Instructor Role v3.6.0 is Here to Make Student Teacher Communication Easier than Ever!

    Pranoti Panchwagh
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A few months ago, we conducted a small poll among our Instructor Role users, asking them which activity wasted their time the most, while managing their LearnDash website.

The answer was near-unanimous – constantly going back and forth between emails and the Dashboard to manage student teacher communication.

Currently, if a learner faces a hurdle while going through the course content, they either need to send an email to the respective Instructor or communicate using the BuddyBoss/BuddyPress (if the LMS has either) Profile page.

Over a period of  time, this becomes cumbersome, because:

  • The learner needs to remember the exact step in the course where they faced the issue or had a doubt.
  • The learner needs to navigate out of the LMS to his/her inbox and send an email to the Instructor/Author, which requires him/her to remember the email ID of the instructor.
  • If the learner needs to revisit or refer to the previously solved doubt, they will have to search for it in their email inbox

On top of this, there is a high possibility that the Instructor might miss out on the email, considering the large number of emails they receive in their inbox.

Instructors and teachers were facing a similar problem while communicating with learners, causing a lot of back-and-forth between inboxes and creating a lot of confusion.

We realized that this was a genuine problem that a lot of students and teachers were facing, with no easy alternative in sight. So we went ahead and built a solution!

Introducing the latest update of Instructor Role – v3.6.0 with enhanced, seamless student teacher communication options integrated within LearnDash.

What Does the Update Include?

The Instructor Role v3.6.0 introduces a Student Teacher Communication Module that enables all the interaction between the respective student and teacher to take place on the LMS itself, with the help of the BuddyPress plugin.

With this feature,

  • Learners can raise a question from any step in the course and every time the learner revisits the step (lesson or topic) all the conversations pertaining to that step with the Instructor will appear there.
  • The Instructor receives all messages on their BuddyPress Profile Inbox
  • The Instructor can see where the doubt was raised within the course and can reply to it there itself. He/she does not need to revisit and scour through the entire course content to resolve the issue.

student teacher communication

student teacher communicationIR Screenshots 2 1 1

student teacher communication
Enable Student Teacher Communication Setting

The result? 

No switching between Inboxes, no additional effort required to remember where the doubt was raised or where exactly in the course the doubt was resolved.

Reduce the time taken for learners to ask questions and get their doubts cleared in order to learn in a better, faster, and more efficient way.

Allow learners and Instructors to connect seamlessly from within courses strictly to raise doubts and create interactive classes which will, in turn, improve course completion rates.

Instructor Role’s Student Teacher Communication Module offers one single place to check all doubts raised (for students) and all doubts resolved (for teachers) eliminating the email-trail hassle completely.

Endnote – Simplify Student Teacher Communication

Keeping track of student teacher communication is not easy when you have to constantly trawl through different inboxes to resolve student queries. Multiply this by a thousand students and a dozen courses and you see the big picture.

With this update, we are trying to make the lives of students and teachers easier by giving them a built-in interface to discuss course-related questions within the LearnDash platform.

Instructor Role’s Student Teacher Communication Module is designed to improve productivity, reduce the time wasted in managing emails, and facilitate a better learning experience for the students.

Get the updated WISDM Instructor Role plugin today.

Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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