Is Ninja Forms the Right Form Builder Plugin for You?

    Tahseen Kazi
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Ninja-Forms-the -Right-Form-Builder -Plugin-blogThe good thing about technology is that you have too many options to choose from, the bad thing about technology is that you have too many options to choose from.

As WordPress developers, we have to constantly evaluate various systems to understand how a particular system scores over another. This type of comprehensive evaluation helps us suggest ideal systems to clients based on their requirements.

We recently received a Gravity Forms request from a client. On evaluating the request we realized that while 40% of the request could be fulfilled using Gravity Forms, 60% of the requirements would require custom solutions which would scale up the cost of the systems drastically.

So, our dedicated team of “Ninjas” 😉 started their research. And that’s where the idea of this post originates from.

The big question that will be answered in this post is, “Is Ninja Forms the Right Form Builder Plugin for You?” To estimate this answer better, it is important to iterate through a list of questions based on which the bigger question will be answered.

1. Do you need a little more than Contact Form 7?

If what you are looking for is an extended version of Contact Forms 7 then Ninja Forms plugin is an ideal solution. Wondering why?

Well because it allows users to create and place forms anywhere on the website without actually having to ever do anything with the code. Not only are these forms spam protected but are also extremely developer friendly and can be extended with extreme ease.

The best part about the plugin though is this, Ninja Forms plugin is absolutely FREE of cost.

Answering the Big Question – “Is Ninja Forms the Right Form Builder Plugin for You?” – In this scenario YES.

2. Do you need a front end editing option?

Ninja Forms plugin allows users to create or edit forms and pages from the front end through the use of the Front-End Editor extension.

So, if this is a feature that premieres on your list of must-haves while choosing a form builder plugin then your answer to the question – “Is Ninja Forms the Right Form Builder Plugin for You?” – is definitely got to be a YES.

3. Is a pop-up form of absolute importance to you?

An exit intent pop up requires for you to create modal forms for your WordPress website. This modal form will not only allow you to capture email id’s of website visitors, but it will also help you redirect them to other relevant pages on the website just as they are leaving thereby reducing the bounce rate on your website. So, bring your exit intent ideas to life using the Modal Forms extension for Ninja Forms which is available for download on

A requirement for a modal form thus translates into the fact that Ninja Forms is the right Form Builder Plugin for You.

4. Saving Form Progress is a feature you are looking for?

Application processes witness extensive use of form builder plugins such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, etc.

Some time ago a client sent us a link to the application form of a website. This link was mainly sent to demonstrate the save user progress feature. For those of you who are unaware, this feature primarily allows users to complete the form at their own pace instead of all at once.

So, now their progress in the form is saved and each time they go back to the form they can continue from where they left. The best example of such forms is application forms for university applications.

This feature can be achieved using the Save User Progress extension for Ninja Forms and if this is a feature that has shown up on your list then the answer to the question – “Is Ninja Forms the Right Form Builder Plugin for You?” – is an affirmative.

5. Do you need to use a CRM with your WordPress website?

If you already have a CRM and need a form builder that has been integrated with it then here is a list of CRM that Ninja Forms supports.

More often than not the CRM already in use is found in the above list. If you can find your then Ninja Forms is the way to go!

Further, if an already existing CRM is not a concern for you then the array of CRM integration extensions lets you make an informed decision based on your requirements rather than availability.

On the CRM front Ninja Forms definitely, score as compared to Gravity Forms and without a doubt, your answer to the primary question of this post is YES!

6. Are you searching for a Form Builder with Newsletter Sign Up Integration?

Gravity Forms has add-ons that integrate the form builder with the following email marketing services.

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • Campaign Monitor

Ninja forms support all of the above email marketing services and some more like.

  • Sendy
  • MailPoet
  • Constant Contact
  • Mad-mini

With the biggies in the email marketing service space covered in this list, Ninja Forms certainly becomes a Form Builder of choice. Once again the answer  to the question – “Is Ninja Forms the Right Form Builder Plugin for You?” – is a big fat YES.

7. Need Custom Fields on WooCommerce Website?

A colleague of mine had earlier written a post on How to Add Custom Data to WooCommerce Order. This article keeps getting comments every now and day which makes me believe this is a much-wanted feature. If you are one of those people who need custom fields on any page on your WooCommerce website then WooCommerce Ninja Forms Product Add-on can do this for you rather easily.

However, you might just shy away due to the handsome price tag attached to the extension. but just in case you need it, it’s there for purchase and effortless usage. I just thought you should know!

8. Is Security a Concern for You?

You can now display forms on your website to only those you wish to display it to. Wondering how? With the Secure Form extension for Ninja Forms, you can now make forms password protected and allow viewing of a form after a level of authentication has been passed by the user.

An especially useful feature for job application forms or university application forms.

This feature gets a thumbs up and a definite YES.


My Parting Shot

If your answer for one of the above questions is yes then Ninja Forms is probably the right plugin for you. If the number of affirmatives is 2 or 3 then you should strongly start considering the Ninja plugin. Beyond that, there shouldn’t be any doubt left in your mind!

Still confused? Worry not! Just tell me your requirements in the comments section and I’ll guide you the best way I can.

Until the next time, Adios 🙂

Tahseen Kazi

Tahseen Kazi

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