How to Build Your LearnDash Website in Under 3 Minutes (with eLumine)

    Ryan Warren
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The latest eLumine update brings to you READY to import starter sites that help you build your LearnDash Website from Scratch to a Complete SITE in a SNAP.

Creating your own e-learning website is a tedious process. It’s tough even after you’ve chosen WordPress and LearnDash. No, not trying to set you back here. Just that, many edupreneurs underestimate the time and effort it takes to build a learning website.

Even though there are step-by-step instructions given to set up your LearnDash website, you have to decide on the right theme and pick your plugins before-hand. Now, you can turn to a developer for help. But, there’s an easier way that can help you get your website up and running in no time.

LearnDash + eLumine = eLearning Website on Steroids

From the list of Best LearnDash themes out there, only a few offer you a comprehensive solution. One such theme is eLumine.

eLumine powers-up your LMS in terms of design and functionality. It’s got contemporary features, superior layouts, is compatible with the latest version of LearnDash, supports popular Page builders, and has numerous add-one for enhancements.

But the best part? eLumine has pre-built demos to set up your LearnDash website in a SNAP!

You can save time and effort and get your LMS ready with all needed add-ons and a student-friendly design. eLumine takes away the burden of having to go through each step of the setup process and gives you complete configuration in a one-click.

eLumine Demos: Smarter Import for Quick Launch

Unlike most WordPress themes, eLumine doesn’t limit you to a single demo content. You can choose from 3 different demos based on your tutoring business.

#1 Single Instructor: One Instructor with multiple courses.


Build LearnDash Website

If you’re setting up a website for yourself and do not have any guest instructors, you could go with the Single Instructor Setup. This demo is ideal for individual tutors.

#2 Masterclass: Only One Course on the LMS. One Instructor.


LMS Theme Setup

This unique setup is when you have a single course. This demo is perfect to create a user guide for a product or an onboarding course for employees.

#3 Basic LMS: Multiple Courses. Multiple Instructors.



Finally, you’ve got a demo that’s ready for a university, a multi-author marketplace, a corporate training website, or a coaching institute. You get new pages created with an incredible design that supports multiple courses by multiple instructors.

Each demo is available to you as a “Starter Site” that can be imported and is ready to use in just ONE CLICK.

Customized Compatibility and Design Updates in Tow


With the latest update, eLumine now comes with a new and advanced customiser to help you incorporate as many changes as you want. There are diverse options to customise the LearnDash pages on your site, the buttons, breadcrumb styling, header, body, footer, site title, footer widgets, and page titles. You can change the colors, size, toggle the display of elements, with simplicity and ease. The preview option helps you make changes confidently without having to worry about things messing up on the site.

eLumine 2.3.0 comes with a brand new look as well. The entire UI/UX has been revamped and changed in order to make the theme more user-friendly and to shoot up engagement. You’ve got a fresh new look for all the major aspects of an LMS, like, courses, navigation, icons, focus mode, and contemporary Swift Loading Layouts.


The eLumine Power Packs

eLumine doesn’t stop at covering the basic needs of an LMS. What makes it an all-round solution is that the theme is compatible with leading LearnDash add-ons that offer an extensive set of features. These features – ratings and reviews, multiple instructors, bulk course purchase, quick reports, and so on – are bundled together with eLumine as options you can choose from.

eLumine also offers Neo page layouts that hugely improve the look and aesthetic of LearnDash pages, creating a better UX and distraction-free design, which can significantly increase student engagement.

Available as Treasure Chest and Goldmine variants, these packs make sure you do not go multiple places looking for add-ons to implement these needed functionalities.

This truly makes eLumine a ONE STOP Solution, in terms of design and functionality, with minimal effort required to set up your LMS.

The Better Way Forward

eLumine has been built keeping your needs in focus all the time. With every version, it moves one step closer to being the BEST theme for LearnDash. eLumine bundled with leading LearnDash extensions and must-have e-learning features along with the one-click demo import option make the theme a killer choice for LearnDash.

The way forward is to struggle less with time-consuming tasks and to spend time creating awesome courses.


Struggling to streamline student onboarding for your LearnDash website? Watch this quick video to see how eLumine can simplify login and registration in minutes!


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Ryan Warren

Ryan Warren

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