The LearnDash BuddyPress Integration Plugin is HERE!

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The WisdmLabs team has some great news for LearnDash users. The long awaited BuddyPress integration for LearnDash is finally here!!

It took us 3 months of work- right from conceptualizing the idea, contemplating feature requests, to building the plugin- and we are thrilled with the results, and are sure you’ll be too.

The LearnDash BuddyPress Integration plugin adds a social network to your LMS, and is the plugin you need if you’re planning on using BuddyPress on your LearnDash LMS. Using this plugin, you have the option to create student groups in BuddyPress, facilitate student interaction in private forums, and induce competition via student updates.


What is the LearnDash BuddyPress Integration Plugin

The LearnDash BuddyPress Integration plugin essentially synchronizes LearnDash groups with BuddyPress. For example, say you have a group in LearnDash for Spanish Level I students. With the BuddyPress integration, this group is automatically synced as a BuddyPress group. The group leader in LearnDash is added as the group admin in BuddyPress.


Using BuddyPress you have the flexibility to create private and public forums for student groups.

Course progress for students is updated to BuddyPress as activities. Activities are similar to notifications. Group members can keep track of updates using group activities. (Course update notifications are sure to encourage friendly competition among students 😀 )


The plugin also provides students an easy option to download certificates and view their badges.

How does the Plugin Work

The beauty of the LearnDash BuddyPress Integration plugin lies in the fact that the integration is made possible with a single click. You do not need to bother with a truck-load of settings. If you have BuddyPress and the integration plugin installed and activated, you need to go to LearnDash Groups, and check the ‘Synchronize with BuddyPress‘ option for the groups you want to synchronize and you’re set!


Just one-click and the plugin will work its magic 😀

What’s even better, is that you can provide students an option to share course completion updates to Facebook. Every time a student completes a course, a Facebook share option is shown to the student, using which he can post an update.

Haven’t thought of integrating BuddyPress into your LMS? You need to start now! Here are 3 reasons why your LMS needs to take the social networking route.

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3 Advantages of Integrating BuddyPress and LearnDash

#1 Communication

A social network is a platform for students to communicate. With BuddyPress integrated into your LearnDash LMS, students have several means of communication. BuddyPress inherently provides instant messaging and private messaging options. And with activity streams students can get updates on their profile page.

#2 Collaboration

Group specific forums, undertake the task of being a collaboration platform. Students can discuss problems, share information and resources with ease. And with synchronized groups, group management becomes simpler. You can just use a single point of management for your groups.

#3 Progress Tracking

With student progress visible on a student’s BuddyPress profile, fellow group members are motivated to compete. Group leaders can also keep track of student progress, without having to access your WordPress website’s admin panel.



Want to Get Started? Here’s How

So, if you’re as excited as I am (and you have BuddyPress installed), all you need to do is install and activate the LearnDash BuddyPress Integration plugin, by WisdmLabs, and you’re good to go!



2 Responses

  1. I love you all so, so much.

    One question.. do the members sync then between groups? For example, if I add a member to buddypress group will it add the members to the corresponding course group? I don’t like how Learndash’s groups don’t have a reliable list of students, so it would be amazing if I could just add them to the BuddyPress group.

    Regardless, this is awesome, thank you!

    1. Hey Brandon,
      Yes. If the groups are synced, then members are synced as well, i.e., if a student is added to a BuddyPress group, he/she will be added to the corresponding LD group as well.

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