cards. It also supports NetBanking for more than 33 banks. It offers solid support, and minimal transaction rates, along with an annual maintenance contract. (For additional pricing details, check out PayU India: Pricing Plans).


PayU Extension for Event Espresso (EE3)

For our project, we developed the PayU Extension for the Event Espresso plugin, as specified by the client. If you were considering using PayU India as a payment gateway option on your site, you will need to first register with PayU India.

Register and Create a PayU Account

Start by creating a merchant’s account (if you do not have one, else, skip to the next step). You need to register with PayU India to receive your Merchant Id, and SALT (a string of characters similar to a key or password).

Integrate the PayU Extension

If you already have an account, you will then need to integrate our solution. Using this solution, you will have the following options under Event Espresso > Payment Settings. You need to add the Merchant Id and SALT (that you received upon registration), to activate the payment gateway option.

PayU Settings for Event Espresso

Once you have added your details, you can make the payment gateway available for ticket buyers, by activating the payment gateway option.

PayU as a Payment Option

When a customer selects this option, he is taken to PayU India’s site to make a secure payment. And upon a successful purchase he is redirected to the acknowledgement page on your site.

Test Mode: The PayU India extension for Event Espresso also has a test mode, using which you can make test payments. But do note, to use the test mode, you need to request test card numbers from PayU India.

Important: The solution is for Event Espresso version 3 (EE3). If you were looking to add this to Event Espresso 4, there will be additional customization required.


Having a payment gateway option which deals with Indian Rupees is a must for businesses based in India. With PayU extension for Event Espresso plugin, you are provided with an intelligent option for a payment gateway, with multiple payment methods made available.

Sumit Pore

Sumit Pore

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