How to Customize WooCommerce with Product Bundles that Suit your Brand

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Are you selling cases of wine, donuts boxes, fruit baskets, or packs of T-shirts on your WooCommerce store? Well, doesn’t matter what the combo is as long as you’re offering product bundles – you’re in the good.

Giving customers the freedom to create their own bundle by choosing their flavor of donuts or assortment of t-shirts is a superb mix and match idea!

Implementing this technique on your WooCommerce store will encourage customers to buy in bulk without forcing them to buy items that don’t interest them.

And, coupling product bundling with store styling will definitely add to the sparks.

In this article, I’m going to shed some light on how you can customize your WooCommerce store with Product bundles and styling so as to increase your revenue and build brand identity.

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Hitting the Jackpot with Product Combos

There are lots of players out there from different walks of life who’ve not just adopted Custom Product Bundles but have taken this strategy a notch ahead by using the bundling techniques creatively to boost their revenues.

For e.g: Offering personalized product boxes for bike parts is now in demand. E-sellers ask customers to choose from vehicle parts and accessories to form a combined bundle, which can then be purchased as a wholesale package! This allows the e-seller to sell more and enables them to offer packs as up-sells.

To make it more relatable, let’s talk about food 🙂

McDonald’s also offers dynamic product bundling in the form of ‘Make Your own Burger’ idea, which allows you to select your choice of bread, patty, cheese, side dishes, toppings, and more that can be mixed and matched to create your very own burger online. The customer simply adds all the necessary ingredients to the box and gets the ready burger delivered leading to increased sales and revenue.

Bundles can play a role irrespective of the nature of the product you’re selling. With Custom Product Bundling for WooCommerce, you can stay ahead of your game with an element of personalization by allowing your customers to create their own gift and add a message for their loved ones.

Using Product bundling is as good as hitting a jackpot!

PS:- While you’re at it, you can also check out some mind-blowing applications of Custom Product Boxes to give you some ideas for your own store.

Matters that call for more attention

The different applications of product bundling techniques will surely enable you to entice your users to purchase more and help you in providing great user experience.

However, at the same time, it is equally important for you to style your entire WooCommerce store in a way that matches your brand identity.

While Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce allows you to group and sell products as bundles, there’s some more good news to add to its capabilities.

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WISDM Custom Product Boxes (CPB) 4.0.0 for WooCommerce

Fortunately, WISDM Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce is indeed a savior that not only lets you sell products in bulk but even takes care of the styling on your website.

With the amazing new 4.0.0 update, the Custom Product Boxes plugin now gives you a customize option that allows you to style the product pages as per your choice right from the front end.

Here’s how you can access the Customizer option:

Step 1: Login as admin and go to the product page in the front end.

Step 2: Click on the Customize option on top in the admin bar.

Step 3: Head to the Custom Product Boxes menu.

Step 4: Select the Layout option and you can begin customizing.

Customize Box Lyouts that match with your store theme 1

You can select different layout options, change the background colors of your product boxes, adjust the height or width of the custom boxes, and explore other options to style your store as per your wish.

With that being said, it’s no secret that people will resonate more and want to associate with your store if you’re able to create a strong visual impact along with a feel-good vibe to your WooCommerce store.



Going beyond product bundling

Styling your WooCommerce store and creating a perception about your store is of utmost importance and taking this step with WISDM Custom Product Boxes comes with its own benefits:

  • Easy customization – CPB makes it much easier with its several different options to customize your Woo store as per your wish right from the front end instead of hiring an outsider or diving deep into the technical aspects just to make your store look beautiful.
  • Match the brand identity – You can choose from different product layouts, colors, the width of the product boxes, etc. and display your website in a way that emanates warmth and values of your brand that will stick with your visitors even after they’ve left your store.
  • Sell more – The custom product bundling along with styling customization will create a synergy that will allow you to sell more products leading to an increase in revenue and brand building.

It’s time to up your WooCommerce game by ensuring your visitors leave not just with the products but, with an impression of your store that’ll stick with them and bring them back in the future.

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

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