Ver 2.1.1 (2019-04-26) 

  • Tested Upto: 

  • WordPress :  5.1.1
  • Unyson  :  2.7.22
  • LearnDash  :  2.6.5
  • WooCommerce  :  3.5.7
  • BuddyPress  :  4.2.0
  • BBPress  :  2.5.14
  • BadgeOS  :  1.4.11
  • Ratings Review and FeedBack : 1.1.2
  • LearnDash ProPanel  :  2.1.3
  • LearnDash WooCommerce Integration  :  1.5.0


Fix: Fixed Menu Order not working for courses if course builder is enabled.
Fix: Forget Password broken page issue.
Fix: Matrix sorting issue for Show Max Number of Questions issue.
Tweak: Show User’s display name in the website header instead of username for loggedin users.


Ver 2.1.0 (2019-04-16) 


Added Support for MyCred and MyCred LearnDash addons.
Added a Page Refresh loader and provided a setting for selecting one of the three preselected loaders or uploading your custom loader.
Given a support to add a sidebar on the shop page.
Added a Start Course button to the course page so that it is easier for new users to figure out how to begin their learning session.
Modified the page scrollbar styles to occupy less space.
Created a CSS class “left-sub-menu” which will open the submenu items on the left hand side.

Fixed Pagination for course navigation.
Mark Complete button alignment issue for some mobile devices.
Fixed the issue where admin cannot unset Course Summary page as it shows a blank page.
Fixed the issue where the searched text disappears once user clicks on the search icon in the BuddyPress Messages Tab.
Fixed Gutenberg paragraph text color being overriden issue.

Updated WooCommerce Templates.
Redesigned the course content table and LearnDash profile table to better fit the LearnDash layouts.

Ver 2.0.1 (2019-03-11) 

Fixed the theme typography overriding the Elementor and Brizy page builder settings issue.
Fixed the issue of course archive lazy loading not working for custom archive slugs.
Fixed the issue where course custom label was not applying in search placeholder on course archive page.
Course navigation CSS issue fixed for Advanced custom color scheme.
Fixed the issue where collapsed icon was not showing up in the enrolled course table in profile page.
Auto scroll position changed on click of next/prev question on quiz page.

Ver 2.0 (2019-02-20) 


Added several Translation Fixes.
Fixed the issue where course navigation was showing ‘No lessons found for this course’ when lesson drip feed was enabled.
Styling changes in the content table.
Fixed the issue where the content table was being shown even if Video Progression was configured to show video before completing the sub-steps.
Previous, Next and Mark Complete buttons alignment issues for desktop resolution are now fixed.
Fixed search by ‘tags’ not working on Blogs page issue.
Added several fixes for Custom Advanced color scheme.
Fixed Next & Previous Lesson/Topic button position issues in RTL.
Fixed the issue of invalid links sent to the user on Forget Password form submission.
When show ‘Specific Number of Questions’ setting was enabled for a quiz, proper styling for Single Choice & Multiple Choice questions wasn’t being applied. This is now fixed.
The user was not awarded badges if a separate badge was assigned for both global quiz and course. This is now fixed.
Course Buy page sidebar was sometimes flickering on page scroll. This has now been fixed.
Fixed the issue where the social icons weren’t visible for many color schemes.

Typography Settings – We have provided typography settings where the site administrator can set font family, font weight and font size for different viewports (mobile, tablet and desktop).
Multiple Layouts for LearnDash LMS.
1) Classic Layouts (default eLumine layouts)
2) Swift Loading Layouts (AJAX based dynamic layouts for LMS) with three different animations for page loading i.e.,
a) Vertical Sliding
b) Horizontal Sliding
c) Zoom In
Front End font size accessibility option. Users can now modify the font-size from the frontend according to their preference. (This needs to be enabled by the site administrator from the theme settings)
Night Mode accessibility option. When enabled, users can activate Night Mode to read the content in the dark. This reduces the strain on eyes while browsing, giving a comfortable reading experience.
Added compatibility with WordPress 5.0.x (especially for Gutenberg blocks).
Created Gutenberg blocks for eLumine shortcodes i.e.,
1) Home Page Blogs
2) Recent Courses
3) Popular Courses
4) Login/Registration
Added two additional blocks i.e., Accordion block and Section block (available in the Layouts Category).
(Developers) Added several action and filter hooks in the theme functions in includes/helpers.php
Added separate settings tab for Data upgrade and importing Gutenberg pages.
(Developers) Ability to override template parts directly from the child theme (or another path by using filters).

Updated demo content with demo Gutenberg pages as well as LearnDash quiz fixes.
Updated WooCommerce Templates.

Ver 1.5.4 (2018-11-29) 

  • Fixes:

Fixed Content not showing on course page for some websites issue.
Content Table item counter showing twice for sample lessons issue.
Comments Template rendering twice for unenrolled users issue.

Ver 1.5.3 (2018-11-27) 

Course Content table styling changes.
Compatibility with LearnDash version 2.6.3

Ver 1.5.2 (2018-11-13)

  • Forums Subscriptions page topics text issue for Created By and Group Name.
  • BadgeOS View badge text issue in Mobile View for Date
  • Fatal Error on single course page if Unyson Feedback extension is Active
Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.5.1
Added the input fields to be shown on Blog Author’s profile page to user’s admin profile page and removed the previous admin page being shown.

Ver 1.5.1 (2018-10-29)

Draggable questions not working for some websites in mobile view.

Added a feature to show Content Table on LMS pages.

Ver 1.5.0 (2018-10-11)


Right to Left support.
Revamped LearnDash and BuddyPress navigation menu for the mobile view
Support for default BuddyPress Nouveau templates
New and Improved Demo content installer.
Four more predefined color schemes added.


