5 Custom Reporting Features You Need for LearnDash

    Nitansha Tanwar
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5 Custom Reporting Features You Need for LearnDash

Frankly, LearnDash core features are designed to help you carefully craft and deliver your online courses. So that you can offer an immersive learning experience.

But to create an effective learning environment, you must dive deep into the learner’s psychology. In other words, the ‘learning behavior‘.

You can start by tracking their daily progress, evaluate their performance for every course/ course module, explore their quiz results, etc.

But how?

Now, I know that LearnDash has reporting capabilities to help you understand how learners usually spend their time on your LMS.

But to go beyond basic stats, you need ‘Custom Reporting’.

So in this article, I’ll take you through popular reporting features that you can leverage to improve learning outcomes.

But first, let’s get some more context about the importance of ‘Custom Reporting in LearnDash‘.

Why Custom Reporting Features?

Custom reporting features for LearnDash allow you to measure the effectiveness of your course in more ways than one. These features save you time and will give you insights on how to improve your course.

For example, if you see a high dropout rate after a certain module, there may be room to add some extra support before that module starts. If you want to see which quiz or course is more difficult than others, you can look at the reporting dashboard to see aggregate scores and performance. 

These data-driven insights are a great help when deciding to add more course content, change existing content, and even flag students who require more help. The features help you pinpoint the high difficulty spots with ease and make your course reach its full potential.

Now, let us dive into what these features are and how you can get them in your website built with LearnDash.

Personalized Dashboards for each user role

Having intuitive dashboards for each user role allows them to generate customized reports for learners and keep all important information under one tab. Therefore it makes management easier and also saves a lot of time. 

Reporting dashboard should have all the crucial information in one place so that Admins, Instructors, and Group Leaders don’t have to hunt for data in multiple tabs.

It is also important that the data is presented with easy-to-comprehend and visually appealing graphs instead of a hazy tabular format. 

These dashboards should also allow users to export the data so that they can share the progress reports with stakeholders on the go. With an intuitive UI and exporting features, tracking progress and improving your course becomes easier. 

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This custom feature gives you an overall view of your learner’s activity.

If you want to see how much time they’ve spent on the course, or how long they watched a video, this feature is perfect.

You can stay informed on how much of the course has been completed by a certain user, what pages they interact with more, their progress, and their entire activity on your portal.

Knowing how long a person watches a video before logging off will help you understand what the average attention span is, and how long people usually have to give to the course at a time.

Custom Quiz Reports

If you want to know how the students and learners are performing on the quizzes, Custom Quiz Reports is your go-to feature. It will tell you what the group and individual performance in any quiz are like.

It will also allow you to break down the quiz scores by courses, questions, and groups. This is great if you want to check if students are having difficulty with a certain module that’s been covered by the quiz.

It would also generate reports that will give you a detailed look at the quiz metrics like the number of attempts for any quiz, the average scores, time spent on quizzes, and correct, incorrect, and unanswered questions.

At its core, this feature will tell you everything you need to know about quiz performance.

Advanced filters to track learner progress and activity

To create customized performance reports, you need to know how each learner is benefiting from your course modules.

Advanced and custom reporting filters help you drill down data based on courses, course categories, quizzes, lessons, topics, etc., along with the duration, and help you measure the impact of your course content.

You can also review their datewise performance.

If it’s more than an individual report you want, group reports are also a possibility. Aggregating the metrics of a group of learners allows you to further deep dive into a group’s progress.

Detailed Course Reports

Even though course reports are a part of every reporting tool, you need custom features to generate reports with a comprehensive performance evaluation of your learners.

Course reports that can provide insights based on different course modules that you have designed can help you deeply understand the learning outcome.

These reports will include all the details like the progress in %, the number of quizzes passed, total attempts, lessons completed, along with pending assignments. Additionally, these reports also give you an idea of the time spent on these modules.

All this information comes in handy when admins, instructors, and group leaders generate a personalized performance report for learners. And it also allows them to figure out actionables, for example – deciding which module to spend more time on.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Now, a lot of reporting plugins for LearnDash are quite basic and do not offer in-depth insights into a learner’s progress.

In fact, I can recommend only one plugin that has all of these reports in one single package – WISDM Reports for LearnDash offered by WisdmLabs. The advanced reporting customizations are recommended by LearnDash and make for a great addition to your courses.

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Custom Reports for LearnDash – The Way Ahead

Customized performance reports are the only way to get into the mind of your learner. And having access to intuitive reports and performance metrics will keep you updated about learning trends.

To get these advanced features, you can either get a custom reporting module built or use one of the top reporting extensions.

And that’s it for today!

Let me know if this article was helpful! 🙂

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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