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    Omkar Bhagat
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I personally started out with by having a blog there but eventually I turned to I find many users who ask me – “what’s the difference between and” And the simplest answer I can give them is – is a readymade interface for people who don’t want to go into the very details of WordPress. However is a “do-it-yourself” kit. It’s for those who want’s to get their hands dirty.

In technical terms, is prehosted by WordPress itself and doesn’t allow you to touch its core files or make any macro level changes. But is self-hosted bundle which means that you need to have your own web space to host the WordPress files.

You can find all the technical differences here at the official WordPress site. For more user friendly details, check out wpmudev.


What to choose – or

Choose WordPress Com or Org

If you aren’t into coding and just want to have a website or blog without any mess then choose

But if you are a coder, web developer or designer and want to customize your website/blog according to your preferences then you must go with the self-hosted version of WordPress.

It will help you to access each and every file of WordPress including the core files and it allows you to reshape your site the way you want.


For a self-hosted WordPress site you’ll need a webhost. We’ll see that in the next post. You can however check out our article on How to install WordPress on localhost (on your computer).


Omkar Bhagat

Omkar Bhagat

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