eLumine 2.0: Infinite Customizations, Infinite Possibilities

    Harsh Shah
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It isn’t every day that we come up with an update that trumps any competition out there. But this time around, we think our eLumine update might just be it.

eLumine version 2.0, not only voids any previous versions (in terms of features), it reinforces eLumine as the best LearnDash theme out there!


eLumine 2.0 Feature Update – The Details


“Real luxury is customization” – Lapo Elkann

With the latest version of eLumine, you’re handed a theme that can be personalized in its entirety. This means you can easily blend in your branding on your learning site. What’s even better is that the layouts have been upgraded to provide a unique learning experience.

To begin with, you’ve got…

#1 Swift-Loading Layouts with Collapsible Sidebar


With this version, navigation across content becomes smoother than ever, to transform learning into a near book-reading-like experience — making eLumine the only LearnDash theme to offer such a feature. The swift-loading layouts present content in a butter-smooth fashion with one page loading after the other instantly.

As a student navigates from one lesson to the other, pages don’t get loaded every time and slow down the process. Instead, all content is loaded at once, and the content changes on the same page, making the theme faster and the user experience much easier.

Swift-loading improves response times, reduces student-wait time, and creates an enjoyable learning experience.

The collapsible sidebar opens up more area for the course content to offer a distraction-free reading experience. For those of you comfortable with the conventional layouts have to option to stick with the classic layouts (which offer boxed or full-width options).

#2 Better Readability & Accessibility


eLumine 2.0 comes packed with a contemporary, never-before-thought feature for a LearnDash theme that makes reading easy – “Night mode”.

With Night mode, the colors of the theme automatically change to a warmer spectrum when it gets dark to help you read better in dim light. You’ve got options to control this setting to personalize it.


To improve accessibility, eLumine also offers the option to choose a bigger font on the front-end, making the content legible and clearer in appearance.

#3 Total Font Customization


Most LearnDash themes allow the global font to be changed. That is, you can pick the font for the entire website. This was the case with eLumine before v2.0. But now, with the latest update you can choose the font family, font color, font weight, pick a different font for headings and paragraph text, offering you all round font customization.

You also have a sitewide font size selector to make it easy to increase or decrease the font sizes. This is a must-have feature for those of you seriously looking to make your site accessible.

For full control, this eLumine update provides additional filter and action hooks to modify the theme.

#4 Gutenberg-Ready, Added Compatibilities, Fixes, and more…

This version of eLumine also provides compatibility with the latest version of WordPress – WordPress 5.0 and, more importantly, Gutenberg support.

Offering memberships become super easy with seamless plugin integration with Memberpress plugin. Along with selling courses, you can sell membership levels too.

eLumine 2.0.0 also includes important bug fixes and smoother advanced color customization.


Time to Upgrade!

If you’re an eLumine user with an active license, you know what to do! Download the latest version of the theme and update!

If you do not have an active license, you’ll need to renew your license key to enjoy the benefits this version brings.

If you do not use eLumine, now is a better time than ever to upgrade to the best LearnDash theme out there! And for any thoughts or queries, hit the comments section below!

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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