Retake quiz UI bug fixed.
Profile Link showing 404 in BuddyPress fixed.
The edit profile button issue showing 404 error fixed
Translations issues fixed.
Video and image scrolling issue in the drag and drop quiz of LearnDash fixed.
Shortcodes rendering in the top when used with page builders fixed.
WordPress editor strong/bold tag issue not working issue fixed.


Increased spacing for Full-width template.
Message field in the Contact form higher than two lines For longer messages issue resolved
The pricing and instructor name color issue with the current version of the theme resolved
Made Sorting questions auto scrollable for LearnDash Quizzes.

Ver 1.4.0 (2018-08-29)


LD Shortcode params not working issue.
Template issue for Quiz long shortcode.
Change template tags to h1 for better SEO.


  • Features: 
Custom Color Scheme Revamped which allows the user to create basic changes and advanced changes.
Theme settings import/export feature.
Added support for Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Theme My Login plugins. Multiple Layout support i.e., Boxed Layout and Full-Width layout.
Support for page builder plugins i.e., Brizy Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor & Divi builder.

Top Recommended courses section minor bug.

Ver 1.3.1 (2018-07-27)


  • Added checks for buddypress functions usage on bbPress pages which was causing fatal error if bbpress was activated but not BuddyPress. Allow HTML content to be added on Address Field in Theme Settings.

Ver 1.3.0 (2018-07-25)


    • Fixed Forgot Password link not working issue.
    • BuddyPress Options menu (Three dotted) not working in Mobile phones.
    • Remove Invite button issue at Send Invite Menu in BuddyPress.
    • The name is overlapping on the “Send to” label in BuddyPress Messages.
    • The Mark As Unread is displayed at the message box in mobile view.
    • BuddyPress Forums Page Mobile View UI Issues
    • Translation Fixes
    • The iFrame in Learndash content was small and left aligned.
    • Incorrect Breadcrumbs for Lesson, Topic and Quiz single pages.
    • Fixed BuddyPress Delete account button UI issue.
    • Fixed BbPress nested reply: cancel button UI issues.
    • Friendships page added style to buttons.
    • Added Styling for group invitation page buttons
    • Fixed Request group membership button UI issue.
    • In BuddyPress changed style of Cancel button.
    • BuddyPress: Send Invites button not working
    • Group single page Forum tab giving fatal error.
    • Groups Tab: Groups single page “Read More” for description should not be shown if more content is not present.
    • Messages Tab : On changing the dropdown for bulk action without selecting any messages it still shows an notification with success message.
    • No highlighting to differentiate between read/unread messages
    • No way to close the reply textarea in BuddyPress Activity tab.
    • Mark Favorite(Like button) refreshes the page on clicking the icon but works via AJAX on clicking the text. This issue is also present in single activity page.
    • Added Style for course info shortcode [ld_course_info]


Added BuddyPress 3.1.* Support (We have added support for BuddyPress Legacy Template Pack for BuddyPress version greater than 3.0.*,  We are not giving support for BuddyPress Nouveau Template Pack.)
Added WooCommerce 3.3.*  and 3.4.* Support
Uncanny Toolkit support
LearnDash Propanel support
Updated the demo content.
Updated Licensing code to make it GDPR compliant.
Auto Create a template for Home Page to be used in the Unyson Page Builder.
Added WooCommerce Shortcode Compatibility. 

Ver 1.2.0 (2018-05-14)


    • Custom CSS functionality added for icons.
    • Cart page and checkout page buttons changed. 
    • Added WooCommerce message as a toast on the cart page.
    • Drop down icon issue solved for Firefox and Mac browsers.


Added “Go to previous topic/ lesson” Button on the lessons and topics page.
CSS changes made to general settings page, email settings page and profile settings page of BuddyPress.
Added label “Lesson” to the drawer on the single course page for Mobile View. 
Modified the grids (Popular courses, Recent courses and Recent blogs) design on homepage.
Drop down icon issue solved for Firefox and Mac browsers.

Ver 1.1.0 (2018-03-20)


    • Added a close button to hint box in Quiz page.
    • LearnDash 2.5.5 compatibility added i.e., Pagination on User LearnDash Profile, Course single page and Course Navigation widget.
    • WooCommerce 3.3.x compatibility.
    • Customized Child theme packaged along with the theme.
    • Added support for WP Bakery page builder.



    • Minor CSS changes on Quiz templates.
    • CSS changes to the mobile view of Messaging section in BuddyPress.
    • CSS changes to the mobile View of groups in BuddyPress.
    • CSS bug for the cover image of group page fixed.
    • LearnDash Rating Review and Feedback plugin compatibility issue fixes.
    • CSS bug fixes made to the footer, course archive, cart page & course rating page
    • Fixed the comments not showing in pages issue.
    • Testimonial carousal not working issue.
    • BadgeOs Achievements not rendering issue.



    • Minor text changes for all the fields on account setting page.
    • Modified the user flow of “mobile view” to redirect users to View Profile page after editing profile.
    • Added the label for Acceptable file types, file dimensions and max file size in BuddyPress Group Photo and Cover Image upload pages.
    • Minor CSS changes to bbPress forum single and BuddyPress profile General Settings page.
    • Minor CSS fixes to the course navigation.
    • CSS changes made on “Compose message” and “Groups” section of BuddyPress.
    • Added additional CSS to “New Forums started” Page, Course single page, Group Settings page & Group Info page.




Ver 1.0.0 (2018-01-24)

  • Theme Launched.


Ver 0.1.0 (2018-01-10)

  • Beta Release


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