Halloween Special – LearnDash Tricks and Treats

    Priyanka Gurnani
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Image by Venita Oberholster from Pixabay

Festive seasons are defined by trills and excitement, the exchange of presents with families and loved ones, the visiting of friends and relatives, refreshments, and breaks from work cycles. The Halloween celebration is one of several holidays celebrated by people all over the world. People celebrate Halloween by giving out presents and trick-or-treating their neighbors. WisdmLabs is also looking forward to getting into the Halloween mood by handing out coupons and exposing some tricks and treats with LearnDash.

Tricks to Improve Your LearnDash LMS

Your LearnDash website needs high-power plugins to produce the kind of results you are looking for. Like the Halloween, pumpkin enrich your body so those the following plugins juice up your LearnDash LMS site.
Trick #1 – Don’t Ignore The HallowKiller Instructor Role Plugin
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
To bring the right spirit of management to your LearnDash LMS business, you will need the HallowKiller Instructor Role Plugin. This plugin comes with tons of knives and jacklores that will puncture the productivity of your business and eliminate so many hassles from you, allowing you to focus on more important matters of the ghost business that demands your attention.
The HallowKiller Instructor Role Plugin for LearnDash will let you set up Course Instructors who will create, manage, and sell courses, without sharing the big admin powers with you.
Furthermore, you can reward them for their works by having them earn wages for each course sold. You can assign student management responsibilities to them and as such avoid the hassle of managing the monster business.
The following are some more additional powers you will get for using the HallowKiller Plugin on your LearnDash LMS site.
  • Facilitates better communication between students and instructors.
  • Helps Instructors create courses, quizzes, assignments, and certificates.
  • Helps instructors monitor student performance and improve student engagement.
  • Helps Instructors notify students via email on their status and performance.
  • Ensures improved site security with controlled access for instructors.
  • Helps for sharing course management responsibilities among multiple instructors, etc.
Visit the HallowKiller Instructor Role Plugin page to see what other customers have to say about it.
Trick #2 – Don’t Walk Alone Without The HallowMoon eLumine Theme
Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay
It’s a scary night, isn’t it? Don’t worry about the ghosts, unleash beauty and the beast with the HallowMoon eLumine theme that will take your LearnDash user’s experience to the underworld.
You won’t have to struggle with the nightcrawlers, tedious page builders, and boring WordPress themes. You can create an unparalleled learning experience with the HalloMoon eLumine theme.
You don’t need to worry about sudden wolves attacks because this theme got all the light you will need for walking in the dark. Plus, it was developed and maintained by the wizards of Oz.
The theme comes with a wizardry steel truck that will scaffold your website with some of the prebuilt websites templates. Out of the Pandora box, you get free set up of your LearnDash LMS site to look like the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, the Wizardry University of Kubuku land, the Wolfpack and Nightcrawlers training website, or the Zombie Music Academy website.
Visit the eLumine theme page to see the rest of the reasons why you should invest in this theme.
Trick #3 – Choose The HallowGang Group Registration Plugin
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay
Take over the dark domain by dividing and conquering the Monster Lord Shamus. The HallowGang Group Registration Plugin enables you to do this effectively. You will need this plugin to be strategic in managing your course sales, distributing assignments among the gangs, disbursing notifications with your crew members, and more.
You can allow the teachers from Oz and managers from Hotel Transylvania to buy multiple course licenses in Groups or assign Gang Leaders to delegate student recruit management and view learners’ progress. All of these super abilities and more are powered by the HallowGang Group Registration plugin for LearnDash.
Below are more reasons why we recommend this plugin as part of the Halloween business tricks.
  • You can also establish groups and designate group leaders automatically. When you buy courses in bulk, a LearnDash group is immediately established, with the course buyer as the group leader.
  • You can enable group license purchases to simplify enrolling. This will enable instructors, managers, or wholesale buyers to purchase many seats for a single course at the same time without having to register each learner separately on the LearnDash platform.
  • You can, from the front-end quickly manage groups. The group leader may administer the group directly from the website’s front end, avoiding the need to share access to your WordPress dashboard. 
  • You can get students’ reports which can be used to help group leaders track progress. Detailed learner reports provide Group Leaders with critical information regarding student development. Group Leaders can give special attention to students who aren’t finishing the course at the expected rate.
Visit the HallowGang Group Registration Plugin page to have this trick added to your LearnDash LMS business success.
Trick #4 – Always Spy With The HallowRavens Rating, Review, and Feedback Plugin
Image by lonnie prachyl from Pixabay
Do you wish you could see and hear what the people are saying about your courses or their thoughts on your new ghostbusting LearnDash LMS site? Use the HallowRavens plugin to see the ratings, reviews, and feedback.
This HallowRavens Plugin lets you activate seeing and hearing powers in your courses, giving you total control over the display of ratings and reviews and the ability to customize your templates and improve your courses through the feedbacks from the dark ravens.
The following are the powers that your LearnDash LMS site will gain if you incorporate the aforementioned plugin.
  • It will assist you in highlighting your course powers by displaying ratings on the course review page. You will also have complete administrative control over the display of ratings.
  • It will increase the relevancy of your course and confirm it through student reviews. Reviews can assist to boost Instructor reputation and accelerate enrollments.
  • It will assist the student in finding relevant evaluations and ratings for the courses that they intend to enroll in by using the sort and filter options.
  • It will help the admin display the ratings and reviews before or after course content. 
  • It will help you Improve courses based on student feedback by tweaking your course accordingly.
  • It will help you easily prompt students to submit reviews by setting timely reminders and sending out notifications automatically asking students to review a course, etc.
We advise you to check out the HallowRaven Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback plugin page for more info on setting up your dark-raven web of communication and feedback.
Trick #5 – What is Up with the HallowOrb Quiz Reporting Plugin?
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay
See all the reports yourself with the HallowOrb quiz reporting device. You can see what everyone did from your Valerian Cave high up in the Mountain of death. Never miss out on any quizzes taken on your LearnDash LMS kingdom via the HollowOrb Quiz Reporting Plugin. With this plugin’s power, you can see their future results and get ready to capture all opportunities.
The HallowOrb Quiz Reporting plugin allows you to magic-wand reports for the quizzes you administer. You can even teleport reports of all students, all quizzes, specific students on a specific quiz, or all students on a specific quiz to the bat caves. At the front end, the Gang Leader can also check the quiz reports of the students recruited in their nightclub.
The reasons below support why you should have this plugin on your LearnDash LMS site.
  • It examines student performance more thoroughly thanks to a sophisticated reporting interface. Make reporting easier with a user-friendly design and advanced reporting options that make reading and analyzing student reports a breeze.
  • It outputs statistics at the user or quiz level. To assess student achievement, the statistics may be sorted by date period and downloaded in CSV or Excel format.
  • It helps instructors and group leaders with quiz results by allowing them to access and analyze quiz data and replies for their courses and groups, allowing them to get actionable insights and boost course participation.
  • It assists students in analyzing quiz performance by providing them with quiz reports that allow them to reflect on their performance and realign their goals, among other things.
You can get this plugin by visiting the HallowOrb Quiz Reporting Plugin page on our website.
Trick #6 – Capture All Powers With The HallowMutant Content Cloner Plugin
s 3FA98371D45382BFB295414DAB610F11A75A55BC835D39476182D8CA33B62B67 1635073652096 ghost 6688754 960 720
Make yourself a ghostly army with the HallowMutant Content Cloner Plugin. This awesome plugin lets you replicate your opponent’s powers and use them against your foes. With this plugin you can become the king of the dark realm, having a ghost mutant army at your command, who can challenge your LearnDash LMS business?
It’s easy to use, just look at any powerful course and duplicate it for yourself. With all that power at your hand, you can conquer empires, enslave the Lords of the realm and their princes, and rule over Azuza and take the daughters of men for yourself.
With the HallowMutant Content Cloner extension for LearnDash, creating course copies becomes a walk in the park. The entire course hierarchy (course, lesson, topics) is duplicated and added to your LearnDash LMS.
Why would you want to make copies of your contents? Below are some reasons why you should have this plugin on your arsenal.
  • You will be able to effortlessly clone courses to fast build new ones. Save time by quickly duplicating and modifying existing courses. Before posting new content, you may duplicate the complete course structure and simply change the labels.
  • You will be able to rename the titles of copied course content all at once. You can update the names of the cloned course content all at once rather than going to the individual cloned course, lesson, topics, and Quiz pages saving you a lot of time and energy, etc.
There are tons of things you can do with this plugin, check out the Content Cloner extension page for more info.
Trick #7 – Conquer the Seven Realms With the HallowBomb Essential Add-Ons Pack
s 3FA98371D45382BFB295414DAB610F11A75A55BC835D39476182D8CA33B62B67 1635075568860 halloween 1486549 960 720
These 5-in-1 lost ancient dark sorcery will completely transform your Learndash LMS site giving your business a LEAP blast. LEAP is an abbreviation for LearnDash Essential Add-Ons Pack. Use this Lost ancient craft to end the curse placed on your business by Lord Zulu’s sorceries. Annihilate your competitors and dominate the worldwide web of student colonies throughout the seven realms.
LearnDash is fantastic, but there are occasions when you need that additional edge to stand out. The HallowBomb Essential Add-Ons Pack is for you if you are fascinated with making ghost-learning business great for your students.
Why should you go with the HallowBomb Essential Add-Ons Pack for your LearnDash LMS company? It comes with the following celestial powers.

