20 Applications of Custom Product Boxes that will Blow Your Mind!

    Pranoti Panchwagh
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When we created Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce, the intention was to create a sophisticated product-bundling plugin. However, in the three years since its release, the plugin has been used in a variety of applications, some of which are unbelievably cool!

As a plugin that essentially helps to create custom product bundles, CPB is viewed by many as limited in scope of application to confectionery, grocery, or make-up products. Frankly, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Today we see 20 applications of CPB, where the website developers thought outside the box and came up with some brilliant customization, utilizing the functionalities of the plugin in a whole different manner!

So without further ado, presenting the 20 most innovative applications of Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce.

#1 Sea Salt Scrubs

The San Antonio salt scrub company makes a classic case for custom gift boxes. The website has a fixed box quantity of 12, which can be sent out filled with their choice bath salts of multiple fragrances. The daily necessity of these scrubs makes the 12-pack idea a great selling package!

#2 Olive Oils and Vinegar

our-best-bitesOur Best Bites has implemented personalized product boxes on their entire oil and vinegar sections. The entire range of oil and vinegar flavors offered by the company can be bundled into boxes and purchased at a discount, courtesy of personalized boxes.

#3 The Mechanical Kit Edge

The food industry is not the only one that depends on personalized boxes for business. The mechanical sector also incorporates custom product bundles for its tool kits, where the customer chooses from an assortment of screwdrivers, nut, bolts, pincers, hammers, spanners, and more, creating their specialized tool kit.

#4 Bike Parts Galore

Continuing in the mechanical vein, personalized product boxes for bike parts are now a thing. E-sellers ask customers to choose from vehicle parts and accessories to form a combined bundle, which can then be purchased as a wholesale package!

#5 Social Events on a Calendar

pomegranateThe Pomegranate website implements the most remarkable idea of the lot – it offers Calendars bundled with ‘good deed’ gifts that can be purchased or sent to others as a gift box! These good deeds range from things as simple as planting a tree to helping a child suffering from cancer. A beautiful concept indeed!

#6 Musical Compositions

This one was discovered by a friend of mine who is into pop, rock, and classical music, all at once. The website lets customers choose music albums from a variety of genres and combine them to form their very specialized mixed bundle.

#7 Combining Cameras

This falls more generally under the gadgets category, but we discuss the specific application of camera accessories here. It is way more convenient for serious photography professionals to purchase a packaged bundle containing all camera accessories, including lenses, stands, cleaners, chargers, and bags, than purchasing each of these individually. The site can even products by brand, price range, and overall price range.

#8 The Birmingham Box

birmingham-boxDesigned specifically for the vast array of Birmingham products, the Birmingham Box website lets the customers pick and choose five to ten items for a given box. The mega store thus caters to first-time users and seasoned customers equally well!

#9 One-Stop School Stationery

A handy tool for new-age kids and parents, the Early Learning Success website offers a bundled custom box from 6 to 24 products which include a collection of study units. These units are also available for purchase individually, but the massive discount offered on bundles makes them a strong asset for sales.

#10 Soaps, Candles, and Lip Balms – The Personal Care Assistant

village-green-soapsVillage Green Soaps extends the custom bundle functionality to soaps, candles, and lip balms, offering dynamic pricing for the bundles. The site has gift boxes enabled, which present a choice of 2 to 9 soaps that can be added to a gift box.

#11 Toys and Plastics – For the Child in Us 🙂

Toy shops with a plethora of toys on their websites have started opting for customized product boxes that make finding products easier on their website. Themed toy bundles are all the rage, with superheroes and soft toys in particular demand.

#12 Perfume Talks

After make-up kits, perfume kits are the next big thing on the block. An array of fragrances for every mood can be chosen by customers, which is packed and shipped accordingly!

We now come to some relatively more familiar applications of Custom Product Boxes. These are in the food industry, which is CPB’s home court, but interesting nonetheless!

#13 Juices and Pulps – Living Healthy

An instance of how products can be bundled to promote healthier living, Urban Remedy offers a choice of 12 different juices of which 7 can be added to the customized product box. Built on the same concept, Juice Barboca also provides pulps, hard pressed juices and juice cleanses in addition to regular juices.

#14 Noodles and Pasta, a German company, has revolutionized the selling of Shirataki products, including rice, noodles, pasta, and lasagna in their customized product box. The website has a box-of-10 proposition which asks you to choose from their Shirataki menu. As an additional touch, they offer recipes for cooking various Chinese and Italian dishes too!

#15 Wines for Dines

Wine connoisseurs will be delighted with the idea of an array of wines offered as custom boxed items across e-wine stores. The options for 3, 6, and 12 boxes lets you experiment with your tastes time and again.

#16 Spicing it up with Salsa and Sauces

green-mountain-gringo-salsaGreen Mountain Gringo introduces a series of their salsa products, ranging from mild to hot roasted chilli pepper flavors, bundled into a single box! One of their key plus points is their clear interface. The customer knows exactly what he is about to purchase and see precisely where it gets added.

#17 The ‘Make Your Own Burger’ Idea

An interesting take on McDonald’s live-action ‘Make Your own Burger’ idea, the website offers a series of breads, patties, cheeses, side dishes, toppings, and more, which can be mixed and matched to create your very own burger online. The customer simply adds all the necessary ingredients to the box and gets the ready burger delivered!

#18 Tea Times

Tea lovers across the world swear by their favorite brands. For the more experimental ones, the tea-based custom product boxes are a dream come true. Sample the different types of tea, classified by color, region, taste, and recommendations bundled into a single box, for the quintessential tea-time experience.

#19 Confectionery all the way – Donuts, Bagels, Fudge, Macaroons

Confectionery stores are the home domain for customized product boxes and donut, macaroon, bagel, and fudge-based shops are no exception. A variety of mouth-watering delicacies can be combined at these stores to create a personalized product bundle for checkout!

#20 Fruit Baskets


The custom fruit basket concept has been in vogue for quite some time now and the permutations have progressively increased over time. Online portals like itsonlynaturalgifts, and Build a Basket let customers add multiple products to baskets which are then sent out as presents.

These are some of the most innovative applications of the Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce plugin. Have you come across any such others? Or perhaps have an idea yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!

Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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