Drumroll Please… Meet eLumine 2.1.0 with New & Improved Features!

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At WisdmLabs, we’re never done improving our products. Hence, after every update, we go back to our thinking boards and work on adding new features and bettering the existing ones.

So, here you have us, back again, bringing you a brand new update to your favorite learning theme eLumine!

eLumine 2.1.0: MyCRED Integration, Customization Options, Better Styling, and more

eLumine 2.1.0 Update in 21 seconds

  • MyCRED Integration – award points to students on certain actions
  • Sidebar Option on WooCommerce Shop Page – list top selling courses, recently purchased products, and more
  • Start Course Button – to make courses more intuitive
  • Better Styling – redesign of scrollbar and course content table for a uniform look
  • Theme customization – personalize your page load icon to suit your business
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Boost Engagement with a Points System through MyCRED Integration
mycred works with black

This is a feature update for those of you looking to get more from your students. It’s sure to transform an otherwise seemingly normal LearnDash site into a live and active learning system. With v2.1.0, eLumine now integrates seamlessly with MyCRED – a points management plugin. With MyCRED, you can award LearnDash users points on the actions they take.

Think of it as a new way to gamify your LearnDash site. You can award points on course, lesson, topic, or quiz completion. These points will be displayed on the student profile page and can be managed by the LearnDash admin. If you’re code-savvy, that is, if you’re a developer who can understand how to write rules on a hook, you can write rules to award points on various other user actions, such as course purchase, course enrollments, assignment completion and more.

A points system is bound to engage users and keep them interacting with your website.

Increase Course Enrollments with a Sidebar on WooCommerce Shop Page
download 3

This eLumine update is about making the theme more functional. With the option to add a sidebar on the WooCommerce shop page, you have a brand new real estate to market your courses. You can use this sidebar to list your most popular courses, courses on sale, popular teachers or course categories or a whole lot more. Just let your marketing brain do the thinking.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Course Upsells:- advertise course bundles, course packages on discounts, student memberships to make the student sign up for more than a single course
  • Student testimonials:- to add trust factors that increase the chances of enrollment
  • Related Course material or Banner ads:- to advertise books, downloadables related to your courses or display ads to earn some commission

Benefit from Theme Customization Options
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One can never have too many options to customize the theme. With the latest version of eLumine, you can choose a page loading icon, that can be displayed when a page is refreshed or takes time to load. Load icons can kill boredom when internet speeds are slow and are perfect to keep students glued to the screen.

Experience Better Styling with Design Improvements

With every eLumine update we guarantee upgrades in design. With v2.1.0, we smoothened out the rough edges by:

  • changing the style of the scrollbar and making it sleeker
  • improving the course content table and LearnDash profile table to flow better with the LearnDash layouts
  • upgrading WooCommerce layouts to match the latest templates

“Start Course” Button
download 4

This version of eLumine adds a change to the LearnDash course layout. It makes the start course option intuitive by adding an explicit button on each course page. Once students signs up for a course, they’ll be able to see a “Start Course” button. This change makes it easy for new users to figure out how to begin their learning session.

eLumine 2.1.0: Important Fixes and Tweaks

What’s an update that doesn’t include fixing some pesky bugs? You’ll have to keep wondering ;-). Because this update packs some important fixes.

  • Pagination issue for course navigation resolved
  • Gutenberg compatibility upgraded
  • Button alignment issues on mobile screens fixed… and minor tweaks.

You can find all the details and technical fine-print in the changelog.

Next Steps

Given the fast-changing learning ecosystem, we are a part of, it’s only natural that eLumine keeps up with the pace of being a leading LearnDash theme. The points system is sure to make your students take more action on your LearnDash website and be more active. You can also take advantage of the sidebar on your shop page to direct students to popular courses.

We hope you enjoy this update and all the benefits it has to offer. Time now to update eLumine!



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