The HallowKiller Instructor Role for LearnDash

The unique add-on allows you to add as many Instructors as you need to assist manage your courses and students. What’s the best part? Instructors can now create Courses directly from the website; no need to share Admin access!

The HallowGang Group Registration for LearnDash

A plugin that allows you to offer Course licenses in bulk, organize students, and appoint a Group Leader as the primary point of contact. Say goodbye to registering pupils one at a time and keeping track of individual progress reports.

The HallowRavens Ratings and Reviews for LearnDash

Gather social proof for your Courses by asking your students to evaluate and review the lessons they’ve taken. To discourage fraudulent reviews, the add-on restricts reviewers to individuals who have finished the Course.

The HallowOrb Quiz Reporting Extension

Create thorough student reports for all of your quizzes, export them, and share them with your Group Leaders, Instructors, and other Administrators to track student progress down to the micro-level.

The HallowMutant Content Cloner

Clone your Courses and Course material in a matter of seconds and save the hassle of beginning each course from scratch again and over. You may also bulk modify the cloned course, lesson, and subject titles.

The HallowBomb trick combines five essential LearnDash charms into a compact small bundle at an incredible price. Visit the HallowBomb Essential Add-Ons Pack webpage to see the whole archive of the wise ones at an affordable price.

Our Creepy Special Treat

s 3FA98371D45382BFB295414DAB610F11A75A55BC835D39476182D8CA33B62B67 1635077726949 drink 2940555 960 720
You deserve a Halloween treat since you’ve been so Hallo-weeny with us and for reading this blog to the end. As a thank you, we’re providing you with a free coupon for a discount on any of our items purchased by you; check the code below.
s 3FA98371D45382BFB295414DAB610F11A75A55BC835D39476182D8CA33B62B67 1635151636725 bigtreat
NOTE: This code is applicable across all products, set to be used once per customer.
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